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That was quick: Seattle rushes to kill tax that would mildly inconvenience Amazon

Careful not to trip while backpedaling, Mayor Durkan

Internet luminaries urge EU to kill off automated copyright filter proposal

Article 13 goes too far, argue Cerf, Berners-Lee et al

EU-US Privacy Shield not up to snuff, data tap should be turned off – MEPs

Civil liberties committee votes: US has until Sept to comply

Computer Misuse Act charge against British judge thrown out

A jury wouldn't have convicted her, rules judge

Trump kept ZTE alive as ‘personal favour’ to Chinese president Xi

Company goes from rogue security risk to bargaining chip

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

Owner can’t find anyone to fly the thing profitably

US tech companies sucked into Russian sanctions row

Updated Embedi and ERPScan find themselves on blacklist

Facebook and Snap jam Blackberry patent suit

Social networks move to invalidate design claims

So net neutrality has officially expired. Now what do we do?

More fighting of course!

Shock: Google advises UK peers against more legislation

Ageing privileged geezers told: One does not simply 'regulate the internet'

UK digital secretary throws cold water over bid for laws on kids' use of social media

If Matt Hancock says it's a bad idea, it's a really bad idea

IBM to GTS: We want you to 'rotate' clients every two years

Exclusive What about trust and long-term relationships? ask Big Blue field engineers

Nominet throws out US corp's attempt to seize Brit domain names

Forte-dot-co-dot-uk can still be yours for £15k-£20k

Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions

Who, me? Colleagues kindly told him error had him marked for death by angry drug cartel

Dems push Ryan to vote to help save America's net neutrality measures

Deadline looms as Senators nudge House

Android users: Are you ready for the great unbundling?

EU mulls untangling giant vampire squid from your phone – report

England's top judge lashes out at 'Science Museum' grade court IT

Then says digitisation is working well... you sure, m'lud?

BT announces Gavin Patterson to become ex-CEO

One more body on pile of 13,000

Don’t talk to the ATM, young man, it’s just a machine and there’s nobody inside

On-Call But there was a network tech inside, wiring it up. And in the right bank, this time

WikiLeaks took 10 days to reject Cambridge Analytica's US emails bid, says Tricksy Nixy

Sketch Believe nobody except Aleksandr Kogan!

FTSE has a nap after a full English IT glitch

Updated London stock markets open an hour late due to a mystery technical fault

SoftBank sells off more than half of Arm China for a bargain $775.2m

Chinese investors welcome chip designs with open Arms

Watchdog slams TSB boss for underplaying extent of IT meltdown

Financial Conduct Authority to probe British bank's tech migration

Lack of governance on new police tech leaves 'worrying vacuum' – Brit biometrics commish

Anxieties linger for facial and voice recog

You know who deserves more help from Startup investors, say policy wonks

It's almost like nobody's heard of Innovate UK

NHS England fingered over failure to forward patient correspondence

Millions wasted and patient harm 'cannot be ruled out'

UK military may recruit wheezy, alcoholic keyboard warriors

They don’t need to travel or fight, so chief of defence staff is happy to relax medical rules

Australia wants tech companies to let cops 'n' snoops see messages without backdoors

Details on how to see stuff when providers don't have keys coming soon, promise

UK has data adequacy issues? Oof, that's too bad! says Isle of Man

Manx government keeps poker face, aims to add another arm to its tech biz offering

Schadenfreude for UK mobile networks over the tumult at Carphone

Analysis That's what you get for selling unlocked phones

Palo Alto names new CEO: Former Googler Nikesh Arora

He's heard of security but groks the cloud at scale and that's what matters

John McAfee plans 2020 presidential tilt

Crypto-libertarian will form his own party, but first to launch his paper-based cryptocurrency

All is swell at Dell: Look, first storage share gain since closing EMC deal

Server/networking revenues receive a 41% bump

UK Foreign Sec BoJo asks tech firms to save endangered species

People are suffering in Amazon... I mean THE Amazon

UK mobile operator Three launches Superdrug Mobile MVNO

More opportunities to get to punters in crowded market

Did you test that? No, I thought you tested it. Now customers have it and it doesn't work

Who, me? Crossed wires, a Commodore 64 clone and bankruptcy beckoning

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