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Your boss asks you to run the 'cloud project': Ever-changing wish lists, packs of 'ideas'... and 1 deadline

Learn from 'Bob'. RUN! As fast as your £$% legs will take you

Rackspace sucks up Datapipe, swallows 29 data centres

Financial details undisclosed, but it's big, ya hear, says Rackspace

UK Home Office finds £20m to throw at Oracle cloudy ERP

30,000 users, 2-year contract. What could go wrong? Nail-biting time

Google to kill its Drive file locker in two confusing ways

Businesses to get 'File Stream', great unwashed get 'Backup and Sync'

Look! We have direct fibre connection too, wails Google Cloud

But it's still behind the curve compared to Azure and AWS

When one size doesn't fit all in cloud security

Sponsored 'You can have any colour you want, as long as it's ours'

Huawei claims shooting mission-critical apps to its cloud will be a cinch

Bare-bones offerings from AmAzureGoog don't compute

IBM's global load balancer and reverse DNS degraded by domain transfer mess

Registrar put crucial domains in limbo. Is that good enough for a big cloud?

Pack up, go home to your family: Google Drive is flipping out

Updated Thousands unable to load app or access and sync files

Huawei's many-headed beast of a cloud wants a serious bite of the action

Analysis More details emerge on how they plan to compete with the big industry players

Solaris update plan is real, but future looks cloudy by design

Oracle OpenWorld catalog mentions virtual SPARC on cloudy x86, migratory motions

Google Cloud rolls back changes after 18-hour load balancer brownout

VMs across US, Europe and Asia all unable to “connect to backends”

Veeam follows Virtzilla's cloud up the Amazon

Wherever VMware's customers go, we shall also go

Whatchu doin' Upthere? Western Digital moves on cloud storage space

Gobbles consumer file-hosting startup for undisclosed amount

Fujitsu Australia cloud outage leaves lifeguards' members exposed

Cloud operator 'reviewing' outage as Surf Life Saving Australia says it still doesn't have a proper portal

Oracle’s cloudy cash dash could fall flat, insiders warn

Staff say they’re in the (Big) Red after sales teams push customers into the fluffy stuff

Google will let cloud customers use plain-old-Internet links

'Just like other public clouds, believe us!'

CrashPlan crashes out of cloudy consumer backup caper

You've got until October 2018 to bail, or pay business rates

IBM likely to close Australian data centre

Clients being advised of migration plans from vintage Cumberland Forest bit barn

Microsoft, Red Hat in cross-platform container and .Net cuddle

Redmond Hat will run each other's containers in each other's clouds

Codename Brainwave: Microsoft reveals tricks and tips for whipping cloud FPGAs into shape

Hot Chips Pipelining, on-die memories exploited in Azure

Google slaps a suit on beefed up Chrome OS, offers Enterprise version for business

Getting a bit crowded in here, isn't it, Microsoft?

Qualcomm moved its Snapdragon designers to its ARM server chip. We peek at the results

Hot Chips Centriq 2400 blueprints revealed this week

Azure Stack will need special sysadmins, says Microsoft

'Operator' to wrangle on-prem cloud, with paid course coming soon, natch

Outage outed: Bing dinged, Microsoft portal mortal, DuckDuckGo becomes DuckDuckNo

Updated Like it or not, it's back to Google for now

Macie slay: AWS touts S3 patrol bots to kill data-slurping hackers

Plus: Database Glue guns, more encryption, hardware key management, and config tools

Microsoft does something unusual in Australia: Names the bit barn hosting Azure

Plan to conquer federal IT sees Redmond team with super-secure Canberra Data Centres

'Other' may yet become the biggest and most useful cloud

COMMENT History tells us none of the big four will dominate forever and that niches matter

IBM Cloud turns TLS 1.0 off and then turns it on again

Big Blue admits it gave customers too little notice of the change and broke their code

Heavy clouds in IT world make it rain gold for UPS box manufacturers

Data centers need good uptime, and good uptime means backup power – ka‑ching!

Cisco loses customer data in Meraki cloud muckup

'Erroneous policy' upload deleted custom apps, IVR menus and custom bling

Got that syncing feeling? Cloud's client-side email problem

Come, swim with the sharks

Delphix dishes out Dynamic Data Platform with masking

Analysis Virtualises structured data for copies and cloud migration

Microsoft breaks Office 365 sign-in pages ahead of surprise update

Opt-in at your own risk

Gartner mystics name Rubrik Miss Data Centre Backup 2017

That's gotta sting, huh, HPE?

Microsoft: We beat Google, AWS to cloudy GPU VMs in Blighty

Now you can shave a few milliseconds from real-time apps and, er, batch processing

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