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Policy Earlier pushes ahead with legal right to 10Mbps

Soz BT, your offer is not wanted...

European court: Let's not kid ourselves, Uber. You're a transport firm, not a 'digital service'

Trying year for 'taxi' company

Oh good, half of Defra's Brexit projects involve IT

Don't worry, many of those are now in 'discovery' phase...

Autsch! Germany slaps Facebook in its abusive little face for 'limitlessly amassing data'

Monopoly watchdog nicht glücklich about Zuck's info suck

US senators rail against effort to sneak through creepy mass spying bill

We must have public debate on warrantless snooping, demands bipartisan gang

Last week: Microsoft accused of covering up rape claim. This week: Microsoft backs anti-cover-up law ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Proposed legislation just in the nick of time

France gives WhatsApp a month to get slurps in order or face fine

Regulator questions legality of transferring data to Facebook needs help getting folk to splurge on full fibre and 5G

Any ideas how we can improve Blighty's infrastructure?

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy – you forgot about Europe's GDPR already

Comment Are you ready for 2018's privacy rules?

Facebook: Who needs millennials? The cops love us more than ever!

Social network says police, government requests for data and takedowns booming

Twitter's not dreaming of a white supremacist Xmas: Accounts nuked

Crackdown on hate kicks off, non-racist world celebrates

Top Silicon Valley tech judge hits alt-F4 under cloud of sex-pest claims

Kozinski walks out, blames his 'broad sense of humor' for downfall

Hacks, bribes and bugs: Uber accused of illegal snooping on rivals

Filing: Explosive allegations against ride-hailing biz revealed in letter from former staffer

UK reaches peak Bitcoin as bin firm accepts cryptocurrency

'It's not a publicity stunt,' says

Top Silicon Valley tech battle judge probed over sex pest claims

Alex Kozinski accused of showing women clerks porn, sexually harassing staff

UK needs a 'digital twin' to keep track of its data assets – report

... and companies need to share their info nicely

Ex-Microsoft intern claimed one of her fellow temps raped her. Her bosses hired him

Woman's nightmare revealed in discrimination lawsuit

UKIP appeals against ICO request for info on Brexit data dealings

Commish 'forced' to invoke statutory powers with 'difficult' organisations

So what happened with the patent judge and the Euro Patent Office?

You won't believe this but it's a mess

Critical US mass spying program scrutiny lost amid partisan nonsense

Analysis Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh but her emails! And those texts!

The North remembers: York scraps Uber's licence over data breach

But taxi biz can restart work in Sheffield told: Your frantic farming of pupils' data is getting a little creepy

Plans to extend slurping to why kids quit mainstream education

Facebook announces ad revenue reroute: When Irish eyes are crying

Major tax overhaul to appease govs and regulators

Big biz: Algorithms are too complicated, but also too easy to game, to open the black box

What you really want is translucency

Big tech wants the ICO on EU data protection board in Brexit fallout

Watchdog keeping voting rights 'huge gain' for marketing sector, say Facebook, Google et al

Signing up for the RAF? Don't bother – you've been Capita'd

Nearly all Air Force recruiting grounded, online system blamed

UK lacks engineering and tech skills to make government's industrial strategy work – report

Your lip service is all very well, but where are the people?

European Parliament's ePrivacy rep bemoans members' slow progress

Interview Birgit Sippel says 'Brexit ate my homework' isn't an excuse for delays

Shady US sigint base upgrade marred by stolen photograph

Northants comms station architects nicked pic from site that uncovers secrets. Fail!

Brandis' infrastructure security bill off to committee

Report fast-tracked to Q1 2018

FCC backtracks on helping with neutrality fraud investigation

Eager to cut ISP regulation, the agency shows concern for privacy of comment forgers

Oregon will let engineer refer to himself as an 'engineer'

But it's not yet ready to rethink its professional licensing rules

US Section 702 spying rules get deadline extension until April

And yet again black has become white, and left, right's plans for data processing framework create new risks, says watchdog

Peers table amendment to switch responsibility for drafting guidance from state to ICO

EU toys with Pandora's Box if it reopens e-commerce directive

Exclusive Mother of all bunfights beckons

New Capita system has left British Army recruits unable to register online

Updated Sandhurst personnel short of vital info on officer trainees who start in January

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