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PLAYMOBIL - Full Coverage

US tweet deportation: Chilling behind-the-scenes photos

The shock truth of what really went down at LAX

Our roving reporter snaps Tenerife sex dangle

Randy Brit tourist caught hanging from stairs

Southampton hampton vice shocker: Exclusive snap

Todger, ring, firemen, camera, lights, action...

Middle-aged sex: The X-rated photo guide

NSFW We make the effort, so you don't have to

Pig plague alert: Our safe sex guide

NSFW How to get it on in these high-risk times

You too can become a Taoist Mao Shan master

Handy Reg step-by-step guide to achieving enlightenment

Agincourt: The sensational truth

El Reg calculates the true strength of Henry's forces

El Reg launches 'Skinny Fit' fashion range

Exclusive preview of international poster campaign

Playmobil figures feared lost in Great Fire of Guildford

Tragic end to school inferno re-enactment?

Almighty rumpus in Swedish lesbian enclave

Drunken Welshmen cop a pink pasting

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'

FoTW Tehran-bound mini-WMDs fail to impress

Swedish military combustobra: Jubtastic snap

Overheated conscript caught on camera

Swedish devil girls fingered on Street View

Shock sequence captures cyclist molestation

Oompa-Loompa v Tinky Winky: Shock scrap pic

Exclusive snap of mindless fancy dress violence

G20 Summit: All the action caught on camera

Our man braves London's riot-ravaged streets

NYC 'Top Model' stampede: The truth revealed

Exclusive snaps of Manhattan mayhem

El Reg pays tribute to father of Playmobil

Exclusive snaps from Vulture Central's Hans Beck bash

UFO wind turbine prang site: Exclusive photos

What really went down in Lincolnshire

Fire-breathing black cabs: Shock eyewitness photo

RoTM NRA operative survives TX4 ambush

Facebook - The Movie! Exclusive storyboard peek

White-knuckle rollercoaster of a movie in prospect

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Further poster outrage

NSFW 'Twas on the good ship Venus...

Bus-spotting paedo terror bust: Shock CCTV image

Rights? You don't have any rights

Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo

Woof, woof, bang, thud

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap

Armed apparel supression team tackles terrorist threat

The battle of Lesbos: Exclusive combat pic

Lesbians lick Lesbians in dramatic beach landing

Monroe BJ film - world exclusive still

NSFW Happy birthday, Mr President?

How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

T5 enraged passenger suppression caught on camera

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