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Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

Giveaway Would you eat it? Tell us why and you could win some Reg merch

Are you taking the peacock? United Airlines deny flight to 'emotional support' bird

Angry bird: Artist's idea fails to take off

Borked bog forces flight carrying 83 plumbers to bug out back to base

The Morissette meter! It's off the scale!

Tsk-tsk, fat cat Softcat: Milk-slurping reseller taken to court

£830m listed firm eventually settled its unpaid moo juice bill

Timeout everyone. Y'all know that Musk's $500 'flamethrower' is literally a Boring blowtorch?

A flame shower not a grower

RIP Ursula K Le Guin: The wizard of Earthsea

Obit Dragon lady who told us our true names dies aged 88

Brit escorts: Without the internet to keep us safe, we'd be totally screwed

Dodgy punters blacklisted on National Ugly Mugs database

Pope wants journalism like the Catholic church wants child sex abuse probes: Slow, aimless...

Easy with those exclusives and unfortunate facts, hacks

Camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest for Botox-enhanced pouts

My humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely camel humps

'There was no monetary incentive for this' = not what you want to hear about your tattoo

Database admin updates body art

Playboy is suing Boing Boing over Imgur centrefold link

Court has been asked to toss out 'mystifying' sueball

Take a former NSA head hacker, a Raspberry Pi, weird Kiwi radios and what do you get?

Shmoocon Legal – promise! – but completely mad Christmas lights, that's what

Job ad for designer proves its point with MS Paint shocker

It’s the visual equivalent of "10 PRINT 'Developer Wanted'"

How many Routemaster bus seats would it take to fill Wembley Stadium?

Potential Reg Standards Soviet entry? Let's take a closer look

France to lend Brexit Britain sore souvenir of Norman yoke – the Bayeux Tapestry

Prez Macron expected to agree loan when he meets PM

Butt plugs, mock cocks, late pay and paranoia: The world of Waymo star Anthony Levandowski… by his kids' nanny

This is a work of fiction, says engineer's lawyer

Private submarine builder charged with murder of journalist

Peter Madsen ruled fit to stand trial, but denies allegation

Frenchman comes eye to eye with horror toilet python

'I could very well have been bitten in a sensitive place, if you know what I mean'

Junk food meets junk money: KFC starts selling Bitcoin Bucket

Transaction costs more than chicken, which would go cold by the time BTC change hands

Infamous Silicon Valley 'sex party' exactly as exciting as it sounds

Comment Maybe they should have shoved in some AI love-bots to spice things up

Butcher breaks out of own freezer using black pudding

Beef and lamb prove to be inferior escape tools

Heart of darkness: Inside the Osówka underground city

That time the Nazis hollowed out a mountain puts Suffolk 7-year-old's submarine design into production

'It was a bit tricky,' admits DSTL worker

Fancy a fidget? Craze makes debut entry into PornHub's top searches

Also: UK viewers like to take a break for Bake Off and Strictly

Beer hall putz: Regulator slaps northern pub over Nazi-themed ad

Don't mention not mentioning the war

Game of Thrones author's space horror Nightflyers hitting telly

Aliens and sinister AIs from the mind behind the greatest TV show ever? Colour me aroused

Military alliance NATO adopts official hymn

That'll show Putin who's boss!

Jocks in shock as Irn-Bru set to slash sugar and girder content

They may take our lives, but they will never take our fizzy drink

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner

Bristol man ordered to pay over £600 for data protection offence

Weed wish you a merry Christmas: Pot-toting OAPs tell cops 30kg stash is for pressies

Pair pulled over lugging wrong kind of trees

Australia's future technology headlines … for 2019!

Predictions are like armpits, everybody has at least two and they often stink

Meet R2-DILDO: 'Star Wars' sex toys? This is where the fun begins

I have a good... er, I mean a bad feeling about this...

Danger! High voltage: German customs bods burn half-tonne of weed in power station

Marijuana of unknown origin sent up in smoke

How Google's black box Knowledge Graph can kill you

Comment Factoid flu

Ey-up, mardy Rochdale council has dropped plans for ban on swearing. Thank f$ck!

You pillocks, that was never goin' t'werk in this Lanky town

Kent woman to season festive dinner with her mother's ashes

All I want (to eat) for Christmas is you

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