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Data Center

Qualcomm moved its Snapdragon designers to its ARM server chip. We peek at the results

Hot Chips Centriq 2400 blueprints revealed this week

NetApp swallows Icelandic cloud management software biz

Greenqloud’s QStack becomes gets NetApp-ed

Last FalconStor CEO survived just six weeks before being replaced

+Comment New CFO too as data protection firm refuses to give in

Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz?

Analysis In the land of decline, sustainable growth is king

Software definer wants you to befriend the 'BFC', do a bit of 'reverse virtualization'

Analysis What's that, TidalScale? The Big Friendly what?

Who wants multiple virtual workstations on a GPU in a blade server?

NVIDIA reckons engineering types do, so it's cut a new GPU and software to carve it up

Making money is so DRAM easy for some memory-flingers

Another record revenue quarter ... even as drought eases

NetApp, you went all-flash, never go all-fla... Hey, wait. It's working

Slight biz uptick, steady results should keep CEO smiling

What'll we do tonight, Kieran? Same thing we do every night, Tintri....

... try to take over your public cloudy worlds (one array at a time)

Read IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's letter to staff: Why I walked from Trump's strategy forum

Translation: Please don't take away our govt contracts

Samsung's bantam SSD makes WD's 'passport' drive look passé

Is that 2TB in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Toshiba must allow Western Digital access to joint-venture assets

Tear down the wall, Tosh, says Cali Court

Loss-making storage survivor Sphere 3D looking at 'strategic alternatives'

We think it probably doesn't involve listening to Sonic Youth

Xen fixes guest privilege escape and plenty more

Crashes, data leaks and foul corruption also fixed

Love cloudy HPC? Microsoft does, slurps Cycle Computing

CPU-wrangler found fame on EC2, becomes Azure business

Red Hat banishes Btrfs from RHEL

ZFS On Linux adds the proper crypto Google wants before considering Btfrs for Android

When is a Barracuda not a Barracuda? When it's really AWS S3

Now you can replicate backups to Barracuda's actually-Amazonian cloud

Azure Stack will need special sysadmins, says Microsoft

'Operator' to wrangle on-prem cloud, with paid course coming soon, natch

Swinburne Uni slings SGI, picks DellTel for new 4,140 core super

'OzSTAR' to speed search for gravitational waves using LIGO data

Outage outed: Bing dinged, Microsoft portal mortal, DuckDuckGo becomes DuckDuckNo

Updated Like it or not, it's back to Google for now

Datrium claims its split-provisioning DVX array is 'tomorrow calling'

And it wants its super-scaling, newfangled tech back

Atomic bonds: Gigabyte, Supermicro fire out boosted Atom CPU range

Denverton systems, servers and motherboards

Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad

No, non, nein says Brit telco's marketing bods, 'we don't throttle'

Nice guy NetApp's adopting 'disruptive' tech non-disruptively

Analysis Gently easing us into the NVMe-over-Fabrics and storage-class memory future

Macie slay: AWS touts S3 patrol bots to kill data-slurping hackers

Plus: Database Glue guns, more encryption, hardware key management, and config tools

Microsoft does something unusual in Australia: Names the bit barn hosting Azure

Plan to conquer federal IT sees Redmond team with super-secure Canberra Data Centres

Diablo Technologies sheds three execs

NV-DIMM flash tech changes

UK industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020

Says gov needs to 'collaborate' with industry. Now there's a surprise...

'Other' may yet become the biggest and most useful cloud

COMMENT History tells us none of the big four will dominate forever and that niches matter

Place your bets: How long will 1TFLOPS HPE box last in space without proper rad hardening

NASA about to find out, thanks to SpaceX launch to ISS

Where's the bloody flare gun? Cast adrift on a swirling gyre of storage

I'm sending out an SAS

Data archiver striver Mimecast reports revenues rise of 40%

Tackling cloud and ransomware takes firm to a happy place

Just kiss and make up already! Toshiba CEO strikes conciliatory note with chip partners WDC

Translated spiel reveals less spiky relationship

South London: Rats! The rodents have killed the internet

Murine mouths mangle broadband - outage hits Gnaw-wood...

Array-pusher Infinidat boasts of sales hike, says it has petabyte-pushin pay pals

+Comment Marketing trumpets sounding off

QEMU qontemplates qleanup of old qode

Open source hypervisor's devs say qoding around legacy features qomplicates quality

Toshiba spared delisting after finally getting 2016 accounts approved

Back to the drawing board with Foxconn and WDC

Brit folk STILL not getting advertised broadband speeds – survey

The faster the claim, the bigger the disappointment

London 'not-spots' look out! Mayor wants team to tackle crap signal

Also appears to take credit for 4G-on-Tube plans

Quantum's scale-out storage revenues didn't scale out enough

Tape, though? That's one tough mofo

Horsemen of the disk-drive apocalypse will ride upon 256TB SSDs

Analysis The end is nigh! Give it a couple of years

IBM Cloud turns TLS 1.0 off and then turns it on again

Big Blue admits it gave customers too little notice of the change and broke their code

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