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Speaking in Tech: Google vs your privacy... part 73(4)iii(b)

Podcast Plus: $120 million in VC funding for a $400 juicer

Juniper's first quarter: Revenue and losses up. Business as usual, then

DRAM prices putting the squeeze on margins

Irish Stripe techie denied entry to US – for having wrong stamp in passport

Snub says more about misunderstanding rules than anti-immigrant trends, though

Yahoo!'s Marissa! will! eject! with! $186m!.. $185m!.. $184m!..

Burning down the Purple Palace has its rewards

Uber engineer's widow: Stress and racism killed my husband ... Uber: Let's make flying cars!

Taxi app upstart pushed father-of-two to suicide, say lawyers

High Court hands Lauri Love permission to appeal extradition to US

Meanwhile, US continues to bury its head in the sand over letter from 114 MPs

Jimbo announces Team Wikipedia: 'Global News Police'

Comment Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Swamp-draining Trump pushes ex-AT&T lobbyist to oversee AT&T mega-merger

Analysis Also worked for Google, Comcast, Qualcomm...

Forensic accountants appointed to pore over Post Office IT scandal

Criminal Cases Review Commission confirms investigators in 27 cases

SAP Anywhere goes nowhere, reaches commercial cul-de-sac

No more UK integrations, existing customers offered support from US team

Not auf wiedersehen – yet! The Berlin scene tempting Brexit tech

Nice to Spree you, to Spree you nice

Canada says yes to net neutrality – and no to Trump advisor, eh?

Important legal ruling divides North America

Shooting org demands answers from Met Police over gun owner blab

What data did marketing agency subcontractor have access to?

US surveillance court declined less than 2 per cent of applications

2016 figures show only 35 of 1,752 applications were turned down in part or full

A quiet market? Nah, Oracle's to pay $850m for ad-tracking Moat

Do you know where your advertisements are going? Big Red does

WDC flirting with Japan funds to bolster bid for Toshiba's memory biz

Pursuing extra financial firepower to see off rivals

Ministry of Justice scraps 'conviction by computer' law

Election nixes online court plans – for now

Drunk user blow-dried laptop after dog lifted its leg over the keyboard

On-Call Urine a wee spot of dribble, sysadmin says when offered stinking fused mess

Web celeb product whores told to put on the red light – or else

And would you believe it? The Kardashians are front and center

Cuffing Assange a 'priority' for the USA says attorney-general

Charges against white-haired-one have reportedly been drafted

FYI – There's a legal storm brewing in Cali that threatens to destroy online free speech

Analysis Row over Yelp review menaces web immunity

Google's 'adblocker' is all about taking back control

Watch out, whitelist mafia, you might be swimming with the fishes

EU plans for blockchain 'observatory' raise concerns, says expert

€500,000 to improve expertise and regulatory capacity

Trump's lips sealed on surveillance, complains EU privacy chief

Concern as to whether new administration will abide by Obama's promises

Qualcomm takes $1bn BlackBerry bite like a champ, struts away

Patent royalty check dings profits but nothing Snapdragon biz can't handle

Court favours Nexsan over EMC in Unity trademark squabble

A beautiful David-Goliath tale

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

'Perceptual ad blocker' cannot be defeated, researchers claim

IBM. Sigh. Revenues. Sigh. Down. Sigh. For the 20th quarter in a row


Trump signs exec order signaling foreign H-1B visa techie crackdown

Updated Buy American, hire American, unlike me, grins US president


Brouhaha over shoddy website and payments sparks lawsuit

H-1B applications down after Trump's 'American techies first' rhetoric

Silicon Valley wants foreigners, POTUS preparing to say no

Oh snap! UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls June election

Bid to nix post-Brexit 'uncertainty and instability'

Debian bins keys assigned to arrested Russian contributor

If Dmitry Bogatov's been compromised, Debian needs to protect itself

Naked Androids to rampage across Russia

Google settles antitrust case and pledges to open its OS to rival search engines and apps

Australia scraps temporary visas for skilled workers

Revise your plans for a long working holiday – the new visa will be tougher to score

eBay threatens to block Australians from using offshore sellers

Plan to collect local sales tax from all sellers has tat bazaar, Amazon and others fuming

We have good news and bad news about metadata retention

The bad: Australian readers are now being tracked. The good: Civil litigants won't be able to slurp your metadata... for now

Regulate This! Time to subject algorithms to our laws

Opinion A Minority Report future awaits

'Tech troll' sues EFF to silence 'Stupid Patent of the Month' blog. Now the EFF sues back

GEMSA, meet Streisand

Infosys says it'll hand shareholders $2bn

Its stock price then dipped

Deeming Facebook a 'publisher' of users' posts won't tackle paedo or terrorist content

Comment Tackle the message, not the message-bearer

US military makes first drop of Mother-of-All-Bombs on Daesh-bags

Video Trump praises largest US non-nuke explosion

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