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HPC Earlier

Seagate to dismount and fsck its ClusterStor?

'We're unable to provide any other information at this time'

Google tests its own quantum computer – both qubits of it

Here's something to like about 2016: 'Quantum Software Engineer' is a job title

It's neat having speedy, flashy boxen but they need connecting, too

HPC Blog Surveying the competitors in the upcoming interconnect war

China prototypes pre-exascale super trio with its own non-US chips

No American CPUs and accelerators in sight

Points tables unveiled: Who needs sport? Follow HPC kids' summer cluster cup final

HPC Blog Third trophy for South Africa

Lenovo HPC bounces back after IBM spinoff

High performance biz has grown... and customers.. well, they're a little different

WTF is WRF and Clover? Cluster kids use HPC grunt to solve the mystery

HPC blog Gruelling apps put ISC students through grinder

Powerful ARMs, heaving racks ... yes, of course it's this year's student cluster-building contest

HPC Blog Meet the ISC'16 Student Cluster warriors

Undergrads build 12.6-TFLOPS cluster out of four nodes, 112 cores

HPC Blog New student LINPACK record step

Cray explores options for supercomputing-as-a-service

Should you run your weather simulations in the cloud?

It's all fun and games until someone loses a rack*

HPC Blog Student cluster configurations stretch imagination, credulity

Nice cluster, kid. But can these supercomputing students actually predict the weather?

HPC blog It's hard enough for the Met Office...

Plump Dell lays its table for the upcoming HPC Stampede

Texas gamble accompanies business trio

Supercomputers in 2030: Lots of exaflops and LOTS of DRAM

The future – like the past, but much hotter and drinking way more juice

Intel's Knights Landing: Fresh x86 Xeon Phi lineup for HPC and AI

Machine learning folk, you want to sit up and pay attention here

Intel-supported Open HPC stack to land in Q4

Shrink-wrapped software stack for big ironmongers

Fujitsu picks 64-bit ARM for Japan's monster 1,000-PFLOPS super

ISC Sparc dumped in high-RISC maneuver?

Start massaging your wallet: DDN buffs up EXAScaler Lustre HPC storage rig

ISC ES14K can be all flash or a disk-flash combo and has Intel SW inside

Home-cooked tech helps China topple US as top supercomputer user

ISC Chucking money, engineering talent at HPC pays off

All aboard the PCIe bus for Nvidia's Tesla P100 supercomputer grunt

ISC No NVLink CPU? No problem

Open MPI gets closer to exascale-ready code

Next version release candidate drops, stable gets bug-fixes

Forget your stupid campus party. I'm going to Frankfurt to do some HPC

HPC Blog Students race to build biggest, baddest cluster from off-the-shelf kit

It's not us, it's you: Boffins ditch supercomputers in lust for new materials

Tianhe-2, sit down. We've... we've built a simulator

'MongoDB ate my containers!'

Line Break Plus: How to rack up a huge supercomputer bill using rsh

From iWarp to Knight's Landing: James Reinders leaves Intel

Well-known evangelist for software parallelism is retiring early

Hadoop rigs are really supercomputers waiting for the right discipline

So says IBM, as it re-tunes its Spectrum HPC-wranglers for clustered workloads

BeeGFS stayin' alive with Intel OPA tie-up

Because what the world needs now is another HPC filesystem

Urika-ka-ka-ka! Cray unveils open source big data box

HPC shop goes elastic compute and cloud

The underbelly of simulation science: replicating the results

Your replicant isn't, quite

Home team wins Asia student cluster competition

HPC Blog HUST busts out

Old fashioned engineering: HPC cluster kids would like to thank their fans. No really

HPC Blog Gutsy overclockers set new record

Sweaty students push hot HPC clusters through benchmark tests

HPC Blog Video check on LINPACK, HPCG hijinks

Some HPC kids just can't help piling on the weight

HPC Blog Does huge cluster equal huge reward?

Student cluster warriors build out 'roomy sedan' clusters

HPC Blog Tianhe-2: Where's the manual - we wish we could RTFM

HPC kids find bite-sized clusters are just as chewy

HPC blog Student teams think smaller is better in cluster battle

Sweaty students prep their hot HPC clusters for Wuhun tussle

HPC blog Skins stripped away, nodes noted, rams tallied

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