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Student cluster-wrestlers face off in HPC battle: You and whose army? Um, China's

HPC Blog Yep, the people's Liberation Army is fielding a university team

Straight outta Shandong cluster noobs set new LINPACK world record

HPC Blog 31.7 trillion flops – pretty sporty

The more ya node: Asia cluster romp's a picture of supercomputer trends

HPC Blog Small racks, large GPUs

Filer startup Qumulo chosen to help tame the DreamWorks dragon

Case study Endorsement from SFX house is a major win

HPC kids battle each other... oh, and tussle with the world's fastest supercomputer

HPC Blog Cold, hard cash and cred up for grabs

Intel loses its Lustre – Chipzilla bins own-brand HPC file system

Between killing an OpenStack research team and killing IDF, we see a pattern here

Microsoft and Rambus will get schwifty in quantum-cum-cryogenic computation collab

Turn off the heating, it's gonna get −180C in here

Ah, breathe that fresh alpine air. And look over there, a majestic HPC Advisory Council

HPC Blog Beastmode crew hosts three-day conference in Lugano, Switzerland

Your chance to become a supercomputer superuser – for free

HPC Blog Tutorials, best practices at Lugano HPC-fest

UK splurges £20m on six regional HPC centres

Why? For science!

AWS emits EnginFrame 2017 for cloudy HPC

Simpler cluster config

IBM has cloud access to quantum computer 400 times smaller than D-Wave system

Big Blue will build 50-qubitter in 'next few years'

Quantum takes on GPFS and Lustre in commercial HPC market

Analysis Colliding parallel file access products

Interview: AARNet's Peter Elford on Australia's national research infrastructure

What bits of the boffins' cloud do we build ourselves?

OK, 2016 wasn't the best, but look for a buyer? That's Cray

+Comment Slowing market sparks ideas... but only in analysts' minds

Chinese investors gobble up owner of PCWorld, Macworld etc

IDG into the hands of the Middle Kingdom – except its HPC bit

Inspur inspires DDN to be its HPC reseller

Sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G

UK, you Cray. Boffins flex ARM in 'first-of-its-kind' bonkers HPC rig

£3m granted for 'emerging architectures' supercomputing mashup

Exascale HPC project pours Euro gravy into Mont-Blanc

SoCing it to the ARM-powered nodes

HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown

Technical and HPC gains offset commodity server losses

Huawei very happy to be on Map Of Tasmania

Wins 7,000-core supercomputer build deal way down under

ARM buys HPC software specialist Allinea to help devs code good

If Intel and IBM think HPC is a two-horse race, they need to think again

So, who is the cluster bomb? Student results sliced, diced, analysed

HPC Blog And maybe over-analysed too

DDN claims burst buffer bashes 'past 1TB/sec bandwidth'

Japanese superdupercomputer kept fed with data by burst buffer beast

NVMe too brigade update: DDN sees limited appeal in NVMe fabrics

Interview The drives? For sure

Student clusterers blow off steam with VR space shooter at SUSE booth

HPC Blog Stay tuned for the final results

Build-a-cluster students conjugate gradients for science and glory

HPC Blog Intrepid clusterers tackle a new(ish) benchmark

Half of all kids suddenly break LINPACK record in supercomputing compo

HPC Blog Brainier students? Maybe. New hardware, almost certainly

Meet the beautiful minds vying to be crowned the Student Cluster champs

HPC Blog 40 per cent less tedium and weepy backstories than the Olympics

Bulldozers, sportsters, bangers: Rack your brains, HPC kids

HPC Blog FPGAs join tussle and GPUs back with vengeance at SC16

HPE is creaming Dell in HPC

Servers you right, says shrinker to bulked up big boy

Dell EMC cranks Xeon servers into ludicrous mode with Tesla GPUs

But can it play Crysis on ultra?

Boffins of the future gear up to build their own beastmode rigs

HPC Blog Student rack war begins at SC16

Reg inquiry sees CSIRO clarify supercomputer tender

Windows Server compatibility requirement removal means x86-to-Power port is possible

OpenStack brings cloud at the press of a button

HPC Blog Click it and go

European Commission dangles €374m for low-power exascale research

Processors are going to be everywhere, so they shouldn't be energy hogs

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