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Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 data-sucking stoppage

Cloud CRM with cloud synchronisation turned OFF

How Google Spanner's easing our distributed SQL database woes

Storage Architect No scaling limit? Do go on

OpenStack Ocata announced – then briefly withheld

Can build clouds, can't schedule email announcing stabilization release

Cancel your cloud panic: At $122bn it's just 5% of all IT spend

*aaS-es are, however, fattening faster than any other segment of the market

Brit watchdog spanks Microsoft, Amazon, Apple into promising fairer cloud contracts

Smackdown on random hikes and service tweaks

'I'm innocent!' says IT contractor on trial after Office 365 bill row spiraled out of control

Bloke cuffed, charged after customer's subscription axed

Dell EMC's 'Spanning' SaaS backup outfit expands into Australia

Fat-fingered fumblers of Australia, untie! Your Office 365 errors are now recoverable

Speaking in Tech: There must be 50 ways to leave your cloud provider

Podcast Dumping a mainframe – now that's another story

A spanner in the works: Google's cloud database hits beta, gets prices

Ye canna' hand a man a grander (Cloud) Spanner

Oracle reveals more rounded Australian *aas

Big Red's IaaS and PaaS land in Oz, as an entree to SPARC cloud and AWS-killer plans

Nifty website claims to make comparing cloud costs simple. Good luck with that

Covers AWS, Azure, Google clouds and more

Oracle is red, violets are blue, we hope you'll integrate biz analytics in our cloud soon

Blue, soon, close enough

Clouds can compete with HPC, say boffins

Azure hits the high notes in High Performance Linpack tests, SoftLayer strangles itself

Sales 'smasher' Simon Niesler lands role as SAP UK cloud supremo

Corporate rising star in charge as targets raised

Oracle settles court spat with fired cloud 'sales inflation whistleblower'

Terms of settlement not disclosed SHOCKER

Instapaper in 31-hour outage, says it needs a week to restore all data

Pinterest-owned web scrapbook 'hit system limit for hosted database', probably in AWS

Google has a canary problem: One clocked off and crocked its cloud

Again. So now Google's re-building dangerously centralized routing rigs

Microsoft touts cheap-ish anti-patent troll protection shield for Azure-hosted devs

If $1,000 a month is cheap, sure

Another day, another cloud price cut – from partly free to all free

Bluemix welcomes database migrants to the Hotel California with cut from $.02 to $0.00

Centiq to in-memory SAP HANA users: Psst. Meet us in the public cloud

What do we want? No more nuisance on-prem hardware. When do we want it? Soonish

AWS cloud cash share: Bigger than Microsoft, IBM, Google COMBINED

Cloud democratising IT? Nah, it's shared by even fewer players

Cloud price wars resume as Microsoft cuts by up to 51 per cent

Storage and VMs get cheaper, especially for wimpy Windows VMs in Brexit-land

Brexploitation? Adobe gets creative with price hikes

It's all the fault of the GBP, says US titan... doesn't mention Mr Farage

Guess who's suffering an email outage. Go on, it's as easy as 123-Reg

The highest levels of service

Amazon's cloudy desktops now tiptoe across hot sand

Spinning rust for desktops-as-a-service is soooooo 2016

Datto buys into a right Mesh. The good kind

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi access for 'DNA' (acronym, not ludicrous business metaphor)

See you around, Larry: AWS is our new Oracle, says Microsoft's Nadella

Analysis As cloud era sweeps in, Redmond faces up to fresh competition

Oracle effectively doubles licence fees to run its stuff in AWS

Larry Ellison did promise Oracle's cloud would be faster and cheaper

Microsoft's Cloud UI brings Windows full circle

You don't want a taskbar? Fine, we'll take it out. OK, we'll put it back again

So you want to roll your own cloud

Sysadmin Blog How hard can it be?

IBM's SoftLayer is having a meltdown – and customers aren't happy

Updated It's been a mess ever since BlueMix took over, says user

Speaking in Tech: It is the year of VDI. It is always the year of VDI

Podcast 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016... 2017 is going to be our year!

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud

Biz apologizes after years-old data mysteriously reappears

GDS chap: is better off on public cloud than its own purpose-built network

Come with us now 'on a journey away from PSN'

Bane of Silicon Valley patents sets its sights on Rackspace and NetApp

Firms fighting off rocket docket suit as a matter of principle

Wintel part deux? Microsoft Azure first for Intel Clear Linux

Stateless Linux data center released into the wilds

Google harvests school kids' web histories for ads, claims its Mississippi nemesis


Oracle crashes AWS and Azure UK cloud data centre party

London base in global expansion

Sage signs X3 trio to cloud 'big business' ERP combo

Salesforce SMB partner explores deeper waters

Cloud hardware spend hits US$8.4bn/quarter, as traditional kit sinks

2017 forecast to see cloud kit clock $11bn every 90 days

IBM: Hm, medical record security... security... Got it – we need blockchains

Big Blue pretty sure it can sell more Watson boxes if this works

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

Document police with 'god-like' access denied therapy – claim