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Storage Earlier

Two years and $19bn later: What happened to WD's SanDisk enterprise flash advantage?

Analysis Market position evaporating in front of our eyes

Enterprise storage sitrep: The external array party is over

Let's go to all-flash arrays' house instead

Dell EMC in bid to clap trade secrets injunction on staff now at Rubrik

Alleges ex-sales bods copied files and solicited former clients

Nutanix shrugs off loss, rivals, buys another firm

Turnover's up 44%. Dell, VMware probably raging

Pure now a billion-dollar revenue biz as Dell EMC, HPE take eyes off prize

Flash arrays are their business and business is a'ight – finally

BOOM: Server shipments up as huge clumps of white boxes suddenly fly off shelves

Tectonic shifts in CSPs and hyperscaler buying

Intel to Tsinghua: I know Micron didn't work out – please buy our 3D NAND

The China Syndrome

Tonight on IPO, Bought or Binned: Cloudian and Scality collide as object storage endgame nears

Analysis Rivalries intensify in what is now a two-horse race

Who was the storage dollar daddy in 2017? S. S. D

But disk shipped 10X more exabytes than flash

A potential IPO, some upgrades, Overland sold, and 'Fortify the continuum of..' whut?

It's your week in storage, kids

Veritas insiders: Job cuts? There will be blood

Drafts in corp restructuring biz Alix Partners to cut costs, improve margins

Don't worry, Eugene Kaspersky. Acronis is just busting a security move...

Analysis Oh and a touch of HCI, says data protector as it waltzes into adjacent markets

Oh, Bucket! AWS in S3 status-checking tool free-for-all

'Your data is waiting for the internet to download it' warning lights are now free

Big Blue plumps up storage line with filer and fabrics

Spectrum goes all NASty, FlashSystem base box getting NVMe fabric access

Hot NAND: Samsung wheels out 30TB SSD monster

It's another whopper: Fabulous capacity or blast radius nightmare

Scality CEO: About that C-suite throttling...

'We didn't strictly need a marketing chief or a president or a COO...'

Veritas loses its Vision, kills global customer knees-up

Warm wine and sarnies to be served up at 'local' Solutions Days instead

Storage snow big deal? Products vendors hope will sleigh, pole position startups and more

Ice to meet you, storage fans. This was your week

Say HCI is an enhanced server. If you don't already sell 'em, it could be game over, man

Analysis Where enterprise servers go, hyperconverged systems follow

Lenovo says take this code and stick it where the SAN doesn't shine

Need faster storage? Box slinger claims updated software boosts SMB kit performance

What if I told you that flash drives could do their own processing?

Part 2 ScaleFlux and NGD aim to wrangle data at drive-level

How do you win at HCI? It's SimpliVity ... or maybe not, right Dell?

Analysis Magic quadrant shows HPE has its work cut out

A storage baker's dozen: We spill the tea on the firms, the faces, the dough

Who else will dish the storage dish?

Got some fancy new flash in the works, huh Micron? Join the QLC

4bit/cell SSDs coming soon to attack nearline disk drive sales

Micron cranks revenue forecast up by $275m amid flash, DRAM boom

Welcomes new CFO too

Let the compute see the data... to smash storage networking bottlenecks

Part 1 So laggy, no likey

Infinidat techie: Let me tell you a thing or two about ruler-format SSDs

Interview They solve a problem of high flash capacity, says CTO... wait, what?

Rubrik swallows Datos IO, shuffles in distributed DB backup

L-F-R-U-D-L-R-U-F: Welcome to the cube

Dell soups up low-end Data Domain deduper

Refreshes SMB-sized deduping backup-to-disk box

Plunk: SK Hynix drops 72-layer 3D NAND on enterprise SSD market

Korean flasher poised to enter enterprise SSD market

Gartner casts runes to find object storage hero and 3 emerge: IBM

Right outta the Big Blue

Besides the XPoint: Persistent memory tech is cool, but the price tag... OUCH

Analysis No economies of scale = piss-poor adoption

Tall, slim models are coming to take over dumpy SSD territory

Interview We don't need oblong boxes designed for round disks any more

E8 prises software away from its arrays to run on Dell, HPE, Lenovo kit

Flash flinger does a Kaminario

DRAM, Samsung, these profits are on fire, NAND ain't that the truth

86 per cent leap attributed to memory chip biz

VCs palm Igneous $15m to give its Arm-powered backup boxen a leg up

They'll have to show volcanic growth, though

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