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The Channel Earlier

Hey Brit Transport Police, your tech supplier has changed ownership

MTI Europe swaps one private equity parent for another

HPE exec quits for online security startup

Channel overlord Lee Hughes slips off boss overcoat, hands to Mark Armstrong

Capita is STILL the BIGGEST tech services supplier to

Slurped £1.9bn of taxpayer cash in 2016, research claims

MSP Redcentric: Our financial errors are WORSE than we thought

Deloitte-led forensic review shows debts up, profits way overstated

Job cuts, falling sales and now a mega pension deficit at RM

Hole in retirement pot widens to £35m, remains 'fly in ointment' for investors

Pluck-over-success underdog hires Olympic ski jumper as Xmas bash speaker

IBM asks Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards to inspire channel

Are you listening, Mr Trump? World's largest tech distie is now owned by the Chinese

Delayed transaction of US-HQ'd Ingram Micro gets regulatory approval

SimpliVity does meet-in-the-channel type deal with Huawei

Huawei hyper-converged infrastructure appliances running SimpliVity software.

AWS hops aboard Internet of Things bandwagon

Don't laugh, you can get a shiny sticker out of it

Shields wins out in battle of UK channel overlords at Dell EMC

Industry veteran to run rule over resellers from February

Dell EMC UK and Ireland commercial boss quits

Just a month after his enterprise equivalent called it a day

Integrator fired chap for hiding drugs conviction, told to pay compo for violating his rights

Microsoft specialist made human rights complaint

Jingle bells, RM tells, some staff to go away... via Skype

70 heads get early Xmas gift delivered in P45 wrapping paper

HP Inc CEO Dion: Whey-hey, we're on the pull

Cunning plan, allegedly, to cut costs when dealing with resellers

Alternative Networks joins Daisy chain gang: Hungry rival snaps it up for £165m

Embiggens itself by one-quarter

Barnet Council: Outsourcing deal with Capita has 'performance issues'

But we've saved a whole wedge of cash

VMware joins Brexploitation gang, double digit price hike in the offing

All Virtzilla's stuff to rise 15% from 1 January for UK punters

Managed services biz hires 'forensic' beanies to review dodgy accounting

Redcentric exec: 'Past few days been challenging'. Ha, should ask your investors

The only thing worse than working at CSC? An Xmas redundo programme at CSC

Outsourcing giant pops one in this year's sack

Fujitsu: Rumours of our PC demise have been greatly exaggerated

We're looking for a partner is all

Microsoft, Slack et al will 'laugh their asses off' at IBM's biz messaging tool

Beta version of Toscana? It's barely an alpha, yell biz partners

Low-end notebook, rocking horse shit or hen's teeth

Don't bother going laptop shopping

IT titan Exertis chows down on AV specialist Medium

Channel convergence and consolidation continue

Got a cold flannel? Acer Q3 profits were bigger than cost of your lunch

Three straight quarters of bottom line swelling. Looks and smells like a recovery. Sort of

Met Police issues £350m tender for future IT procurement framework

Following a proven and successful model... er, hang on

Six weeks after first ever profit warning Capita does what Capita does

Takes scalpel to org chart, cuts out layer of middle management

Microsoft: Don't worry about the CRM cloud price hike... think of the features

Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, BACK in the room

Brexflation: Lenovo, HPE and Walkers crisps all set for double-digit hike

Tech vendors line up the Christmas cheer on 1 December. Lineker's lot get in earlier

Fujitsu staffers strike over pay, job security and pensions

300 Unite brothers brave wintry weather in northwest

What the Dell? NAND flash drought hits Texan monster – sources

Extended lead times de rigueur

Redcentric CFO quits after botched accounts discovered

Cost of correcting will be 'at least £10m', share price dives more than 60%. Ouch

Naughty UK Google cloud users can now be sued by Chocolate Factory in England

CMA beams: Look what we've done for consumer rights!

CSC shows first growth in two years... after ploughing half a billion into takeovers

You gotta spend money to make money, after all

Software licencing gets easier in the cloud? Not if your name is Microsoft

CRM Online morphs into Dynamics 365 and 'confusion' reigns supreme

Your weekends may be safe, admins – IT giants tout 'zero outage' tech

No more call-outs if HPE, Cisco et al live up to promise (stop laughing at the back)

Standing out from the crowd with an Android phone? You and 90 per cent of the market

Meanwhile, analysts say Blackberry and Windows Phone aren't even worth measuring

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