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Privacy Shield under pressure as lawyers back MEPs' call for suspension

Civil liberties group visits Washington for four-day data and privacy talks

ZTE sends 400 million hostages, gets back in business stateside

US commerce dept. counts escrow cash, warns it's always watching, Congress still split

FCC caught red-handed – again – over its $225 complaint billing plan

Plan is killed at the last minute after outrage all round is ready to talk data safeguards with the EU – but still wants it all

Look at our information protection laws and well-resourced watchdog

UK taxman outlines its CHIEF concerns for customs IT systems

Execs admit some traders might miss the boat in a no-deal Brexit agrees to narrow 'serious crime' definition for slurping comms data

Still only 12 months' porridge

Brit privacy watchdog reports on political data harvests: We've read the lot so you don't have to

Analysis 'Inaccessible' servers, crap transparency, Twitter caught doing decent thing and more

East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line

UK techie's tests reveal half-dozen daily fails, infrastructure bods vow to look into it

Former wig-wearing Twitterphobe replaces Hancock as's Secretary of Fun

Jeremy Wright fourth MP to lead DCMS since 2016

CEST la vie, IR35 workers: HMRC sets out stall for ignoring Mutuality of Obligation

Don't have a cow, but taxman test disappears MOO

Trump's Supreme Court pick will decide critical tech issues for decades – so what are the views of the contenders?

Privacy, net neutrality, mass surveillance... the small stuff

Imagine a patent on organizing computer files being used against online shopping sites. Oh, it's still happening

Cyber bazaars push back against infringement claims

ICANN't get no respect: Europe throws Whois privacy plan in the trash

Clueless DNS overseer sees lazy efforts torn apart – again

European Parliament balks at copyright law reform vote

Pirates: We saved the internet!

Hurry up and make a deal on post-Brexit data flows, would you? Think of UK business – MPs

Committee warns on potential for huge pain if there's a gap

Euro privacy watchdog raises eyebrows at mulled EU copyright law

Warns that wording needs to be 'as precise and clear as possible'

India tells WhatsApp to add filters, ASAP

Riots and murder have followed fake news and 'provocation'

China wins one, loses one in US trade spats

US loosens ZTE stranglehold, but China Mobile blocked from operating as virtual carrier

Centrelink scheduled maintenance at time clients needed it most

Deep sigh, because a rush to stay compliant became a virtual DDoS

Call your MEP! Wikipedia blacks out for European YouTube vote

We'll tell you what to say

British info watchdog slaps Midlands firm with £4,500 fine. Next time, register

Data protection watchdog is always watching, CCTV firm told

Feds charge Man after FCC boss Ajit Pai's kids get death threat over net neutrality axe vote

Alleged perp's apology to watchdog chairman didn't work

A £1.3m prize for a plunging share price at BT? Not so fast...

Telco faces shareholder revolt over outgoing CEO's bonus

Google weeps as its home state of California passes its own GDPR

Analysis Right to view, delete personal info is here – and you'll be amazed to hear why the privacy law passed so fast

Wasn't too hard, was it? UK has made 'significant progress' in spy control

UN privacy expert: Britain no longer a privacy joke, but has more to do

No more slurping of kids' nationalities, Brit schools told

But Department for Education admits historic data will be retained

UK taxman warned it's running out of time to deliver working customs IT system by Brexit

Well done for finally drawing up a contingency plan, though

Australian Senate committee dumps on digital transformation

Minority reports rebuts findings of lax leadership, low capacity

Infamous 'Dancing Baby' copyright battle settled just before YouTube tot becomes a teen

Vid Decade of legal wrangling leaves unresolved issue behind

ICO seeks views on how tween-friendly websites should be designed

More Pewdiepie is definitely not an option

Crime epidemic or never had it so good? Drilling into statistics is murder

It's both. And neither

Now NHS Digital is going after data on private healthcare too says project will help patients, improve transparency

White House calls its own China tech cash-inject ban 'fake news'

Chip slinger stocks dip as US investment crackdown turns out to be completely true

Uber's London licence appeal off to flying start: No, you cannot do driver eye tests via video link

Updated Amid Greyball and hack cover-up, app biz isn't endearing itself outsourcers must prove their 'social value' to win contracts

Push to boost supplier diversity after Carillion – but no plans to ditch private sector entirely

GDPR forgive us, it's been one month since you were enforced…

… and we still aren’t accepting EU users

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