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HPC Earlier

Open MPI gets closer to exascale-ready code

Next version release candidate drops, stable gets bug-fixes

Forget your stupid campus party. I'm going to Frankfurt to do some HPC

HPC Blog Students race to build biggest, baddest cluster from off-the-shelf kit

It's not us, it's you: Boffins ditch supercomputers in lust for new materials

Tianhe-2, sit down. We've... we've built a simulator

'MongoDB ate my containers!'

Line Break Plus: How to rack up a huge supercomputer bill using rsh

From iWarp to Knight's Landing: James Reinders leaves Intel

Well-known evangelist for software parallelism is retiring early

Hadoop rigs are really supercomputers waiting for the right discipline

So says IBM, as it re-tunes its Spectrum HPC-wranglers for clustered workloads

BeeGFS stayin' alive with Intel OPA tie-up

Because what the world needs now is another HPC filesystem

Urika-ka-ka-ka! Cray unveils open source big data box

HPC shop goes elastic compute and cloud

The underbelly of simulation science: replicating the results

Your replicant isn't, quite

Home team wins Asia student cluster competition

HPC Blog HUST busts out

Old fashioned engineering: HPC cluster kids would like to thank their fans. No really

HPC Blog Gutsy overclockers set new record

Sweaty students push hot HPC clusters through benchmark tests

HPC Blog Video check on LINPACK, HPCG hijinks

Some HPC kids just can't help piling on the weight

HPC Blog Does huge cluster equal huge reward?

Student cluster warriors build out 'roomy sedan' clusters

HPC Blog Tianhe-2: Where's the manual - we wish we could RTFM

HPC kids find bite-sized clusters are just as chewy

HPC blog Student teams think smaller is better in cluster battle

Sweaty students prep their hot HPC clusters for Wuhun tussle

HPC blog Skins stripped away, nodes noted, rams tallied

175 teams, 4 continents, $36,000: It's the Amazing HPC Cluster Race

HPC Blog Students join supercomputing battle in China

How much faster is a quantum computer than your laptop?

HPC blog Supercomputing chaps talk qubits and more with Dan Olds

Bibliotheca Alexandrina buys a Huawei superdupercomputer

Flagship Egyptian library to get machine that's great for weather forecasts. Um, why?

Large Hadron Collider gets 4,500 more data-crunching GPUs

Swiss super Piz Daint levels up with new Nvidia and Haswell kit

Inside Nvidia's Pascal-powered Tesla P100: What's the big deal?

GTC16 Under the hood of the HPC, AI workhorse ... which'll be coming to a desk near you

IBM's 'neurosynaptic chip' to power nuke-watching exascale rig

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory gets its hands on 64,000 cores and 80 BEEELLION transistors

Hey kids – want to be an HPC bigshot? Don't have a secret exascale supercomputer?

HPC blog Enter the Student Cluster Competition

Serious unboxing: 230 node research cluster down under

'Pearcey' fires up at Australia's CSIRO

Sparks fly as HPE and Hortonworks hold hands for data mould

You want batch computations? Step into our database love nest

NICE catch, Amazon: Bezos buys HPC toolkit from Italy

Is Uncle Jeff's cut-price bit-barn rental company contemplating HPCaaS?

Exascale project wants machine with TEN MEEELLION ARMS

Europe's ExaNeSt HPC pilot will start with a mere 1000 cores that Intel won't be making

AMD emits fresh open-source GPU tools for HPC, game devs

Fleshes out GPUOpen strategy

France's CEA wires up 6 PB of disks ahead of HPC upgrades

Seagate squeezes out DDN

Super-computers aren't super-secure

US National Science Foundation flings US$5 million at scientific computing infosec

5.34 petaflop SGI monster forecast at US National Center for Atmospheric Research

SGI scores deal for new 'Cheyenne' super

Intel talks concurrency and Knights Landing

Interview James Reinders explains why Intel's Xeon Phi is now a processor

This is how you count all the trees on Earth

NASA project combines algorithms and AWS

PaaS the SLAs: HPC is like one great big cloud ... right? Guys?

Comment Our man goes to the Supercomputing Summit and likes what he sees

Texas HPC cowboys win award for data-nomming flashy Wrangler

Stuffed with DSSD's clustered flash stash

Cray hoists Docker containers into supercomputers

SC15 Productivity gains without performance hits

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