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Pentagon: JEDI bids on hold again, but it's still not the cloud contract you're looking for

US Department of Defense insistent on single vendor

AWS outage killed some cloudy servers, recovery time is uncertain

Updated ‘Power event’ blamed, hit subset of kit in US-EAST-1

Cloud is a six-horse race, and three of those have been lapped

New Gartner Supernatural Square has AWS and Azure on top, IBM and Alibaba lagging and Oracle on an offensive

OVH prepares not-discounts to not-match AWS, Azure, et al

As bit barn builds subside, increased quotas and capacity will land at the same price

TalkTalk ups the (dis)satisfaction ante as UK folk wake up to borked email

New approach to dealing with complaints working wonders

Microsoft's Azure green-lit for use by US spies

Government deal clears the way for a run at JEDI

Verizon commits to AWS after buying and selling its own cloud

Can anyone catch the big three (plus Oracle and IBM?)

Pentagon on military data-nomming JEDI cloud mind trick: There can be only one (vendor)

Unless offerings 'become... seamlessly integrated'

We've found it! A cloud-and-AI angle on the royal wedding

Harry and Meghan's guests to be ID'ed in real time by AWS vid-scrapers, pumped into apps

AWS won serverless – now all your software are kinda belong to them

Analysis Devs are lapping up Lambda, and this has already redefined the future of computing

Data centre down: Budget plane-ride mart Ryanair goes all in with AWS

Not just public cloud services for public cloud servicer

Google borg gobbles Israeli cloud migration startup

Alas poor Velostrata! You knew those AWS and Azure workloads well

UK government's cloud spending hits saturation: Love of Microsoft endures

Still making it rain for MS

Intel CEO Brian is a man living on the edge

Comment And what's on Krzanich's mind? Data. Your data. Petabytes of data

Windows app makers told to think different – you're Microsoft 365 developers, now

Build As JavaScript is popped into Excel spreadsheets

JEDI mind tricks: Brakes slammed on Pentagon's multibillion cloud deal

This may not be the vendor you're looking for – explain yourself to get your funding

Adobe, 'hyper personalisation' and your privacy

Adobe Summit End user privacy controls? We'll get back to you on that

The world is becoming a computer, says CEO of worldwide computer company Microsoft

Build At Redmond's 2018 dev conference, it's all Azure and AI

Twitter signs for Google cloud at list price of about $10m a month

Shifts Hadoop clusters and their 300PB of data, not the stuff that lets you tweet

I've got way too much cash, thinks Jeff Bezos. Hmmm, pay more tax? Pay staff more? Nah, let's just go into space

Comment The world needs fewer men like Amazon's CEO

US techies: We want to see Pentagon's defence of winner-takes-all cloud contract

Industry calls on DoD to publish procurement report on single vendor award

Cloudy upstart touts lasso for rustling up Big Tech office spending

Analysis CloudHealth punts metadata sniffing stuff

The secret to good cloud is ... research. Detailed product research

And don’t forget it’s a cloud you can re-configure on a well-informed whim

Penguins in a sandbox: Google nudges Linux apps toward Chrome OS

While keeping things safe

Amazon: For every dollar of op. profit going into Bezos' pockets, 73 cents came from AWS

It's pretty much a cloud provider with a gift shop on the side

If you're looking for bad news about Microsoft, top tip: look away now

Satya's on several cloud nines – as in, billions of dollars

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes

Plus: CEO waives overdraft fees to keep customers on side

In a touching Monty Python tribute today, Microsoft's Office 365 makes everything spam

Punters less amused by inbox-clearing glitch

TSB outage, day 5: What do you mean you can't log in? Our systems are up and running. Up and running, we say!

Users report creaky systems, load balancer errors

Oracle snaffles 'don't seat us next to that smelly brand' Brit adtech firm Grapeshot

Acquisition for undisclosed sum latest in Big Red's foray into marketing

UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'

Spanish daddy Sabadell talks up 'international integrations' demands urgent answers as TSB IT meltdown continues

'Failure of in-branch services have all the hallmarks of an IT meltdown,' says Nicky Morgan

Brit bank TSB TITSUP* after long-planned transfer of customer records from Lloyds

Updated Users continue to report issues despite claims it's fixed

Running on-premises Dynamics 365? Think you're immune to cloud outages? Think again

Skype's tendrils spread to unexpected places

Supreme Court punts on Microsoft email seizure decision after Cloud Act passes US Congress

Dublin case closed but very big legal question remains

Pentagon sticks to its guns: Yep, we're going with a single cloud services provider

Oracle's Catz: I chatted to Trump about plan, it 'makes no sense'

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