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Verity Stob Earlier

Unhelpful Microsoft help denies helpless millions help

Stob What does this button do?

When Mercury went down

Stob Life and times of an email nag

Was that the 2007 that was?

Now let’s dumb down futurology too

Yuletide Weblog roundup

Stob We all like bloggy pudding

Under Torch Wood

Stob A parody for voices

Oh my Word

Stob It looks like Verity's writing an article

Poetry in slow motion

Stob A Betjeman fan challenges the current laureate

Out of the (C++) loop

Stob Goto considered risible

House style

Stob Hands off the keyboard: it's in crash

Hexadecimal coinages

Stob From eh to zee with Veritee

C++/CLI: a paradigm too far

Stob Microsoft's new albino jumbo

Skunkworks roundup

Stob It's a far, far beta thing

Borland's Delphi goodbye

Stob Farewell my lovely

The unbearable not-rightness of Bitesize

Stob Whence cometh the 'C' in 'ICT'

Good enough for kids

Stob How the BBC's GCSE site makes IT up

Catch as catch can

Stob A light-hearted look at exception handling

Candid Dalek shares thesp titbits

Stob Isn't 'Davros' in Switzerland?

Data transfer without tears

Stob Or cheese. Of any description

Stob: Dylan Beard is not weird

Stob Free number radical speaks to El Reg

Stob: Pirated 'Wron number yours for free

Stob McDosh condemns Beard's 'numerical terrorism'

Stob: Number patents Euro-endorsed

Stob Bonjour la tristesse

Stob: McDosh hires Titbits

Stob Softwron primes its legal seagull

Stob: Softwron number stolen

Stob Lost weapon of maths destruction

Stob: You have opted in

Stob Oh yes you have

Stob: Something for the ladies

Stob Overdoing the sweet sherry

Stob: Why men buy blue pills

They’re for a friend

Sp@m: the myst.eries xp1ained!!! By Stob

Stob How the stripes get in the toothpaste

Stob: Interview with a bulk emailer

Stob Don’t say the S word

’Wron number caught in Fermat-defying romp

Stob Innocent integer ensnared by Wiles’ wiles

Softwron shows off its new technology

Stob They’ve got our number

First integer patented

Stob Only infinity minus one to go

Patented numbers ‘a good idea’

Stob Mr Attorney fails to surprise

Numbers to be patentable

Stob 10, 9, 8, miss out ‘thing’

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