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Brit MPs brand Facebook a 'great vampire squid' out for cash

Zuck's CTO adds to PR apologies in Parliament

Europe fires back at ICANN's delusional plan to overhaul Whois for GDPR by next, er, year

Special report How do we say this nicely? You need help

Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for

Comment Zero justification under current or planned data law for actions of Home Office

America's states try to restart net neutrality – with very mixed results

Alaska and California moving forward, Colorado not so much

UK gov grilled over massive exposure to struggling outsourcer Capita

Data startup reckons public sector has over 1,000 contracts

Whoops! Google forgot to delete Right To Be Forgotten search result

Exclusive Until El Reg had a quiet word, that is

State spy agencies 'outsource surveillance' to foreign partners – campaign group

Privacy International slams secret deals and 'dangerous lack of oversight'

IETF: GDPR compliance means caring about what's in your logfiles

Don't log too much, nor keep the files for too long, to stay on right side of Euro privacy rules

Petty PETA rapped by judges over monkey selfie copyright stunt

Animals can sue, but don't have the ability to file intellectual property lawsuits

Shazam! The sound of EC shoving probe in Apple's plan to buy name-that-tune app

Show us your data says Euro Commish

Amazon and Netflix join Hollywood to lob sueball at 'Kodi' service SetTV

No surprise really

UK consumer help bloke Martin Lewis is suing Facebook over fake ads

Repeated misuse of consumer champion's mugshot leads to defamation sueball

US sanctions on Turkey for Russia purchases could ground Brit F-35s

+Comment Oi, remember who you picked as our one-and-only engine supplier?

Creaky NHS digital infrastructure risks holding back gene boffinry, say MPs

Ask for clear budgets, better training and yup, public engagement

Government demands for people's personal info from Microsoft reach all-time low

Just 23k requests in first half of 2017, says Windows giant

EU under pressure to slap non-compliance notice on Google over pay-to-play 'remedy'

Comparison shopping websites won't use Chocolate Factory fix

ZTE to USA: Sure, ban us, but you cannot afford such victories

We’ve done everything you asked - even implemented SAP - pleads Chinese vendor

How 'parasitic' Google's 'We're journalists!' court defence was stamped into oblivion

Comment High Court judge put boot into ad tech firm

Soyuz later! Russia may exit satellite launch biz

Is it worth competing with SpaceX prices?

Australia’s .au admins told to reform or get rooted

auDA bins plans for direct .au sales to focus on governance and not pissing off members

Europe wants cloud giants to cough up data from anywhere in 6hrs

Same-day delivery of mails, texts, and docs for investigators probing crime or terror

Cambridge Analytica's ex-CEO decides not to front UK Parliamentary Committee again

Members are not amused, ponder summons and debunk legal arguments

Huawei CEO sings 'Bye, bye, mister American Pai', trims US C-suite

The best thing about beating your head against a brick wall? It feels great when you stop

France building encrypted messaging app for politicians

Yes, this is the same France that wants not-backdoors for the rest of us

Google, AWS IPs blocked by Russia in Telegram crackdown

Two million addresses down, 4.2 billion to go - oh, plus the IPv6 address space

Data watchdog fines Brit council £120k for identifying 943 owners of vacant property

Accidentally pulled cloth off pivot table in Grenfell Tower FoI

Scotland: Get tae f**k on 10Mbps Broadband USO

Scottish punters don't want to subsidise crappy speeds in England

NHS Digital execs showed 'little regard' for patient ethics by signing data deal

MPs slam over risk of making patient address sharing 'normal practice'

Congressional group asks FBI boss Wray to explain Apple lawsuit

How dark can crims really go?

Anon biz bloke wins milestone Google Right To Be Forgotten lawsuit

RTBF trial His co-claimant wasn't so lucky, however

HMRC delays digi tax plans amid Brexit customs woes

UK taxmen triaging projects to prioritise trucks' passage at Dover

Facebook scandal: EU politicians should aim for straight answers, not star witnesses

Comment Justice commish 'advises' Sheryl Sandberg to send her boss, but is Zuck best one to grill?

India completes its GPS alternative, for the second time

One bird broke, replacement failed to launch, but now IRNSS is whole again cops to human trafficking, money laundering

Texas to jail CEO for at least five years, Feds' case still to come

Super Cali's frickin' whiz kids no longer oppose us: Even though Facebook thought info law was quite atrocious

Zuck & Co end fight against California's privacy legislation

Schrems' Facebook case edges closer to ruling over EU-US data flows

Irish court issues questions to top Euro judges in long-running scrap between privacy activist and Facebook

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