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Linux kernel community tries to castrate GPL copyright troll

Greg Kroah-Hartman issues 'enforcement statement' after chap wins 'a few million Euros' with questionable claims

Australia's IoT security rating might work, if done right

INTERVIEW Cyber kangaroo isn't loose in minister Teehan's top paddock

No, the FCC can't shut down TV stations just because Donald Trump is mad at the news

America hasn't gone full-blown crazy, yet

Future of Misco UK hangs in the balance – sources

CEO dispatched to secure extra finance. If that fails, administration awaits

Now German companies are beating the drum over poor patent quality

New European Patent Office chairman gets it in the ohr

Capgemini: We love our 'flexible, flowing' spade

Logowatch Totally, like, an expression of 'humanity and commitment' and stuff

Resellers on Surface: Yeah, go ahead and kill it. What do we care...

'We're here to make money and ain't no one getting rich off it'... even Microsoft

Aviation industry hits turbulence as Airbus buys into Bombardier’s new jetplanes

Partners now have trade wars to fly around

Australian senator Pauline Hanson wants devilish scam calls to flash '666'

And that's not the evil bit, because there's an IETF standard that could help

Dying! Yahoo! loses! fight! to! lock! dead! man's! dead! account!

Sure, now they care about protecting email

Review pins blame for Medicare ID breach on you. All of you

Comment Gov wants us to protect Medicare numbers. In return it will protect something

Deloitte to wind up Plutus Payroll, promises contact with contractors 'within 20 biz days'

Supreme Court says fallen payroll outfit owes AU$139m to Commonwealth

Super Cali goes ballistic, small-cell law is bogus. School IT outsourcing is also... quite atrocious

So much for only one Super Cali headline per month

Ernst & Young slapped with £1.8 MEEEELLION fine for crap accounting

Watchdog takes bean-counter to task over Tech Data audit

Toshiba raises dread spectre of working with SK Hynix on flash fab

Hooo boy, WDC. You've really done it now

Huge power imbalance between firms and users whose info they grab

Pervasive data-gathering needs urgent action – report

'Cyber kangaroo' ratings for IoT security? Jump to it, says Australia's cyber security minister

Proposed labelling scheme will try to match similar efforts in UK, USA

Drone smacks commercial passenger plane in Canada

Everyone safe, except drone pilot who ignored local rules

Twitter to be 'aggressive' enforcer of new, stronger rules

Grab some popcorn as we wait to see if @realdonaldtrump passes test of no hate symbols and glorifying violence

Facebook, Twitter slammed for deleting evidence of Russia's US election mischief

They have an honest explanation, of course

Uber begins appeals process to claw back taxi licence in London

Ride-hailing biz free to continue operating until negotiations end

Dear America, you can't steal a personality: GDPR godfather talks privacy with El Reg

Interview Jan Philipp Albrecht on transatlantic data flows, anonymity and AI

Scouse marketing scamps scalped £70k for 100,000+ nuisance calls

Denies automated dialling then files to strike company off government register. Hmm

Beware the GDPR 'no win, no fee ambulance chasers' – experts

Companies told to quit hoarding customer data and get a grip on where it's held

Samsung Electronics CEO resigns over bribery scandal

Kwon Oh-hyun quits on the same day company posts monster profits

Software update turned my display and mouse upside-down, says user

On-Call Spoiler alert: this story has a twist at the end

Twitter: Why we silenced Rose McGowan after she slammed alleged sex pest Harvey Weinstein

Analysis Woman stands up to powerful bully. What happened next will not shock you

Screw the badgers! Irish High Court dismisses Apple bit barn appeals

€850m data centre given go-ahead after two-year delay

Q. Why's Oracle so two-faced over open source? A. Moolah, wonga, dosh

And lobbying US government against it is NOT modernising IT

European Patent Office's document churning snatches Germany's attention: 'We are concerned about quality'

Don't blame staff, blame...

Avaya thinks it's found a new voice, by singing the same old song

INTERVIEW El Reg meets new CEO Jim Chirico on his tenth day in the job

Microsoft is Putin a stop to Russian-sanctions-busting IT resellers

Установка Linux, Дмитрий!

Fuming Qualcomm smashed with 23 BILLION DOLLAR fine in monopoly abuse probe

Wait, wait, this just in... make that 23 billion Taiwanese dollars

Oz military megahack: When crappy defence contractor cybersecurity 'isn't uncommon', surely alarm bells ring?

30GB of data nicked in 'Alf's Mystery Happy Fun Time' attack

To Russia, with love: Greek court now says Bitcoin fraud suspect could be tried at home

US and Moscow both want to extradite Alexander Vinnik, 38, but minister of justice will decide

WDC adds an FAQ to SanDisk-Tosh chip arm wrestling match

The world according to WDC

Give us cash and think about the kids, UK tells Facebook and Twitter

Abuse tax mooted as 'online safety' rhetoric ratchets up

Concerns raised about privacy, GDPR as Lords peer over Data Protection Bill

'Incredibly hard to read and even harder to understand'...

European Patent Office staff rep blames prez for 'slipping quality'

Overseers told of low morale, poor performance and even suicides

Ex-Autonomy CFO begs court to toss out US fraud allegations

Hussain's lawyers say exec can't be tried in the States for what allegedly happened in UK

Qualcomm offers concessions to secure NXP Semi takeover

Reports say patent, interop promises on the table

Google: This may shock you, but we also banked thousands of dollars to run Russian propaganda

Big sums spent on shady search ads amid US elections

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