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Storage uber alles: SoftBank chucks $20 mill into Nexenta's hat

Which pie *doesn't* Japanese corp have a finger in?

You've feasted for days but the courses keep on coming: Let's talk storage turkey

And finally sir, a wafer-thin mint... it is but wafer-thin

StorONE 're-invents' storage stack to set hardware free

Analysis After 6 years of work, 35 people in StorOne say storage industry's wrong

Under par: HPE 3PAR US sales are limping

Comment Not so, er, Nimble in the area

'Urgent data corruption issue' destroys filesystems in Linux 4.14

Using bcache to speed Linux 4.14? Stop if you want your data to live

Wounded FalconStor flutters back to life

First profit in two years, fresh funding, new faces

Gulp. HPE's InfoSight self-repairs and makes 'proactive decisions'

Machine-learning engine stapled to 3PAR arrays

CEO: 'Claying the ongoing continuous chaos of info into one logical masterpiece'

Yeah? Us neither. Here's another 'anchored benchmark' of a storage round-up

Flash, Sam, wallop: Samsung crashes ahead as top NAND chip flinger

According to these here estimates, anyway

Who has 2,000 tickets to the gun show? Cisco's HCIA platform HyperFlex

+Comment In 18 months, Switchzilla has established itself in hyperconverged market

Whew... Toshiba rustles up $5.4bn to avoid delisting

Weakens WD position on blocking flash biz sale

Nouvelle niche: Datos IO adds distributed app fragment recovery

+Comment Who are the RecoverX rivals again? Nice gig

Brocade undone: Broadcom's acquisition completes

Regulators happy. Now investors get to see if buying Fibre Channel was a good idea

Speedy roadster for filers hits the road. Don't worry Elon, it's a storage vehicle

Metadata lookup is super-charged, though, claims infinite-io

A challenger appears: Specs for Samsung's potential Optane killer

Analysis Z-NAND has near-3D XPoint access latency and could scale capacity faster too

NetApp's back, baby, flaunting new tech and Azure cloud swagger

Analysis By George (Kurian), he's done it

All Flash Arrays and latency

Sponsored Navigating the hype

Hitachi Vantara plans refresh of mid-range and top-end storage in 2018

It's mostly an IoT-centric system integrator now, but may sprout new scale-out arrays

Backup Exec juices dedupe offering, flaunts sign-up cloud model

GDPR compliance and deduped cloud backend

NetApp: You went all-flash, you never should've, um.. Well done

Yes, and Azure NFS and HCI also looking good

Inside Internet Archive: 10PB+ of storage in a church... oh, and a little fight to preserve truth

Stopping the powerful changing history, Orwell style

Intel-Micron scrap the summer diet, enlarge 3D XPoint mem DIMM fab

Size does matter... especially when you've got launch deadlines to hit

Storage Spaces returns to Windows Server's semi-annual channel

And this time it's caught up by adding data de-duplication

NetApp and Fujitsu NFLEX: More details emerge about European HCI tryst

Analysis Entanglement in the EMEA geo

I'll admit, NetApp's NVMe fabric-accessed array sure has SAS, but it could be zippier

Analysis Jet plane, meet bike

Panzura offers DevOps swots that syncing feeling... with container docks

Offers free Docker integration

Infinidat adds sync, async replication and bans noisy neighbours

InfiniBox release 4 ticks more o' them mission-crit array boxes

Starting small with burst buffers? DDN says it's got an 'entry-level' one

How much? No word yet

Backup, flash and replication: Barracuda buys, Toshiba invests, and WANdisco partners

Money spent, money invested and money to be made

Dell EMC adds Skylake grunt to supercomputing workhorse server

New Tesla GPU sends single precision performance past 62 TFLOPS

SciNet supercomputer's GPFS trick: We node what you did, burst buffer

Good news for Canadian HPC models

Back up bod Druva paddles even further up the Amazon

+Comment Offering cloud-to-cloud backup and data intelligence

Qumulo goes all-flash and replicates to AWS

Scale-out on-premises filer can burst processing to Amazon

Quantum CEO exits as scale-out storage rescue fails

Tape, DXi and SOS all trend down as SW-defined cloud-native star rises

Whomp. Intel's promised fatter Optane drive arrives

Offers advice on getting better Optane benchmark boosts

It's splitsville for Panasas' blades: It's better for the metadata, kids

Analysis 1 becomes 2: Director, storage blades must move apart... in order to grow

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