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Low-end notebook, rocking horse shit or hen's teeth

Don't bother going laptop shopping

IT titan Exertis chows down on AV specialist Medium

Channel convergence and consolidation continue

Got a cold flannel? Acer Q3 profits were bigger than cost of your lunch

Three straight quarters of bottom line swelling. Looks and smells like a recovery. Sort of

Met Police issues £350m tender for future IT procurement framework

Following a proven and successful model... er, hang on

Six weeks after first ever profit warning Capita does what Capita does

Takes scalpel to org chart, cuts out layer of middle management

Microsoft: Don't worry about the CRM cloud price hike... think of the features

Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, BACK in the room

Brexflation: Lenovo, HPE and Walkers crisps all set for double-digit hike

Tech vendors line up the Christmas cheer on 1 December. Lineker's lot get in earlier

Fujitsu staffers strike over pay, job security and pensions

300 Unite brothers brave wintry weather in northwest

What the Dell? NAND flash drought hits Texan monster – sources

Extended lead times de rigueur

Redcentric CFO quits after botched accounts discovered

Cost of correcting will be 'at least £10m', share price dives more than 60%. Ouch

Naughty UK Google cloud users can now be sued by Chocolate Factory in England

CMA beams: Look what we've done for consumer rights!

CSC shows first growth in two years... after ploughing half a billion into takeovers

You gotta spend money to make money, after all

Software licencing gets easier in the cloud? Not if your name is Microsoft

CRM Online morphs into Dynamics 365 and 'confusion' reigns supreme

Your weekends may be safe, admins – IT giants tout 'zero outage' tech

No more call-outs if HPE, Cisco et al live up to promise (stop laughing at the back)

Standing out from the crowd with an Android phone? You and 90 per cent of the market

Meanwhile, analysts say Blackberry and Windows Phone aren't even worth measuring

Barracuda: Outage caused by 'large number of inbound connections'

Yet firm refuses to say the word DDoS. What are they hiding?

Lenovo hires tech 'big brains' to turn around crappy sales

PC sales drop? Tick. Data centre down? Tick? Mobile? Of course

Brexit may not mean Brexit at all: loses Article 50 lawsuit

Heavily pro-remain MPs now get a vote on whether Britain will leave EU

Amazon's very own Linux now available for download

It turns out you need to test on-premises before you send an app to the cloud

Microsoft's chaps slap Slack chat brats with yackety-yak app

Teams messaging software bunged on Office 365

Barracuda email security scanning services in worldwide TITSUP

'What's happening?' ask angry folk left with little info

Broadcom snaps up Brocade for $5.9bn

We want your Fibre Channel SAN stuff, but the IP biz can take a hike

NetApp gives Data Fabric a little nip, tuck and some filler

A dose of digital Botox for hybrid cloud ideas

Capita STILL hasn't delivered usable Army recruitment IT system

Defence Secretary confirms 'legacy IT systems' remain in use

Delayed Ingram Micro sale to Tianjin Tianhai gets green light from US regs

World's largest tech distie still awaiting approval from Chinese authorities

Stiff upper lips and sun glasses: the Chancellor bets on Brexit feeling

Microsoft Future Decoded Bright future. Are you sure, minister?

ESMA urges companies to disclose potential Brexit impact

That's the European Securities and Markets Authority to you

Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

It looks like users won't adopt it if they have to pay for it

Str-NAND-ed: Flash chip drought hits tech world

Supply shortage to end around March, we're warned

Microsoft ends OEM sales of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1

When the nagware stops working, there's another way to get you upgrading

HP Enterprise, Mirantis sack couple of hundred OpenStack engineers

Still super committed, though, we're told

Quest celebrates first day of independence from Dell with layoffs

Exclusive They were promised cake – that should have been the first warning

HPE: Wanna revive that support deal for your software? Ha ha ha, har

New terms kill reinstatement path for year-old plans

SonicWall goes it alone as Elliott and pal swallow Dell/Quest Software

Rumours abound of product lines ending – and layoffs too's pricey Five Year Plan to see off cyber thugs still in place

£1.9bn for crypto, new recruits and spam filters

A sorry Brexcuse! Systemax blames Brexit for car crash Q3 results

But weren't sales sliding before the EU referendum? Yes, they were

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