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Virtualization Earlier

It's ESXi time for critical VMware patches

Three to do, pronto, unless you like guest-host escape mirth

Citrix reveals full Xen combo will be cheaper than Xen lite for Azure

XenApp Essentials pricing revealed

It's patchin' time for devs using Virtzilla's desktop hypervisors

Get busy for the Critical one, nail the Important one while you are at it

Cisco brags of industry-best hyperconverged performance

HyperFlex 2x virtual advantage hyped

VMware bumps certification exam prices, one by $2700

Updated Top-level VCDX now costs $3,995 and vAdmins aren't impressed

vSphere user? You need to care about VMware's telco plans for a bit

The stuff Virtzilla is doing to build NFV for telcos will trickle down into its other products

Citrix releases first ever XenServer Long Term Service Release

Here's a point release to get a bit excited by, plus updates to VMware and Oracle hypervisors

DraaS-tic times call for DraaS-tic measures in VMware's cloud

Virtzilla debuts disaster-recovery-as-a-service on dedicated hardware

Xen Project wants permission to reveal fewer vulnerabilities

Poll Should bugs that don't expose user data be left alone, saving time and effort?

It's over? Pat Gelsinger's post vSphere VMware NSX-T opportunity

Sysadmin Blog Software-defined networking? Time for an open relationship

Citrix, Bitdefender in Xen-only virtual security double-team

'Hypervisor introspection' probes guest VMs for advanced malware from splendid isolation

Big Switch emits next iteration of its fabric

More VMware, more containers, more switches

Google Cloud kicked QEMU to the kerb to harden KVM

Alphabet subsidiary decided hardware emulator that's plagued Xen had to go

Veeam vaunts its va-va-voom as 2016 revenues unveiled

As if backup competition happens to someone else

Power Systems running IBM's VIOS virtualisation need a patch and reboot

Unless you're willing to tolerate the chance of data corruption

Windows 10 memory management changes to give Hyper-V more headroom

New VMs will use over-provisioned RAM reserved by other apps

Citrix buys Unidesk for massive Microsoft Windows rollouts

Clouds, Win 10 and app 'layering'

Flight simulator sets fire to airport

VR gets a bit too real

Virtualisation got boring in 2016, but the fun's about to start anew

END-OF-YEAR ROUND UP Server virtualisation is so 2006. But other virtual ideas are just getting started

Seriously, VMware? Two bugs in the week before Christmas?

Virtzilla fixes known password for vSphere Data Protection, XSS SNAFU in ESX and buys bits of SDN outfit PLUMgrid too

Qualcomm joins Xen Project Advisory Board

And comes right out and says why: it wants more ARM-powered servers and clouds

Windows Server 2016's VM migration tools broken by a patch

Good job almost nobody's had time to put it into production

VMware releases 'not cool, but very useful' integrated containers

Virtzilla embraces Docker with open source vSphere extensions

AMD virty encryption not quite there, claim boffins

Updated Don't put your VMs in a spook-controlled cloud

Xen 4.8 debuts, gives ARM servers vendors a reason to hope

Good news for embedded virtualisers, Debian users and anyone who likes stability

Work ends on Open Virtualisation Format

Plans for version 3.0 canned as Distributed Management Task Force says the job's done

Online advent calendar offers mystery VM every day until Christmas

QEMU serves up festive feast of OS images and oddities like Forth scripts

Fancy the new HTML vSphere client? Go get it: The old one has a security problem

Virtzilla has one other security worry too, in Identity Manager

Get patching: Xen bug blows hypervisor security to bits – literally

x86 bit test emulation clamps 64-bit values when it shouldn't

Microsoft kindly offers VMware-to-Azure backup

'Back up the whole data centre just by connecting to vCenter!' but it's no Virtzilla-killer

vSphere 6.5 goes GA, gains surprise powers to predict the future

Virtzilla's Predictive Distributed Resource Scheduler squeezed into final release

Is that your television? Or a zero client running a virtual desktop?

It could be both if Teradici's new plan works

Amazon's cloudy 'WorkSpace' desktops-as-a-service gain a GPU

Now we're talking: these new babies have 8 vCPUs and 1,536 GPU cores

Pwnfest drops a nasty surprise on VMware

Drag-and-drop let users escape their VMs

Xen releases updates, but also has eight patches about to drop

Your choice: big update now or big update and security boost in two weeks

VMware cleans up after Dirty COW's droppings

Identity Manager and vRealize users, get patching. Or praying

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