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Fujifilm, Xerox throw each other a US$6.1 billion lifeline

We'll buy the J/V from you so you can use the cash to buy us, goddit?

So you accidentally told a million people they are going to die: What next? Your essential guide...

Analysis Hawaii's EMA – you’ve never seen crisis management quite like this

FBI slams secret Nunes memo alleging Feds spied on Team Trump for political reasons

Analysis Partisan nonsense engulfs law enforcement

Govt 'comprehensively ignored' advice over NHS data-sharing deal

Health committee calls for immediate ban on use of 'unacceptable' agreement

Just can't catch a break, can ya, Capita? Shares tumble 40% amid yet another profit warning

CEO says biz 'too complex' in self-flagellating statement

Should ISPs pay to block pirate websites? Supreme Court to decide

BT and EE take it all the way to the top

Been bugging the boss for a raise? Now's the time to go into infosec

Security specialists to command 7% salary hikes, survey finds

Beat Wall St estimates, share price falls 5%. Who else but... AMD?

Chipmaker grows revenues 34 per cent, investors are meh

Eggheads: Cities, don't woo rich Amazon with sweetheart HQ deals

File under: 'Good luck with that'

Billionaire bros Bezos, Buffett become bonkers bio brokers: Swap W in AWS for H for healthcare

I'm gonna do to doctors what I did to bookstores!

FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast

False text probe reveals screw up after screw up mass data slurping ruled illegal – AGAIN

Another blow for Snooper's Charter

Google takes $1.1bn chomp out of HTC, smacks lips, burps

Some 2,000 bods to shift over in talent pump 'n' dump

Equinix CEO bails after ‘poor judgment in employee matter’

A decade of growth and no strategy dispute suggests this wasn't about wearing ugly shorts on casual Friday

A Dell/VMware acqui-merge? Good luck landing that, big Mike

VMware thrives because it is plausibly independent. Why rob it of that?

Dodgy parking firms to be denied access to Brit driver database putting the brakes on rogue slurping for profit

PC not dead, Apple single-handedly propping up mobe market, says Gartner

Yes, folks, it's crystal ball time again

Sysadmin crashed computer recording data from active space probe

Who, me? ‘I’m the reason we missed seeing aliens’, jokes nervous reader

Julian Assange to UK court: Put an end to my unwarranted Ecuadorean couch-surf

Well, OK, there is a warrant. About that... – WikiLawyers

Larry's steely grip on Oracle led to 'conflicts of interest' in NetSuite buy-out, court told

Big Red's lawyers say $9.3bn deal was 'playbook' acquisition

Dell board meeting: What've we got on the table? Sparkling, still, sarnies... and oh, IPO?

Analysis Well... that was unexpected

Ex-staffer sues UK's DWP, claims superior blabbed confidential medical info

Manchester man seeks £50k damages for alleged data leak

Hey – cute tweaks to snoop regime. Your EU law reading needs work

Privacy bods rip into attempts to make Investigatory Powers Act legal

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster

On-Call Just one hour of teaching grannies the internet left instructor a broken man

If you've ever wondered whether the FCC boss is a Big Cable stooge – well, wonder no more

Analysis Ajit Pai throws hissy fit at first sign of criticism

EU bods up GDPR ante: Threatens legislative laggards with ‘infringement procedure’

Only 2 member states have adapted national legislation – SMEs, citizens still in dark

Who's going to gobble Microsemi? Chip flinger looks for suitors

And someone has already offered

WhitTVman to head mobile-first media platform

Megflix anyone? Outgoing HPE boss finds new raison d'etre

Rimini Street attempts to claw back more cash in Oracle copyright dispute

Support biz files court petition to recover additional $32m

New Sky thinking: Media giant makes dish-swerving move on Netflix territory

Italy and Austria first in line for new service

Schrems can't throw collective sueball at Facebook but individual action OK

It's not a knock-out: Fbook's privacy status will be tested in Austrian court

Trans-Pacific Partnership returns, without Trump but more 'comprehensive'

And still secret, so we can't say if Silicon Valley's fair use booster survived

Biggest Washington DC lobbyist is now a tech giant (yes, it's Google)

Big Internet dominates US political pressure splurging

France gives les citoyens the right to cock up official paperwork

Forgot your tax return, mon ami? Pas de problem!

What is.GDPR? Survey suggests smaller firms living under rocks as EU privacy regs loom

While Facebook boasts tools to help users 'manage their data'

H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump

Immigrants, and those who employ them, had better be legit

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