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Policy told data-sharing plans need vendor buy-in

Think tank calls for open standards, interoperability

Home Office seeks Brexit tech boss – but doesn't splash the cash

£100k to sort borders, immigration, biometrics systems by 2019. Did we mention it's in Croydon?

Net neutrality freaks furious over lack of fury at FCC hearing

Unbelievable that more wasn't made of this non-story

Rejoice! Thousands more kids flock to computing A-level

Even more impressively, thousands are passing it with good grades, too

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'

Special Report First big test for GDPR looms

Brit banks must disclose outages via API, decrees finance watchdog

Perhaps TSB's total s*itshow wasn't in vain

Australia's Snooper's Charter: Experts react, and it ain't pretty

A backdoor, or simply throwing all the doors open?

Democrats go on the offensive over fake FCC net neut'y cyberattack

Analysis But efforts to target boss Ajit Pai are misguided partisanship

Ad watchdog: Amazon 'misleading' over Prime next-day delivery ads

280 brassed-off Brits begged ASA to bite Bezos' behemoth

When's a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn't

Draconian new proposals on data privacy from Australia

Whistleblower org chief quits over Assange critic boot demand

Courage Foundation boss walks as pro-Jules trustees order Barrett Brown cut loose

UK's data watchdog picks privacy man from IBM arm as new tech policy exec

Simon McDougall bags top innovation role at Information Commish

Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption

You just pass a law, apparently

UK taxman told: IR35 still isn't working in the public sector, and you want to take it private?

Status-checking tool isn't fit for purpose, and then there's Brexit

Emma's Diary fined £140k for flogging data on over a million new mums to Labour Party

Updated Marketing biz sold info to political campaign via Experian

Second-hand connected car data drama could be a GDPR minefield

Legal eagles drill into the issue with El Reg

Mind behind 16.7m nuisance call menace cops six-year boss ban

Easyleads chief failed to pay fine – now he can't run a UK biz to tech industry: Hands up who can help cut teachers' admin

Schools can't do it alone, says education secretary

Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact)

Seems obvious but this case is messier than you'd imagine

Almost 1 in 3 Brits think they lack computer skills to do their jobs well

Plus: Web access penetration static, according to ONS survey

Internet overseer ICANN loses a THIRD time in Whois GDPR legal war

US org told by German court its delusional claims in privacy rules battle are not credible

New age discrim row: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood'

Bloke hits out after losing job to former underling in his 30s

Oracle tells US Supremes: Ignore Rimini Street. You don't need to review copyright case

Says support biz invoking 'stale' split, has no other backers

Amnesty slaps Google amid crippled censored China search claims

Chocolate Factory kowtows to Middle Kingdom mandarins, according to leaked info

Oz government offers privacy concessions on MyHealth Record

Cops will need a warrant to access health history, opt-out period extended to November

Think tank calls for post-Brexit national ID cards: The kids have phones so what's the difference?

But run it on our EU guinea pigs first, hm?

India mulls ban on probes into anonymized data use – with GDPR-style privacy laws

Thought having your call center in India was a good idea? Maybe not so much now

The internet's very own Muslim ban continues: DNS overlord insists it can freeze dot-words

ICANN holds .islam, .halal in limbo despite losing case

UK 'fake news' inquiry calls for end to tech middleman excuses, election law overhaul

Social media firms neither publisher nor platform, we need new term – MPs

Hot US deal! IBM wins $83m from Groupon in e-commerce patent spat

Jury rules voucher biz wilfully infringed patents from pre-internet era

UK slides from first to fourth in UN e-gov survey

And doesn't get a look-in on top 10 most cyber-conscious nations

MyHealth Record rollout saga shambles on: ALP wants it put on hold

Even the Parliamentary Library doesn't agree with minister

On Android, US antitrust can go where nervous EU fears to tread

Analysis Trustbusters R us

Oz digital health agency tightens medical record access as watchdog warns of crim honeypot

Human rights commish weighs in as Aussies opt out

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

That sound you're hearing is eyebrows raised into orbit

UK spies broke law for 15 years, but what can you do? shrugs judge

Appeal against my latest judgment? Oh wait, you can't!

You're burning £1.2bn for what? UK spending watchdog gives digital court plans a kicking

Concerns whether legal system will be fair after reforms

Oz researchers, uni unite against Defence overreach

Brass hats seek more control over technology and research

Y'know... Publishing tech specs may be fair use, says appeals court

Expect this one to be argued all the way to the Supremes

Gov.UK to make its lovely HTML exportable as parlous PDFs

Adobe-spawn feels 'more tangible and credible' for government crusties

Web regulation could push Silicon Valley startups away from UK, Parliament warned

Plus peers told not to hand excess power to big biz

Privacy Shield under pressure as lawyers back MEPs' call for suspension

Civil liberties group visits Washington for four-day data and privacy talks

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