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There's no 'I' in 'IMFT' – because Micron intends to buy Intel out of 3D XPoint joint venture

Chipzilla has to go it alone or turn to a partner

Metadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: Go on. Bring us your unstructured stuff

+Comment Former Primary Data boss talks to El Reg about Hammerspace

WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips

What do you get for 50 per cent more layers? Not a lot

Crucial P1 minicard flash drive? Not if you grabbed Intel's 660p

They don't *seem* so different if you check digits (though your real world results may vary)

Violin Systems gnaws off X-IO Technologies' storage arm

ISE ISE baby

Google Cloud chief joins Saudi shindig exodus over journalist's worrying disappearance

Jamal Khashoggi: Oil-rich state is blushing but Western leaders aren't saying much

Cloud data warehouser Snowflake has just trousered another $450m

Startup now valued at $3.5bn

Compose yourselves: Western Digital chucks some bucks at Kaminario

Membership of WD's OpenFlex club has its perks

Commvault gets up its customers B&RaaS with in-cloud backup service

Signs up NetApp as a reseller

Why hyper-converged gear needs to go the extra file: Merging blocks and filers to break out of the niche

Backgrounder And how might this be done?

SUSE punts SES v5.5 out door, says storage is going software-defined and open source

Don't mind us, just having a Linux moment

DDN steps out of HPC niche and into enterprise AI systems hurly-burly

Squares up to Pure, NetApp, Cisco and Dell EMC

Reanimated Violin returns to scene with flashy XVS 8 array, and, er, AR app

NVMe-FC, predictive analytics and roadmap away from VIMMs

HPE squirts cold data at on/off-prem object stores, adds capacity to StoreOnce for ever-increasing data firehose

Someone's gotta service that embiggening backup burden

Big fish still dominate as hyper-converged systems come into the mainstream

Just worms for Oracle as integrated platform market tanks in Q2

XtremIO nixes noisy neighbours, adds cloud-based array analytics

Dell EMC's all-flash platform may have finally caught up with NetApp and HPE's

IT bods, beware! AWS claims Storage Gateway appliance doesn't need you to manage it

And I heard a great voice saying: Behold, the hybrid tabernacle is with men

When should I run backup, robot overlord? Autonomous Hadoop and NoSQL backup is now a thing

Imanis Data bets data management farm on backupbot

Quantum: We've got that accounting probe taped. Now about refinancing...

We'll need to make deal by January 2019

The quickening: Qumulo speed with software boost for new kit

I was born in 1518... we mean.. machine learning-driven caching speedup

Quantum gets MESHy, speeds up StorNext with Excelero NVMeOF tech

Near-doubling of video workflow streaming speed

Dell EMC has me-too moment with three new ME4 PowerVault arrays

Low-end SAN/DAS boxen aimed at smaller biz

NetApp takes slow boat to China: Inks deal with Lenovo on arrays, software

Setting up joint-venture to sell into Middle Kingdom

By gum: Supermicro's Samsung storage ruler server uses secret SSD

Analysis 10 million IOPS, half a petabyte, one U – hella fast

Seagate passes gassy 14TB whopper: He He He, one for each of you

Misses no one: PCs, NAS, workstations, enterprise, surveillance

Virtual SAN-worshippers aren't eating external storage's breakfast... yet

Listen up, SAN-shine: IDC numbers – read 'em and weep

Prepare to have your minds blown, storage industry. 5 words: Client access Optane DIMM caching

Analysis Time to ride spinning-up persistent memory caching whirlwind?

Dust yourself off and Tin-try again: DDN buys Tintri biz remains for $60m

Will hire 100 heads, add NVMe to line

IBM Cloud Private user wanting containerised storage? It's all yours

Big Blue deal with MayaData brings OpenEBS to platform

UK-based Veritas appliance support is being killed off

New teams in the USA and India to handle customer cases

The week in storage, lovingly crafted by our machine-learning algos. loljk, we had to write this

One day, one day...

NetApp puts the pedal to the metal with Plexistor

It's on a smashing orange gig with an Optane silver bullet

Post-HCI hardware vendor Nutanix keen to show its soft side as it flashes Q4 numbers

Boasts of passing billion buck annual revenue milestone

Killer performance numbers on software and flash drives, StorONE ...

Would be good to see some independent tests, though

Samsung's sleek 'n' sporty X5 SSD pledges blazing transfer speeds

Portable drive harnesses NVMe and Thunderbolt 3

DDN day approaches for Tintri: Storage-flinger finalising rescue buy

Collapsed firm to be reborn as DDN division punting enterprise arrays

Rubrik says bye to global sales boss

Smith exits abruptly after booking firm's 'biggest' quarterly numbers

Lacklustre HPE storage sales fail for flash fans

New products and swelling sales might fix flat growth

Toshiba crams 14TB into another helium drive, this time with SAS boost

MG07SCA is a workhorse designed for constant use

Object storage sweetheart Cloudian bags another $94m funding in E round

That's $173m in total

SaaSy! Panzura emits global on-prem and public cloud file indexer

Another – yes, another – data management tool with ML lands on our desk

Everything you might like to know about storage (this week) but were too afraid to ask

We've got you covered

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