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Google lobbies hard to derail new US privacy laws – using dodgy stats

Analysis Expect to hear a lot about censorship and criminals in the next few months

UK smut overlord declares age checks should protect users' privates

♫ It can fine you, it can block you ... but it can only suggest you... Oh-oh: protect data ♬

ACCC clamping down on Premium Billing Direct payments

Telstra slapped in this week's instalment of 'telco sector brought to heel by regulator'

UK's data watchdog seizes suspected Scottish nuisance caller's kit

ICO gets search warrant... for firm accused of jamming up railway safety hotline

Cambridge Analytica seeks data protection assistant

Jobseeker? You may have heard of it...

El Reg deep dive: Everything you need to know about's pr0n block

Some foreplay: Dark web, smut monopolies and moral outrage

Surprise UK raid of Cambridge Analytica delayed: Nobody expects the British information commissioner!

Oh wait, yes they do

F-35B Block 4 software upgrades will cost Britain £345m

After we leave the EU we could cover that in a week with change to spare ... allegedly

Diplomats, 'Net greybeards work to disarm USA, China and Russia’s cyber-weapons

Black Hat Asia Because when state attacks blow back, the taxpayers who paid to have them developed pay again

US Senate green-lights controversial anti-sex-trafficking law amid warnings of power grab

SESTA passes – but could do more harm than good

Brit MPs chide You're acting like EU data adequacy prep is easy

It's not. ♫ It's beginning to sound a lot like Brexit ♪

Telegram still won't hand over crypto keys it says it does not store

Russian judge upholds 2016 FSB order, company will appeal

Addicts of Facebook and pals are easy prey for manipulative scumbags – thanks to tech giants' 'extraordinary reach'

Let me at 'em, growls EU privacy watchdog

US govt's final bid to extradite Lauri Love kicked into touch

UK High Court refuses to certify point-of-law appeal

We need to talk, Brit Parliamentary committee tells Mark Zuckerberg

Cambridge Analytica brouhaha fallout continues

Gartner's top tip to data crunchers on the eve of GDPR? Don't be creepy

Why do people forget they're a customer outside the office?

Here is how Google handles Right To Be Forgotten requests

RTBF trial Software engineer? Lawyer? Not a lawyer, even? Sure, have a go

Whois? More like WHOWAS: Domain database on verge of collapse over EU privacy

Governments refuse to get sucked into policy shambles, kibosh DNS GDPR plans

Konichiw-aaaaargh! Amazon's Japanese HQ raided in antitrust probe

Bezos Bunch under the microscope of anti-monopoly cops told: Draw up code of practice for cops bulk-slurping car plates

CCTV commish welcomes amendment 3 years after first suggested

Birmingham UK to Uber: Want a new licence? Tell us about your operating model

App biz's Nice Guy makeover yet to convince all regulators

Techies building UK web smut age check tools: You'll get a spec next week

Citizens not keen on having habits tracked are watching closely

Take that, com-raid: US Treasury slaps financial sanctions on Russians for cyber-shenanigans, 2016 election meddling

Но все же никакого сговора

Google to 'forget me' man: Have you forgotten what you said earlier?

RTBF trial To forget, or not to forget? That is the question

NHS Digital heads accused of being 'suppliers', not 'custodians' of UK patient data

Compliance with Home Office data-slurp not cool, say MPs to plough £67m into gigabit broadband for all and sundry

Handouts from March but you're on your own for line rental fees

Trump’s immigration policies costing US tech jobs says LogMeIn CEO

If you can’t bring people in, you build bigger offices offshore

ACL-Sue: Rights group takes on TSA over device searches

FOIA suit seeks info about snooping on domestic flights

After repeated warnings Facebook bans Britain First for 'inciting hatred'

Party leaders would protest but they're currently in prison urged to ensure punters can 'still roam like at home' after Brexit

Also holibobs disruption from 2019 if aviation deal isn't struck

Crypto crackdown: Google bans ads for unregulated currencies

Bitcoin prices plummet

Uncle Sam slams plans to give govts final say over domain privacy

ICANN throws itself under bus to hit GDPR deadline

US government privacy watchdog stumbles back to its feet with new hires

But look closely and you'll note the PCLOB has no teeth

Uni IT man stole £22k of Macs to pay for smack

Lawless man sold lifestyle devices at Cash Converters

Privacy folk raise alarm over schools snooping on kids' online habits

Survey finds almost half track students' internet use

Please, Hammond ... don't hurt 'em: 'Suggestions' time for UK digi tax clampdown

Spring mini-statement for the UK: Who gets broadband cash etc

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