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FBI's flawed phone tally blamed on programming error. 7,800 unbreakable mobes? Er, um...

We meant 1,000. Maybe 2,000

Google listens to New Zealand just long enough to ignore it

'We can't delete court cases, and you can't make us'

ACCC grabs pliers, extracts AU$1.5 million from Optus

Carrier misled customers over NBN, Federal Court finds

One year late, US senators act on fake net neutrality comments that drowned the FCC

It's not a real problem until a Congressman is affected

UK digital committee fumes: You didn't answer our questions, Facebook. (Psst. EU. Pass 'em on)

MPs angry about poor responses, Zuckerberg snub. CEO faces Euro politicos

EU considers baking new norms of cyber-war into security policies

Plan to paint US, China and Russia as rogues gather steam

On 20th anniversary of Microsoft antitrust, US Treasury Sec calls for Google monopoly probe

Europe, America getting twitchy about web search dominance

Slurp up patient data for algos that will detect cancer early, says UK PM

Hitches NHS cart to data, AI bandwagon, as medical groups urge patient choice

You know me, I don't know you: Hospital reportedly raps staff for peeking at Ed Sheeran data

Unclear if employees wanted to figure out shape of him

10 social networks ignored UK government consultations

So ministers hit the airwaves to reveal looming ‘obligation’ for rapid abuse takedown and colossal fines for not doing it

US Congress mulls expanding copyright yet again – to 144 years

Literally the 12th time corporate revenue put ahead of society and culture

Domain name sellers rub ICANN's face in sticky mess of Europe's GDPR

Seeing as you love moratoriums on following the rules so much, how 'bout we get one, too?

UK Supreme Court to probe British spy court's immunity from probing

Privacy International gets another shot at shadowy Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Did you even sweat, tho? Plaintiffs told to amend claims in Apple headphones suit

But case will go ahead as judge rejects bid for dismissal

HMRC opens consultation to crack down on off-payroll working in private sector

UK Gov reckons it could lose up to £1.2bn due to IR35 non-compliance

UK Home Office hands Sopra Steria £91m digital visa contract

French outsourcer to handle applications process

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

Vulture goes to tribunal and gets the law changed

Last night's net neutrality episode had some good one-liners but a repetitive plot

Upcoming 5G storyline could make The FCC a ratings killer

Brit IT contractor wins appeal against HMRC to pay £26k in back taxes

Universal credit consultant takes on taxman over IR35 law

Brit prosecutors fined £325k after losing unencrypted vids of police interviews

CPS failed to protect data of victims of serious sex offences

Real fake scam offers crypto-coin to replace frequent flier points

True lies from SEC designed to educate - hang on, what's the interest rate on this thing?

Zuck to meet Euro MPs for ‘please explain’ session

Brussels wants a ‘full and detailed explanation’ – good luck with that, folks!

Trump’s new ZTE tweets trump old ZTE tweets

No deal! No talks! Fake news! China bad! So much winning!

Net neutrality is saved in Senate vote! No, not really, it was a giant waste of everyone's time

Republicans at least argue for bipartisan legislation – so sort-of progress?

UK has rejected over 1,000 skilled IT bod visa applications this year

Calls to scrap 'arbitrary' cap as MPs launch bid to draft reforms

Privacy group asks UK politicos to pinky swear not to use personal data for electioneering

Data Protection Bill ping-pongs as MPs and peers battle over press regulations

US senators ask FTC to investigate Google's Location imbroglio

That sound you can hear is laughter from Oracle HQ

Openreach consults on shift of 16 MEEELLION phone lines to VoIP by 2025

Eat your fibre, it's good for you!

Vittorio Colao to say ciao to Vodafone as firm goes back to black

Voda UK remains 'sick man of Europe', though – analyst

Android devs prepare to hit pause on ads amid Google GDPR chaos

Hey Google. How will we eat?

UK's Rural Payments Agency is 'failing on multiple levels' – report

Committee questions its ability to cope with Brexit (again)

Did I say Chinese jobs? I meant American jobs says new Trump Tweet

Jobs, schmobs: ZTE's about national security, stupid, say Republicans

Look, we're doing stuff: Facebook suspends 200 super slurper apps

Accessors of 'large amounts' of data pre-2014 get time-out pending probe

Govts should police... Google's algorithms, says News Corp chief

Is this how you tame the beast, though?

Oracle tells tales about Google data slurps to Australian regulator

At an inquiry into news and ads, of all things. Is Big Red playing a deeper game?

Prez Donald Trump to save manufacturing jobs … in China, at ZTE

Sanctions for Chinese networks-and-smartmobe outfit one week, diplomacy the next

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