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BOFH: State of a job, eh? Roll the Endless Requests for Further Information protocol

Episode 12 And let's see how long he takes to crack

BOFH: Is everybody ready for the meeting? Grab a crayon – let's get technical

Episode 11 Mindfulness worksheets? Lattes? We're all set

BOFH: Got that syncing feeling, hm? I've looked at your computer and the Outlook isn't great

Episode 10 Oh, and sorry about your phone

BOFH: Their bright orange plumage warns other species, 'Back off! I'm dangerous!'

Episode 9 It's for your own Health and Safety

BOFH: But I did log in to the portal, Dave

Episode 8 I know where your supervisor is Dave

BOFH: Guys? Guys? We need blockchain... can you install blockchain?

Episode 7 It's the technology of the future-ture-ture

BOFH: We know where the bodies are buried

Episode 6 You're here to audit us? Hi! Fancy a coffee?

BOFH: Give me a lever long enough and a fool, I mean a fulcrum and ....

Episode 5 Simon and PFY gamify the interface

BOFH: Honourable misconduct

Episode 4 Yurrrr. Yuurrrrg. Hnng. Vomit? No, I'm fi... yuuurrg. Yunnk. Unk. Gulp. HUALLLARRGHHHAAHH!*

BOFH: Turn your server rack hotspot to a server rack notspot

Episode 3 Oh, Sales Guy! You're a riot

BOFH: We want you to know you have our full support

Episode 2 What's that buzzing sound... Boss? Boss?

BOFH: Buttock And Departmental Defence ... As A Service

Episode 1 Say it with us: BADD-AAS

BOFH: The trouble with, er, windows installs

Episode 16 The numbers don't lie...

BOFH: But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

Episode 15 It is the eeeeeeeeeeee-ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

Episode 14 This is not a drill

BOFH: Oh dear. Did someone get lost on the Audit Trail?

Episode 13 Our expenses? Same thing we've filed every year...

BOFH: Come on, PFY, let's pick a Boss

Episode 12 Robot intelligence not there yet... but neither is Boss intelligence

BOFH: We're only here because they said there would be biscuits

Episode 11 BOFH helps promote his company's 'Story' (if promote = bag of quicklime)

BOFH: Oh go on. Strap me to your Hell Desk, PFY

Episode 10 Special tables with special chairs for special people

BOFH: That's right. Turn it off. Turn it on

Episode 9 Thronging gangs of idiots besiege tech

BOFH: Putting the commitment into committee

Episode 8 Do we have an agenda? Why of course we do!

BOFH: Halon is not a rad new vape flavour

Episode 7 Migrate data? If you're keen on seeing clouds...

BOFH: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back

Episode 6 Fly, little bird, fly....

BOFH: Defenestration, a solution to Solutions To Problems We Don't Have

Episode 5 Fires and server crashes also known to work

BOFH: The Boss, the floppy and the work 'experience'

Episode 4 Putting the shi* into internship

BOFH: Don't back up in anger

Episode 3 And soooooo, Brian can wait. You know it's too late when PFY walks by

BOFH: Elf of Safety? Orc of Admin. Pleased to meet you

Episode 2 Come right this way. The PFY doesn't bite... that hard

BOFH: Password HELL. For you, mate, not for me

Episode 1 Letting go never felt so good

BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample

Episode 14 Cherry-pickin'? You darn tootin!

BOFH: The Idiot-ware Project and the Meaningless Acronym

Episode 13 We'll take you away from misery of Hell Desk

BOFH: There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Mmm, really wrong ones

Episode 12 Boss, are you blushing?

BOFH: The case of the suspicious red icon

Episode 11 Could it be a virus? Why, user, you should be head of IT. Yes, I said behead

BOFH: Free as in free beer or... Oh. 'Free Upgrade'

Episode 10 Even printer salesmen get the blues

BOFH: I found a flying Dragonite on a Windows 2003 domain

Episode 9 Just slap on our custom VR headset, Boss

BOFH: Follow the paper trail

Episode 8 What are you doing in our stockroom, buddy?

BOFH: What's your point, caller?

Episode 7 Service within 48 hours... with a smile

BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral

Episode 6 Just because it's half-dead doesn't mean you shouldn't keep flogging it

BOFH: If you liked it then you should've put the internet in it

Episode 5 Boss puts the ID in IoT

BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles

Episode 4 Just as sure as a cattle prod goes BZZZZZT!!!

BOFH: This laptop has ceased to be. And it's pub o'clock soon

Episode 3 Quantum security is no joke, y'know

BOFH: In-depth IT training needs a single-malt distillery

Episode 2 Onward, Ultrabook solderers! Marching as to war...

BOFH: I want no memory of this pointless conversation. Alcohol please

Episode 1 The internet’s new motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius

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