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Tax Google and Facebook for a job subsidy scheme? Sigh

Comment If you want more public interest journalism, you need a Big Gov IT Project™

Hey American business, here's how to use blockch ... sorry – we've been shut down

Shmoocon NIST delays advice and is very, very sorry about 2013 crypto SNAFU

Internet giants removing 70 per cent of reported hate speech, crows European Commission

But we might still drum up some new regs, so keep it up

Court throws out BT's plans to reduce pension rates

Back to drawing board on £14bn pensions deficit

Digital mortgage service sounds handy, right? Oh, it's through's Verify

Keys in hands of highly borkable ID gateway

.UK overseer Nominet abandons its own charitable foundation – and why this matters

Special report Non-profit org mutates into investment firm

Nervy nuke-armed nation fires missile with 5,000km range

India can hit all of China now. Or Moscow, Athens, USA’s Indian Ocean navy base ...

Feds charge Barclays trader with fraud in Hewlett-Packard deal

Forex head alleged to have manipulated market in 'front-running' scheme

Home Office admits it sent asylum seeker’s personal info to the state he was fleeing pays £15,500 in damages after failed fact-check

Scumbag who tweeted vulnerable adults' details is hauled into court

Kent bloke 'threatened' privacy watchdog that he'd release more

Intellectual Property Office drops, er, patently cool cartoon to teach kids about trademarks

Hey, Reg can entertain children. IP freely, anyone, IP freely?

Broadcom confirms anti-trust probe, professes zero worries

Says probe doesn't impact wireless lines, leaving about a gazillion other products in play

Make Apple, er, America Great Again: iGiant to bring home profits, pay $38bn in repatriation tax

Triumphant Trump touts terrific tax tactic

Hey. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Get in here... so we can shake your hands – US Senate cyber-terror panel

So much for that grilling slammed for NHS data-sharing deal with Home Office

Flouts doctors' guidelines, doesn't properly balance public interests, MPs told

PPI-pusher makes 75 MEEELLION nuisance calls, lands £350k fine

Firm slapped for 'blatantly ignoring telemarketing laws'

Ofcom cracks on with spectrum auction rules, despite Three's legal challenge

UK telcos continue appeal to lower spectrum cap

National Audit Office report blasts's 'muddled' STEM strategy

More people have skillz, but not in fields that need them

Australia won't prescribe its national broadband network a high-fibre diet

Nobody gets 100 Mbps, so nobody buys 100 Mbps, so nobody needs 100 Mbps. QED

US senators vow to filibuster FBI, er, NSA's domestic, errr, foreign mass spying program

Updated Who's up for warrantless surveillance?

Facebook, Schrems case cost Irish data watchdog €2m – reports

But don't worry, it got €4m budget boost this year

Capita's UK military recruiting system has 'glitches' admits minister

DRS still letting the armed forces down big time

UK taxman has domain typo-squatter stripped of HMRC web addresses

Panama corporation owns nearly 54,000 dot-UK sites

Childcare is a pain in the bum and so is HMRC's buggy subsidies site

Thousands still experiencing issues since April launch

Why did top Home Office civil servant lobby Ofcom for obscure kit ban?

Comment GSM gateway prohibition was way below Sir Philip Rutnam's paygrade

German Bar Association says Nein to patent court block effort

Good news for UPC advocates, bad news for EPO staff

France may protect citizens' liberté with ban on foreigners buying local big data firms

AI and other tech could go on 'not to be acquired' list

Hawaiian fake nukes alert caused by fat-fingered fumble of garbage GUI

You'll Pai for this, thunders FCC

EU court to rule whether Facebook should seek and destroy hate speech

Austrian lawmakers bump up row over criminal content

UK taxman told to go easy on transformation with Brexit in headlights

Unwieldy projects AND leaving the EU? Don't make us laugh

Ecuador tried to make Julian Assange a diplomat

It didn’t work, but he got a nice shirt for becoming a citizen

US House reps green-light Fourth Amendment busting spy program

As America's very stable genius weighs in with his one cent

Worst-case Brexit could kill 92,000 science, tech jobs across UK – report

No-deal predicted to lop £46.8bn off Blighty investment

UK watchdog dishes out fines totaling £600k to four spam-spewers

ICO fought dodgy contracts, buck-passing, and less than concrete proof

Apple hands Chinese iCloud to Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry

Doing business in China means keeping everything in Chinese hands behind the great firewall

'Repeal hate crime laws for free speech' petition passes 14k signatures

Good luck with that one, internet dwellers

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