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Facebook sends lowly minions to placate Euro law makers over data-slurp scandal

We wanted actual C-suiters, growls EU committee

Why the 'feudal' tech monopolies run rings around competition watchdogs

Interview Rather than break up Google, can we try owning our data?

Do wonks understand sci-tech skills gap? MPs dish out Parliamentary kicking

And don't even ask about Brexit

US Supreme Court blocks internet's escape from state sales taxes

5-4 decision brings ecommerce in line with physical shops

EU negotiator: Crucial data adequacy deal will wait until UK hands in homework

Wants to shut off access to Europol, security DBs

National ID cards might not mean much when up against incompetence of the UK Home Office

Would they have prevented Windrush? The mind boggles

Donald Trump trumped as US Senate votes to reinstate ZTE ban

Meanwhile USA ponders more tariffs on China in ‘wet noodle’ trade skirmish

Asylum seeker spreadsheet data blurt: UK Home Office loses appeal to limit claimants

Family members can seek damages

UN's freedom of expression top dog slams European copyright plans

Rapporteur David Kaye not impressed with Article 13

Wires, chips, and LEDs: US trade bigwigs detail Chinese kit that's going to cost a lot more

'You want a war? Well done, you've got one' replies China

DeepMind Health told to explain business model, relationship to Google

Review panel: We don't think AI firm has a hidden agenda, but…

Universal Credit has never delivered bang for buck, but now there's no turning back – watchdog

UK's National Audit Office slams delays, overestimation of Verify, attitude to claimants

ICANN pays to push Whois case to European Court of Justice

Just has to lose GDPR rulings in other courts first

Scrapping Brit cap on nurses, doctors means more room for IT folk expected to take health workers off immigration limit

The only way is ethics: emphasises moral compass amid deluge of data plans

Civil servants get cheat sheet for procuring analytics

Relax. It's OK, folks, the US government isn't going to try to take back control of the internet

It just had to deal with a pesky senator asking questions

Cardiff chap chucks challenge at chops*-checking cops

Case says facial recognition tech breaches right to privacy, free expression

Trademark holders must pay for UK web blocking orders – Supreme Court

Top judges say ISPs – but not webhosts or caches – can pass the buck

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images

Suit will also tackle biz over 'is a former hitman' autofill howler online dating tips: Do get consent, don't make false claims or fake profiles

Probe of dating platform's claims prompts crackdown on online love rat firms

Trump's ZTE deal challenged by Senate

Death penalty suggested or naughty, naughty Chinese telco-kit-maker

Australia, Solomon Islands to ink Huawei-free cable contract today

Spook-driven paranoia? No, it's just friendly competition, honest

That was quick: Seattle rushes to kill tax that would mildly inconvenience Amazon

Careful not to trip while backpedaling, Mayor Durkan

Internet luminaries urge EU to kill off automated copyright filter proposal

Article 13 goes too far, argue Cerf, Berners-Lee et al

EU-US Privacy Shield not up to snuff, data tap should be turned off – MEPs

Civil liberties committee votes: US has until Sept to comply

Computer Misuse Act charge against British judge thrown out

A jury wouldn't have convicted her, rules judge

Trump kept ZTE alive as ‘personal favour’ to Chinese president Xi

Company goes from rogue security risk to bargaining chip

US tech companies sucked into Russian sanctions row

Updated Embedi and ERPScan find themselves on blacklist

So net neutrality has officially expired. Now what do we do?

More fighting of course!

Shock: Google advises UK peers against more legislation

Ageing privileged geezers told: One does not simply 'regulate the internet'

UK digital secretary throws cold water over bid for laws on kids' use of social media

If Matt Hancock says it's a bad idea, it's a really bad idea

Dems push Ryan to vote to help save America's net neutrality measures

Deadline looms as Senators nudge House

England's top judge lashes out at 'Science Museum' grade court IT

Then says digitisation is working well... you sure, m'lud?

WikiLeaks took 10 days to reject Cambridge Analytica's US emails bid, says Tricksy Nixy

Sketch Believe nobody except Aleksandr Kogan!

Lack of governance on new police tech leaves 'worrying vacuum' – Brit biometrics commish

Anxieties linger for facial and voice recog

NHS England fingered over failure to forward patient correspondence

Millions wasted and patient harm 'cannot be ruled out'

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