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Microsoft court victory prompts call for data-grabbing regime

Legislators mull over modernizing legal process for seizing cloud data

Capita payments service Pay360 goes TITSUP

'Major incident' in data centre

Java Daddy James Gosling goes to work for Amazon Web Services

He left Oracle years ago so this is no biggie, but clearly cloud is where big brains want to roost

Bankrupt school ITT pleads 'don't let Microsoft wipe our cloud data!'

Define irony: For-profit school wants unpaid bill forgiven

Telecoms fail in UK takes down passport scanners in Australia

Updated Airport chaos as check-in counters revert to archaic manual processes

Public Cloud makes it to Africa for the first time

Microsoft plants a flag before Google, AWS and IBM

Google cloud glitch hits at Beer O'Clock Friday, fix coming Monday

POLL Cloud SQL backups being 'forced' instead of automated for 60 hours or more

What's 'amazing', cloudy and splattered in red ink? It's quarterly Salesforce results time

Sales bounce by a quarter for Q1... oh the vanity

Windows Server's footprint shrunk to reduce Azure bills

On-prem rules say Windows Server barely runs in 32 GB, but cloud is another matter

Speaking in Tech: WTH is NVMe? Basically it just makes things go a bit quicker

Podcast Plus: Is America anti-innovation?

Azure becomes double DaaS-aster zone as VMware loads up

Microsoft's weird DaaS licensing melts away when it has a sniff of Azure usage

Microsoft Azure almost doubles infrastructure cloud market presence

Familiarity – and dual-cloud strategies – breeds growth

16 terabytes of RAM should be enough for anyone. Wait. What?

AWS is cooking virty servers with 16TB but thinks we'll also need clusters packing 34TB

Google Cloud boss to speak at ... hang on, Nutanix conference?

Storage firm is going hybrid cloud

Dell EMC's Azure Stack: Get thee behind me, Microsoft subscriptions

Redmond chucks a lifeline. Not to you, to Big Box Co

Phil Collins and supergroup exposed as cloud investors

There's something cloudy in the air tonight. Oh Lord

Misery loves company so ServiceNow's built anonymous chat-rooms for the recently p0wned

'Jakarta' release also adds software asset management, multi-cloud wrangling and more

Well this is awkward. As Microsoft was bragging about Office at Build, Office 365 went down

Build TITSUP: Total Inability To Stand Up Products

Microsoft is on the edge: Windows, Office? Naah. Let's talk about cloud, AI

Build At its dev conference, Redmond is all about Azure, bots, Azure and also Azure

Microsoft's Cosmos DB adds Graph support to cloud database manager

BUILD DocumentDB evolves to add Apache Tinkerpop support

ServiceNow's new CEO thinks IT can spare us from corporate re-orgs

He also feels cloud is yet to make a dent in the enterprise – but AI might fix that

Of mice and migrations: How a rodent's DNA maps to architectural complexity

Don't cloudify your IT infrastructure lightly

Hybrid cloud: The 'new' but not-new IT service platform

The combination effect

Microsoft Azure capacity woes hit UK customers. Yes, you read that right

Exclusive Clients: We need more compute. Redmond: 'Go to Canada'

Microsoft's Azure cloud feels the pinch in price war with Amazon's AWS

Analysis Ah, the old 'Windows upsell' one-two

Amid all the fanfare and cheerleading, Amazon's AWS growth is slowing

'Meteoric' success downgraded to mere 'rocketing'

Huawei to build global cloud with bit barns run by different operators

They'll all look and behave the same, but you won't get one console to rule them all

IBM SoftLayer plays hardball in object storage price cuts

+Comment Cloud object storage pricing tumbling downhill

Dell backs out of in-cloud backup business by selling Spanning

Another EMC acquisition let go

Cloud students, pay attention! Exam plans promise fresh skills

Going native

AWS v Oracle: Mark Hurd schooled on how to run a public cloud that people actually use

Amazon VP takes Big Red's co-CEO to task over server boast

Sending data to the cloud is our business and business is GOOD

Nasuni, Panzura and Avere all set for accelerated growth

Barracuda looks more like a flatfish in face of renewal period volatility

Growth slows as subs replace boxes and renewals fluctuate

OpenStack: Pleeeeease stop panicking, Intel and Rackspace still love us

Also, er, yeah, Chipzilla pulled the plug on that big project

Embrace our cloud, damn you: Microsoft dangles 40% discount on Azure instances

Embrace it! *shakes fist*

Cloud computing is bigger than AWS and Azure

Research Reg readers look forward to a hybrid reality

Microsoft opens Azure India to the world, not just Indian users

Those of you targeting Indian users can now do so with lower latency and local data storage

AWS squares up to Microsoft in chase for MongoDB cloud budgets

Whatever DB will be, devs can choose from 3

Can sync-n-sharer Egnyte's foray into datagov fuel growth?

Analysis Firm seeks workaround to more VC cash

Open source Elastic analytics snaps into Google's Cloud Platform

"Openness a driving force" says Google

Pivotal imbues Cloud Foundry with Windows-wrangling powers

Also adds app tracing to stop code troubleshooting being a 'murder mystery'

OVH-VMware deal skips Australia, will snuff vCloud Air's public bits

Focus will be on Europe, US

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