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Zombie Cambridge Analytica told 'death' can't save it from the law

UK Information Commissioner orders firm's founder to cough up professor's dossier

Google will vet political ads to ward off Phantom Menace of fake news

Mountain View's Empire Strikes Back against election meddling

Time to ditch the Facebook login: If customers' data should be protected, why hand it over to Zuckerberg?

Comment How The Social Network and its partners use that info is a total black box

FTC Commissioner refuses to budge until Trump fulfills promises

[Insert peals of laughter and guffawing here]

HP Ink to compensate punters for bricking third-party ink cartridges

‘Dynamic Security Feature’ ruled Dodgy Sales FUD by Australian regulator

US military base stores pull Huawei, ZTE kit off the shelves

'Hang on, we're selling what? In our stores? To our people?

Last attempt to find MH370 starts this week

Private company conducting search says ocean survey looks great, just doesn’t show plane

Irish High Court slams Facebook's conduct, smacks down bid to drag out data probe

Judge: We had a 21-day hearing, why didn't you voice concerns about GDPR then?

Post-Facebook fallout: Americans envy Europeans' privacy – top EU data watchdog

US can't operate in 'splendid isolation' – Giovanni Buttarelli

Australian government plans to do a Facebook on citizens' data

+COMMENT We'll slice and dice you, for your own good, obviously. Promise

Australian SigInt spooks won't get power to spy on locals

But minister quite likes the idea if it can find terrorists, kid vid horrors, has 'safeguards'

Ahem! Uber, Lyft etc: California Supremes just shook your gig economy with contractor ruling

Now it's a little more tricky to claim a worker isn't a staffer

Publishers tell Google: We're not your consent lackeys

GDP-argh! Trade groups say ad biz must clarify data use, take share of liability

Techies! Britain's defence secretary wants you – for cyber-sniping at Russia

Also wants journos to do gov info ops, but let's focus on sensible idea

Let's be Frank: Bloke drags Google to the US Supreme Court over $8.5m privacy payout

Interview New rules needed for an increasingly dubious aspect of American law

Supreme Court to dig into Google's very cosy $8.5m deal with lawyers over web search leak

Legal eagles funneled class-action windfall to favorites

Facebook furiously pumps brakes on Euro probe into transatlantic personal data slurping

Let's slow down the wheels of justice some more, eh, Zuck?

Tick tock data-muncher: UK to let info commish demand faster access

Data Protection Bill New amendments aim to stop NHS data-sharing, scrap immigration exemption

US citizen sues France over France-dot-com brouhaha

French-born man says country took his 24-yr-old domain name

Windrush immigration papers scandal: What it didn't teach about data compliance

Comment Bye Amber Rudd. And hey, maybe it's time to talk about consent

Javid's in, Rudd's out: UK Home Sec quits over immigration targets scandal

'Necessary hashtags' Rudd replaced by local gov sec

Australian Signals Directorate won't become domestic snoops

Unauthorised leak of non-proposal referred to the Feds. Wait, what?

nbn™ CEO blames copper for performance problems

Bill Morrow says what Australia's been thinking for about a decade

That Brexit in action: UK signs pact to let Euro court judge its patents

Not too dissimilar to lighting a firework indoors – and then legging it to the nearest exit

Under-fire Silicon Valley to gain new copyright 'safe harbour' in EU, fume critics

Exclusive Language tweak makes internet giants safer than ever, say rights groups

Newsworthy Brit bank TSB is looking for a head of infrastructure

It's really high profile, you know

Openreach and BT better watch out for... CityFibre after surprise £537m takeover deal

Director Mark Collins on becoming a key challenger in full fibre

Brit MPs brand Facebook a 'great vampire squid' out for cash

Zuck's CTO adds to PR apologies in Parliament

Europe fires back at ICANN's delusional plan to overhaul Whois for GDPR by next, er, year

Special report How do we say this nicely? You need help

Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for

Comment Zero justification under current or planned data law for actions of Home Office

America's states try to restart net neutrality – with very mixed results

Alaska and California moving forward, Colorado not so much

UK gov grilled over massive exposure to struggling outsourcer Capita

Data startup reckons public sector has over 1,000 contracts

Whoops! Google forgot to delete Right To Be Forgotten search result

Exclusive Until El Reg had a quiet word, that is

State spy agencies 'outsource surveillance' to foreign partners – campaign group

Privacy International slams secret deals and 'dangerous lack of oversight'

IETF: GDPR compliance means caring about what's in your logfiles

Don't log too much, nor keep the files for too long, to stay on right side of Euro privacy rules

Petty PETA rapped by judges over monkey selfie copyright stunt

Animals can sue, but don't have the ability to file intellectual property lawsuits

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