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Storage Earlier

Amazon's answer to all those leaky AWS S3 buckets: A dashboard warning light

Updated Look out for that orange alert

Comtrade's latest HYCU release tightens bear hug around Nutanix

+Comment All your data protection are belong to us

Sweet sticky Canuck cash flows into StrongBox

Multi-vendor, multi-tier data manager gets Quebec labour fund cash

Pivot3 reports bumper growth – but is it just hyperconverged hype?

Bookings up 50% in a quarter... though all of HCI is doing nicely

Investors rain cash on Excelero, taking total funding to $30m

Qualcomm punts on NVMe-over-fabrics server SAN startup

Red Hatters intro Ceph 3: OpenStacked, object-stored, containertastic filer blockhead

So rested they by the iSCI tree... And filed awhile in thought

Low latency in AFAs

SPONSORED Consistent, stable and low

Fujitsu, NetApp to drop it like it's Vblock: Year 8 is not 2000-and-late

FAS ONTAP storage + Fujitsu servers + Extreme switches

IOPS and storage performance

SPONSORED The Storage Performance Council Benchmarks

IBM FlashSystem chief architect Andy Walls is a two-pools kind of guy

Analysis InfiniBand, NVMe or Fibre Channel access? All three actually

Mangstor drapes itself in NVMe fabric and 'presto, change-o', brand new name-o

Arrays in a manger? Mmm. Who knows what EXTEN Tech'll get up to...

Microsoft rolls out red carpet to hybrid Azure SQL databases

Redmond pitches tools for cloud byte-silo moves

Micron gets edgy with 256GB surveillance SD card reveal in China

But still outclassed in capacity by SanDisk's tiny whopper

Google Drive ate our homework! Doc block blamed on code blunder

Netizens locked out of cloud-hosted files for bogus terms-of-service violations

Tailored SwiftStack update should help get your GDPRse in gear

But code and admin roles more complicated as a result

Seagate's 'AI' disk drive: Just put slightly higher numbers on the specs

Surveillance hardware purpose-built for deep learning, analytics

A shot of storage sambuca, 5ml of bootable bitters, plus a dash of creme de cloud

Roundup It's a storage cocktail and it tastes... well, have a sip

Chipzilla drops dinkier Optane SSD, but don't expect it in data centres

The 900P might run Star Citizen smoother – emphasis on 'might'

Evaluate this: A VM benchmark that uses 'wrong' price and config data

Analysis What the fudge, Evaluator Group and IOmark?

Microsoft says something more hyper than Storage Spaces is coming 'very soon'

This is why Windows Server 1709 left it out. While you wait, have proper SCOM crypto

What just trousered a $4.5bn profit, has glum desktop chip sales, and rhymes with go to hell?

Hey, there's always money in the cellular modems, huh?

AFA: The Flash revolution that's been a long time coming

SPONSORED Huawei goes NVME for intensive IO future

Google's eating out of their hand – now CloudEndure 4 want to conquer Europe

Analysis Israeli lads tackle disaster recovery and live migration in the cloud

IBM wheels out upgraded FlashSystem: Now breathe in and squeeeeze

More flash capacity, hardware compression triples capacity

Oracle ZFS man calls for Big Red to let filesystem upstream into Linux

Also reveals Big Red's 'ugly' five-year project to replace 12PB of NetApp with ZFS

New Optane disks appear on web shops' lists

280GB and 480GB beasts on PCIE 4.0, apparently

Seagate's at it HAMR and tongs for growth as revenues shrivel again

Flash? Anybody? No?

Holds up Reduxio roadmap: What the cloud? Oh! It's a level 2 hybrid world

Analysis If you live fully in the cloud, keep walking

'Drive-level server' startup pockets $5m to grow object storing biz

OpenIO flexes Arm muscle, inhales funds

A week in WANdisco, Toshiba 'n' pals, plus storage-iest bits of Microsoft and mates

Dash of containers, drop of tape, soupcon of advanced RAM... perfect

404 - Product Not Found. Micron's SolidScale storage disappears

Micron and Excelero websites both vanish all-flash array, but we're told it's not dead

Tech giant Citrix, sync 'n' share startup Egnyte fire lawsuits at each other

Non-compete legal battle

Cohesity and Micron polish exec artillery in mad dash for growth

Pushing out the big guns to compete with Samsung – and each other

Google faces $10k-a-day fines if it defies court order to hand over folks' private overseas email

Judge rules in fight over seizure of foreign Gmail files

Taste the Redmond: Dell strengthens its Azure Stackery

On-premises Microsoft cloud gets 14G servers for more oomph

It's hip to be in Gartner's square: Poor Panasas out on its NAS

Qumulo, HGST, StorageCraft move in, crack open craft beers

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