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Google to build private trans-Atlantic cable from US to France

Bandwidth is better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!

Don't panic about domain fronting, an SNI fix is getting hacked out

Alternative proposed to sending server names in cleartext

Cisco's made DNA Center open enough to out-run Amazon

Switchzilla's kit is programmable now, so anything Bezos does an army of developers can replicate

Submarine cables at risk from sea water, boffins warn. Wait, what?

The bits on land don't expect to get salty, and that's 1,100 Internet pieces of internet infrastructure in the US alone

'Fibre broadband' should mean glass wires poking into your router, reckons Brit survey

And definitely not copper, argues Cityfibre

AWS will make switches to go after Cisco – report

Updated Amazon increasingly accepts hybrid cloud is a thing, but would it really get into support?

Juniper makes a meal of Spectre/Meltdown

Roundup Plus BIND bugs, billion-Euro Nokia deal, and push-to-talk gets LTE-rrific

Chirp unveils free tier of shouting-at-IoT devices audio net tech

One day, your gizmos can bellow nuclear power station info at each other too

Party like it's 1999: Packets of death, code exec menace Cisco gear

Annoying flaws found, patched in Fabric Services, NX-OS, StarOS, VOIP kit

$100m sueball smacks Huawei over Facebook HQ infiltration claims

Whistleblower alleges fake biz names used to sneak in 'n' slurp

Infrastructure wonks: Tear up Britain's copper phone networks by 2025

Full-fibre diet to cost $33bn over 30 years

Oracle wants to improve Linux load balancing and failover

Native to ordinary interfaces, Big Red reckons bonded channels are needed for RDMA

BGP hijacker booted off the Internet's backbone

Outfit called Bitcanal didn't just camp on addresses, it leased them to spammers

Huawei won a contract in Oz. Of course there's a whispering campaign

Comment It's time national security agencies bring facts to the table

Big contenders in the broadband chart this week, but who will be #1? Well, not Britain

Down four places to 35th – and beaten by Madagascar

BGP borked? Blame the net's big boppers

Researcher says routes are leaking because ISP giants aren't filtering route info

Cancelled in Crawley? At least your train has free Wi-Fi now, right?

Why your connection is as slow as the service itself

Australia defies trend for network sales slide, shovels cash at Cisco

Good old-fashioned hardware-defined networking growing like topsy Down Under

California lawmakers: We swear on our avocados we'll pass 'strongest net neutrality protections' in America

Big Cable lobbyists abandoned after grassroots campaign

TalkTalk, UK2 sitting in a tree, not T-A-L-K-I-N-G: Hosting biz cut off after ISP broadband upgrade

Updated 'Not an issue with our network', say techies

CableLabs' many hands make light work – at four terabits per second

New optical standards give cable operators lots of headroom as they fibre up

Big academic networks mind their MANRS to secure routes

This matters because carriers follow where BoffinNets first tread

Vodafone drank Facebook's network Kool-Aid … and LIVED!

White boxes, multi-coloured light, 800 Gbps and backhoe-proofing, thanks in part to Zuck

Juniper pours a shot of its data centre juice into campus networks

Big switch-style fabric comes to pizza boxes

DNS ad-hocracy in peril as ICANN advisors mull root server shakeup

Plan could reduce the number of central server operators

Be The Packet. Take each hop it makes. Your network will repay you

Roundup White boxes bash Cisco, Android peer-to-peer speeds up and more net news

Vodafone pinches mobe network nerd metrics from the mighty EE

Surgical investment pays off for performance in three UK cities

Registry to ban Cyrillic .eu addresses even if you've paid for them

Шифтинг то а сепарате бут еqуал сыстем ит цлаимс

Time to dump dual-stack networks and get on the IPv6 train – with LW4o6

Deutsche Telekom and others go with subscriber-focused lightweight approach

UK Home Office sheds 70 staff on delayed 4G upgrade to Emergency Services Network

Perm Sec declines to confirm if review will be published as planned next month

Labour MP pushing to slip 6-hour limit to kill illegal online content into counter-terror bill

Plus: Brit lawmakers debate 'three streams and you're out' rule for terrorist material

Facebook quietly kills its Aquila autonomous internet drone program

Silicon Valley hubris project crashes down to Earth

Dot-Africa saga going to jury trial... thousands of miles away in America

ICANN faces fraud allegations in continent's top-level-domain dispute

Internet cartographers at CAIDA lay out their next five-year plan of probing

So much more than a network map, so much more still to do

Painful truth: DNS, CDNs and CAs are Achilles' Heel for top websites

How third-party services can knock out three out of four online properties

The week that QoS in networking, aka WAN, RAN, thank you ma'am

Roundup Aruba gets the SD-WAN bug, Huawei patches slowly and so much more

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