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Qualcomm rejects Valentine's Day takeover love-in with Broadcom

Cheapo merger terms wouldn't get past regulator, it says

Say goodbye to a chunk of that sweet Aruba payout, hedgies – judge

Complainants hoped to squeeze more from HP

Transport for London to toughen up on taxi firms in the Uber age

Sort out your safety policies... oh, and share all your travel info with us

Chrome adblockalypse will 'accelerate Google-Facebook duopoly'

Analysis And publishers – have you thought of trying something new?

If this laptop is so portable, where's the keyboard, huh? HUH?

On-Call Un-hinged user needed some basic education

FCC inspector general sticks corruption probe into chairman Ajit Pai amid $4bn media merger

Analysis Fine line between free market and favors for pals

Charity accused of leaving sensitive notes behind after office move

Updated Yep, it's another case of the unchecked filing cabinet

BBC presenter loses appeal, must pay £420k in IR35 crackdown

IT contractors warned to get house in order

So... Nokia's taking a long, hard look at its health unit

Not so strategic now

Mobile phone dealer boss faces 12 years in director limbo

Did somebody say VAT fraud? Yes, the Insolvency Service did

Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited

English translation of probe into Finnish phone giant's twilight makes for interesting reading

NetApp’s third quarter revenues charge forward

Tax charge kills GAAP net income but underlying numbers are strongly positive

Telstra: Don't expect HFC NBN sales to resume before July

Incumbent rolling in slightly fewer billions this half year

Violets are violet, roses are... rosy, Dell just got $145.8m for selling Mozy

Online backup biz slurped by Carbonite

Stop calling, stop calling... ICO goes gaga after home improvement biz ignores warnings

Swansea firm carries on direct marketing, lands extra fine

HTC phone supremo leaves months after Google guts firm for best and brightest

Handset division headless

Roses are red, Facebook is blue. Think private means private? More fool you

NY court rules pics can be accessed if relevant to litigation

You won't believe this: Nokia soars back into phone-flinger top 3

Brand recognition and stock Android. Is the gamble paying off?

Arsenal are red, pundits have 'insights', BT and Sky splurge £4.5bn on footie rights

It's all about the content, guys

Despite the headlines, Rudd's online terror takedown tool is only part of the solution

Analysis schtum on false positives, appeals process and long-term impact

IBM declares it's the 'backbone of the world's economy'

It's slipped a disk, though, because services supremo admits new services plan is very much a work in progress

Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court

WikiLeaker 'considers himself above the normal rule of law' says Chief Magistrate

Not cool, dude: Brit web host Hotchilli Internet freezes itself for good

Advises punters to move to 123 Reg... no, you heard that right

Icahn't get right Xerox Fuji merger spoils, cries activist investor Carl

Me? Single biggest shareholder? Kneel before my portfolio

Let's get to know each other first: Joe Public won't share their data with just anyone

NHS most trusted with our info, survey says, social media isn't

Foxconn spins out a slice of itself to fund cloud, IoT and 5G push

Seeks $4bn to build glorious workers palaces and diversify beyond boring old iPhones

IBM's chief diversity officer knows too much and must be stopped!

Microsoft hired her, but Big Blue sues to stop her exporting its succession planning secrets

Facebook smartmobe app's pre-ticked privacy settings violate German data protection law

Court favours consumer group in long-running dispute

Yorkshire cops have begun using on-the-spot fingerprint scanners

Civil rights groups slam trial as 'breathtakingly invasive'

Military techie mangled minicomputer under nose of scary sergeant

Who, Me? That's 'I hit the power button my mistake, SIR!' Do you understand?

Huawei claims national security is used as plausible excuse for 'protectionism'

Global government affairs veep wants trade rules to apply

US states accused of skimming cash from 911 emergency call dosh

Funds to prop up critical service diverted to bankroll other stuff, watchdog not impressed

Trump's tax reforms lift DXC's profit

Waving bye to some execs, 3% of grunts + real estate helped too

Uber and Waymo sitting in a tree, S-E-T-T-L-I-N-G

Bitter legal brouhaha ends with smiles... from Uber, anyway

Hortonworks: Woo! We're breakeven – just don't focus on the $46m operating losses

CEO stresses biz is more than just a Hadoop-flinger now

Brit regulator pats self on back over nuisance call reduction: It's just 4 billion now!

Problem? It's, er, only 60 calls per UK resident

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