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Data Center

Intel reveals Optane will need a 7th-gen core and a PC-centric launch

You're going to need a whole lot of Intel Inside to make this work

The stunted physical SAN market – Dell man gives Wikibon forecasts his blessing

Analysis Shrinking before hyperconverged/converged

Surprise! HPE says nothing about ProLiant server hardware for SimpliVity OmniCubes

Analysis HCIA startup denied the full makeover for now

DraaS-tic times call for DraaS-tic measures in VMware's cloud

Virtzilla debuts disaster-recovery-as-a-service on dedicated hardware

UK Snoopers' Charter gagging order drafted for London Internet Exchange directors

Exclusive Rushed proposal opens rift in internet giants' club

Yee-haw! It's the Friday storage round-up

Getting those pesky ponies into that there corral, yessiree

Brit watchdog spanks Microsoft, Amazon, Apple into promising fairer cloud contracts

Smackdown on random hikes and service tweaks

Did Oracle just sign tape's death warrant? Depends what 'no comment' means

Big Red keeps schtum over the status of StreamLine

'I'm innocent!' says IT contractor on trial after Office 365 bill row spiraled out of control

Bloke cuffed, charged after customer's subscription axed

nbn™ to cut the charges ISPs pay for traffic

In theory this should mean ISPs offer faster plans for fewer dollars

HPE blames solid state drive failure for outages at Australian Tax Office

'Rare issue under a set of circumstances that have never previously been encountered'

Enterprise IT storage – where being fat and very dense is, um, a good thing. Right, Cloudian?

Cali upstart peddles 4U HyperStore 4000 box

Google yanks workers from ISP outfit, it's THE FIBER COUNTDOWN

Will things ever be the same again?

Why I had to sue the FCC – VoIP granddaddy Dan Berninger

Interview It's life or death, says guru unhappy with net neutrality regulations

Dell EMC plans to use VxRail for mutant cloud cargo

Hyper-converged nodes get turnkey hybrid cloud software

Virgin Media swallows 215,000 new fibre customers in Blighty

UK broadband biz posts unexciting results

NetApp confirms: SolidFire hyperconverged appliance is coming

+Comment HCI plans reveal overshadows Q3 numbers

Data centre locations: In the city or up the country?

Promo Right place, right time

Reg tours submarine cable survey ship
'Geo Resolution'

Slideshow Former US sub-hunter boasts 1980s décor, serious sonar, workstations galore and so much printer ink

Xen Project wants permission to reveal fewer vulnerabilities

Poll Should bugs that don't expose user data be left alone, saving time and effort?

Global IPv4 address drought: Seriously, we're done now. We're done

Exhausted with never-ending internet exhaustion

Dell EMC's 'Spanning' SaaS backup outfit expands into Australia

Fat-fingered fumblers of Australia, untie! Your Office 365 errors are now recoverable

IBM to launch cheap 'n' cheerful Power server for i and AIX userbase

Doctor Blue says a little of what you like does you good

Prepare for an acquisition whirlwind? Private equity owners sweep up Nexsan

Comment New Orleans firm partner takes charge

Next Superdome CPU chips amble into HPE

Intel shipping Kittson samples into Itanium-land

Speaking in Tech: There must be 50 ways to leave your cloud provider

Podcast Dumping a mainframe – now that's another story

Hutchison's 3UK and Google push 3.5 GHz on both sides of the pond

Analysis Broaderband fight

Cheer up, pal: UK mobe networks are now 8% less crap, tests show

At data, EE leads, Voda fails

Remote unauthenticated OS re-install is a feature, not a bug, says Cisco

If you think bad guys could abuse the Smart Install protocol, just turn it off

Riverbed bakes SD-WAN into WAN optimisation

It's all cloudy, innit?

A spanner in the works: Google's cloud database hits beta, gets prices

Ye canna' hand a man a grander (Cloud) Spanner

Australian Tax Office's HPE SAN failed twice in slightly different ways

Rickety array still at work: In tax-speak 'Commissioned new SAN' doesn't mean it's live yet

Oracle reveals more rounded Australian *aas

Big Red's IaaS and PaaS land in Oz, as an entree to SPARC cloud and AWS-killer plans

Fujitsu has its own line of storage boxes, so, uh, why is it reselling XtremIO in Japan?

Extreme measures called for in an extreme geography

Nifty website claims to make comparing cloud costs simple. Good luck with that

Covers AWS, Azure, Google clouds and more

Cloud is the future, wait, what? Cohesity cloud software now touted for on-prem gear

Cloud Platform becomes Virtual Edition for ROBO use

XPoint: Leaked Intel specs reveal 'launch-ready' SSD – report

Roses are nice, but SSDs from Chipzilla (if these specs are true) are DRAM-NAND gap-filler

Roses are reddish, exam-takers more so: Cisco's test price hike's a smack to the torso

Soz, currency fluctuation

Cisco's Visual Networking Index: Rather optimistic traffic numbers, aren't they?

Updated 5G, New Radio - how much of the hype should we really believe...

It's over? Pat Gelsinger's post vSphere VMware NSX-T opportunity

Sysadmin Blog Software-defined networking? Time for an open relationship

Oracle is red, violets are blue, we hope you'll integrate biz analytics in our cloud soon

Blue, soon, close enough

Oracle teases 'easy-to-absorb' platform updates, wants 'all' your infrastructure biz

Big Red admits to a lost half-decade in silicon, promises melding with software real soon