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Pleased HPE clutches two hot Java server cups – but oh dear MultiJVM

Fell at third x86 benchmark hurdle

HPE bows to inevitable: Integrity servers get latest Itanium engine and container off-ramp

Will provide workload transition via Linux containers

Dell EMC World: 14G servers are going to be great and... that's about all we can say

Analysis At least while Intel glowers at us from the corner

Secret FabricXpress sauce gives X-IO the edge for the edge

Super-speedy Axellio servers take the fight to the old guard

Dell servers set to get a flash boost from Toshiba

Just don't mention the memory business malarky

Fabric maths: Pure + Cisco = end-to-end NVMe

Analysis FlashStack in pole position

Cisco goes 32 gigging with Fibre Channel and NVMe

Netzilla adds NVMe over Fibre Channel support on top of 32Gbit/s FC

Oracle and Fujitsu SPARC up M12 big iron

Updated Flatten that server application load with Oracle and Fujitsu's new big iron

Linux, not Microsoft, the real winner of Windows Server on ARM

Sysadmin blog It's a real Peng... win

Lenovo gets into server-based storage virtualization with DataCore

Our server, your software - let's play a SAN symphony together

White-box slingers, Chinese server makers now neck-and-neck with US tech giants

Analysis Jade kingdom has massive home advantage

Microsoft: Can't wait for ARM to power MOST of our cloud data centers! Take that, Intel! Ha! Ha!

Pic Redmond fires bullet into WinTel beast's belly

Windows Server ported to Qualcomm's ARM server chip. Repeat, Windows Server ported to ARM server chip

Et tu, Microsoft? Then fall, Intel

AMD does an Italian job on Intel, unveils 32-core, 64-thread 'Naples' CPU

Claims to be two times faster than Chipzilla's latest data centre processor

Why so sad HPE, IBM, Lenovo? Server sales? Let's see... ah. Oh dear

Analysis Tough year for big box shifters as shipments, revenues, hopes, dreams fail

Symbolic IO reveals tech bound to give server old guard the willies

Analysis The new Ferrari of the storage world

Alleged $17.5m fraudster accused of duping HPE out of 42,000 servers

Peter Sage was playing the old grey reseller game, claims US tech monster

Intel reveals Optane will need a 7th-gen core and a PC-centric launch

You're going to need a whole lot of Intel Inside to make this work

Surprise! HPE says nothing about ProLiant server hardware for SimpliVity OmniCubes

Analysis HCIA startup denied the full makeover for now

IBM to launch cheap 'n' cheerful Power server for i and AIX userbase

Doctor Blue says a little of what you like does you good

Next Superdome CPU chips amble into HPE

Intel shipping Kittson samples into Itanium-land

Talking to Tintri's Alexa speechbot might not actually be all that crazy

Interview Users can do more as management goes automatic

Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers

Four paws bad! Time to break the emotional attachment

Dublin court to decide EU's future relationship with Trump's America

Three-week hearing expected, and yes, it is about the NSA's mass surveillance activities

Supermicro boasts of secret super server Silicon Valley win

30,000+ into a single 'valley data centre - but whose is it?

Supermicro sockets it to Skylake rivals

Comment Word to your motherboard

Stop replying! pleads NetApp customer stuck in reply-allpocalypse

Get me the f**k off this mailing list, hundreds scream

This'll be the next thing Trump crows about: Apple assembling servers on American soil

Jobs created, jobs lost – and we're not talking Steve

Huawei says its NVMe arrays with NVMe drives will be out in 2017

Interview Chinese chaps see these drives and fabric their own way

What can we use to hit Intel between the eyes, thinks Qualcomm – a 10nm ARM server chip

Centriq 2400 now sampling, due to beat Chipzilla by a year

Broadcom quietly dismantles its 'Vulcan' ARM server chip project

Avago refuses to beam 64-bit CPU aboard, sources claim

Server market slumps as everyone stops buying

Clouds, boffins, businesses all keep hands in pockets. And ARMs are nowhere

Lenovo: If you value your server, block Microsoft's November security update

UEFI scramble for frozen boxes

It's sooo much more than a data warehouse! Microsoft beams over new appliance update

Analytics Platform System made generally available

Gartner: It's tough out there for server-sellers

There's HPE, Dell and two rampant Chinese server dragons chasing them

A closer look at HPE's 'The Machine'

Analysis It's supposed to be a server design rule shakeup. Here's what we know so far

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