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Virtualization Earlier

Mostly idle at work? Microsoft Azure has some bursty VMs it'd love to sell you

We're looking at you, accounting*

VMware pushes NSX deeper into containers, security

Microsegmentation for microservices, plus automated key management for all those tiny, transient networks

Kubernetes envy? That's (ahem) virtual insanity for VMware

Where did you get Red Hat, where did you get that tile?

VMware wants security industry to shrink so its ambitions fit into market

VMWORLD 2017 Virtzilla's swagger is back as it plans to do to the security industry what it once did to storage industry

China to get its very own cut-price cut-down cut of vSphere

VMworld 2017 HPC and Big Data types get one too, and you're all getting non-disruptive upgrades soon

VMware-on-AWS is live, and Virtzilla is now a proper SaaS player

VMworld 2017 Cloudy vSphere starts at $6.1k/month, with cheaper subs to come

KVM plans big boosts to storage and nested virtualization

Project maintainer Paolo Bonzini details open source hypervisor's future directions

VMware's desktop plan: On your command line, unleash hell!

Refreshed Workstation, Fusion, add network simulators, Win 10 fun, container-friendly APIs

Software definer wants you to befriend the 'BFC', do a bit of 'reverse virtualization'

Analysis What's that, TidalScale? The Big Friendly what?

Who wants multiple virtual workstations on a GPU in a blade server?

NVIDIA reckons engineering types do, so it's cut a new GPU and software to carve it up

Xen fixes guest privilege escape and plenty more

Crashes, data leaks and foul corruption also fixed

QEMU qontemplates qleanup of old qode

Open source hypervisor's devs say qoding around legacy features qomplicates quality

Automotive Grade Linux shops for hypervisor to accelerate smart cars

Plan is to put different functions into VMs to improve security, reduce bill of materials

vSphere scales up, if you're willing to ditch a switch or server

Update 1 for v. 6.5 gets 90% of the way to heaven on the client

Microsoft finally allows hosted desktops on multi-tenant hardware

Windows 10 enterprise licences to gain virtualization rights, plus roaming to personal devices

DataGravity's mystery buyer rips off mask: It's HyTrust

Software maker buys virty firm

Not that scary or that hard: Two decades of VLANS

Sysadmin blog Classic or encapsulated? You choose

Can VMware exploit its VRealize refresh?

Sysadmin blog Battle beyond terrible packaging

VMware prepping NSX-as-a-service running from the public cloud

VMworld content catalog lists live AWS services, Cross Cloud and OpenStack 4.0

VMware's security product to emerge in Q3 as 'App Defence'

Project Goldilocks to whitelist VMs' expected behaviour and snuff 'em if they deviate

Cross? Us? Nah, we're just going hard on hybrids, says VMware

vRealize refresh sees Virtzilla play nice with Puppet, AWS and Azure

Xen warns of nine embargo-worthy bugs

We won't know what they are for a fortnight, but clouds are warning of VM reboots

The Linux cloud swap that spells trouble for Microsoft and VMware

Containers just wanna be hypervisors

SpaceX spin-out plans to put virtual machines in orbit

Software-defined satellites will run XenServer and let you upload new workloads

No middle ground, no compromise: VMware blocks Cisco's SDN play

Not cool, man

Release the hounds! Xen 4.9's first RC is out and wants testing

Early June looks like being hypervisor happy time

vCenter's phone-home 'customer improvement' feature opened remote code execution hole

VMware's also released first vSphere 6.5 hardening guide

Code-sharing leads to widespread bug sharing that black-hats can track

Researchers find vulns in popular tutorials that have spread far and wide

Hypervisor kid Jeff Ready: Converged to the core, and NO VMware

Profile Getting down and dirty at the HCI coal face with Scale Computing

VMware to end support for third-party virtual switches

UPDATE Virtzilla says hardly anyone isn't using its own vSwitches already

UKFast opens trapdoor under prices, thumbs nose at AWS

See that? That's cheaper exit bandwidth, that is

VMware, Citrix to have a crack at desktops on docked smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8 can do it natively. Desktop virtualization might make it even better

It's ESXi time for critical VMware patches

Three to do, pronto, unless you like guest-host escape mirth

Citrix reveals full Xen combo will be cheaper than Xen lite for Azure

XenApp Essentials pricing revealed

It's patchin' time for devs using Virtzilla's desktop hypervisors

Get busy for the Critical one, nail the Important one while you are at it

Cisco brags of industry-best hyperconverged performance

HyperFlex 2x virtual advantage hyped

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