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Data Centre

US congress-critters question prime directive of Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract

These are not the vendors you're looking for, republicans suggest in demand for probe

This is a leader's square for storage leaders, IBM, Dell EMC and Scality tell wide-eyed Qumulo

All the node movers and shakers in Gartner's paranormal polygon

Forget the CSI effect: Put some real AI brains behind video surveillance

Sponsored Neural networks, ML and real time analytics

Seagate and Western Digital neck-and-neck at the nearline drive-in

Seagate ships more units, WD more capacity – it's a wash

Unexpected MySQL database meltdown fingered in GitHub's 24-hour website wobble

Days since last TITSUP (Total Inability To Support Users' Pulls) reset to zero

Well, it is the Empire of enterprise IT... Oracle's Ellison plans 'Star Wars cyber defense' for his second-generation cloud

OpenWorld Does he mean some farm boy with just womp rat experience can destroy the whole thing?

Huge if true: We'll put customers, applications, and AI first, says Oracle at annual SF shindig

OpenWorld Well, application revenues did rise a whopping six per cent, after all

Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer

Financial messaging to get a bit more, er, agile

Alibaba pulls dust covers off its new London cloud presence

Can Chinese cloudy crowd check rise of AWS?

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

Who, Me? Dirty Den escapes with a slapped wrist

Ericsson's very good bad quarter, Mozilla encrypts SNI, new TIP projects, and more

Your weekly dose of networking

Samsung claims key-value Z-SSD will be fastest flash ever

Plus: 7nm LLP, QLC, stacked RDIMMS and brainy drives

Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app

All working now says biz. No, no, no, no, say customers, it is NOT!

There's no 'I' in 'IMFT' – because Micron intends to buy Intel out of 3D XPoint joint venture

Chipzilla has to go it alone or turn to a partner

Metadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: Go on. Bring us your unstructured stuff

+Comment Former Primary Data boss talks to El Reg about Hammerspace

Ex-Huawei man claims Chinese giant is suing his startup to 'surpass' US tech dominance

Both parties accuse each other of IP theft

Haunted disk-drive? This story will give you the chills...

On-Call Techie called in after computer always starts the day with a go-slow

F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security'

Updated Also: AWS on avoiding state machine slips

WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips

What do you get for 50 per cent more layers? Not a lot

UK Home Office admits £200m Emergency Services Network savings 'delayed'

Oh, and the £1.1bn Airwave extension hasn't yet been triggered

Come on, Cisco bug-hunters: No terrifying critical vulns? Are you saving for Halloween?

(It's good news, really)

Crucial P1 minicard flash drive? Not if you grabbed Intel's 660p

They don't *seem* so different if you check digits (though your real world results may vary)

Our processor tech's got legs, says Arm: 'One million' data center servers will ship in 2018

Analysis By servers, it means boxes that do networking, storage, security

Battling a multi-cloud deployment? Get our expert IT advice in this handy catch-up video

Webcast There are many mistakes you can make – learn how to avoid them from gurus

IBM talks 'emerging, high value segments' – so you know the Q3 numbers aren't great

Big Blue's $18.8bn revenue falls short of expectations

Push your hardware closer to the action. Y'know, live life on the edge – the network edge

Sponsored What you need to know about workloads, security, and the vanishing perimeter

Arm doodles server, comms CPUs in public before they leak out in open-source code...

Data center blueprints get Neoverse brand, roadmap

Violin Systems gnaws off X-IO Technologies' storage arm

ISE ISE baby

Google Cloud chief joins Saudi shindig exodus over journalist's worrying disappearance

Jamal Khashoggi: Oil-rich state is blushing but Western leaders aren't saying much

IBM spits out one cloud manager to rule them all

Cross-platform? Sure, but there's still no place like home

Amazon Prime Music turns the volume down a little too much

Users face hours without tunes as streaming service trips up mid-dance move

Fujitsu: We love Microsoft Azure, we're training 10,000 bods on it

Er, one-tenth of the human capital AWS is throwing at its public cloud

Emergency Services Network delays to cost public purse £1.1bn, Home Office reveals

Police forces have 'real anxieties' about incremental uptake, dodgy 4G coverage

Mobe networks battle to bring comms back after Hurricane Michael smashes US Gulf Coast

'Unprecedented' fibre damage from deadly storm, says Verizon

Virgin Media? More like Virgin Meltdown: Brit broadband ISP falls over amid power drama

Updated Status: TITSUP – Total Inability To Support Users' Packets

Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect'

Another old world vendor to rely on hyperscale beasties... in this instance, Azure

Cease and DE-CIX: German internet operator fights spies, IEEE eyes 802.11 future and more

Roundup Also: Juniper and the gang plus AI network research tools

Scanning an Exchange server for a virus that spreads via email? What could go wrong?

Who, Me? Techie gets away with it by saying 'I Love You'

300,000 BT pensioners await Court of Appeal pension scheme ruling

RPI or CPI? A percentage point really can make all the difference

Powerful forces, bodily fluids – it's all in a day's work

On Call Faulty fluoroscopes and malfunctioning monitors make for an On Call two-fer

Broadcom, its baffling $19bn CA biz gobble, and the fake Pentagon memo crying about national security

Senator calls for real probe into 'Chinese-controlled' outfit

Here you go, cloudy admins: Google emits NATty odds 'n' sods

Google Cloud Next Incremental titbits aimed at time-poor techies

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