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HPC Earlier

Swinburne Uni slings SGI, picks DellTel for new 4,140 core super

'OzSTAR' to speed search for gravitational waves using LIGO data

Place your bets: How long will 1TFLOPS HPE box last in space without proper rad hardening

NASA about to find out, thanks to SpaceX launch to ISS

Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid

Seagate offloads ClusterStor data-nomming plaything on Cray

An HPC product line is for life, not just for Christmas

190 Cray employees hosed down with shower of pink slippery

15% laid off in cost-cutting exercise at HPC supplier

Dell and Intel see off IBM and POWER to win new Australian super

114 servers, 3,192 Xeon cores and another million-plus from GPUs, for petaflop performance

Amazon supercharges GPU power, spits out Nvidia-backed G3

Get your office benchmarking Crysi- *cough* I mean, working

Alan Turing Institute bags a Cray Urika-GX to crunch numbers for next-gen tech boffinry

But can it run Crysis?

Britain's warhead-watcher to simulate Trident nukes with Atos supercomputer

No Bull... no flops... or should that be the other way round?

Purdue and NEU coalition breaks HPCG benchmark record

HPC Blog Another highlight from ISC17 in Frankfurt

Mighty Tsinghua crew crushes their cluster rivals in Frankfurt

HPC Blog After winning Asian contest, can they make it a hat-trick in Denver?

Students smash competitive clustering LINPACK world record

HPC Blog The kids are all right

Cluster kids: Meet the students giving all for science and HPC glory

HPC Blog If LINPACK would pack wood... and other computer sports posers

HPE teases HPC punters with scalable gear

No you can't have full specs or pricing until next month

Gear, racks, software hacks – what the cluster kids are rockin' at ISC17

HPC Blog Students show all at Frankfurt HPC showdown

Swiss super pushes USA off podium in new Top500 Supers list

China packs a one-two punch at the top, UK Met office scores 11th place, Australia 70th

Cluster-wrestling kids pimp their HPC rides in Frankfurt

HPC Blog This one goes to 11: More rig pr0nz from students at ISC17

The cloud is great for HPC: Discuss

Sponsored article Scientists rejoice: It’s raining TeraFLOPS from the cloud

Stop trying to make The Machine happen, HPE. It's not going to happen

Comment IT biz bags US govt cash to tinker with lab experiment

Uncle Sam bungs rich tech giants quarter of a billion bucks for exascale super R&D

Carrot dangled for 2021 mega-machines

To heck with the laws of physics... we will squeeze more juice from these processors

HPC Blog An HPC boffin predicts system trends

Crank up the caffeine for ISC Student Cluster Competition 2017

HPC Blog What you need to know, HPC competitors

Want to know more about HPC apps? This explicit vid has some answers

HPC Blog Page through this profiler...

Fluster-cluster fracas in Frankfurt: HPC kids fight again

HPC Blog Teams unveiled for student cluster wettbewrb

Inspur jacks up huge heat sink-sporting beast

HPC Blog New GPU’riffic box vies for dominance

Nvidia: Pssst... farmers. Need to get some weeds whacked?

HPC blog Jetson-powered sprayer turns GPU-flinger into weed-whacker

GPU-flingers' bash: Forget the Matrix, Neo needs his tensors

HPC blog What's a tensor? Glad you asked...

IBM man goes deep on why they're all shiny OpenCAPI people

HPC Blog More details emerge at HPC powwow in Switzerland

Parallel programming masterclass with compsci maven online

HPC Blog Dr Panda's recent Swiss presentation free to view

Cray dips toe in supercomputing-as-a-service

Gene research a test market for cloudy graph engine

HPC kid cluster-wrestle: Gene-sequencing app Falcon was wind beneath winner's wings

HPC Blog Tsinghua's score analysed

The rise of AI marks an end to CPU dominated computing

HPC blog So what's up next then?

Chinese supercomputer newbs smash student cluster-building record

HPC Blog New top speed set by Weifang proto-boffins

Why student cluster compos? A supercomputer kids' taskmaster explains

HPC Blog ASC17 coach on which tests and why

Final day of world's biggest student cluster-wrestling compo

HPC Blog ASC17: I say Paddle Paddle, you say MUSH....

Student cluster-wrestlers face off in HPC battle: You and whose army? Um, China's

HPC Blog Yep, the people's Liberation Army is fielding a university team

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