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Aussie Catholic School forced into hasty cover-up over suggestive Saint

Off-shored statue offered a curious roll

Borat creator offers to cover mankini fines. Is nice!

Sacha Baron Cohen steps in after Czech tourists become butt of joke

Nathan Barley blamed for global GDP slump

Clueless freelancers and the productivity puzzle

The Independent 'live streamed' space vid recorded in 2015

'We naturally regret the human error that led to the mistake'

Dick move: Navy flyboy flings firmament phallus for flabbergasted folk

Highway to the donger zone

New UK aircraft carrier to be commissioned on Pearl Harbor anniversary

You know, the surprise attack intended to sink aircraft carriers

The Reg parts ways with imagineer and thought pathfinder Steve Bong

He built a plane called Digital Innovation and told readers: 'Come Fly With Me'

Yes, I took Putin's roubles to undermine Western democracy. This is my story

¡Bong! Ever heard of 'GDS'? Yup, that was me

How about that time Russian military used a video game pic as proof of US aiding ISIS?

This week in fact

Pastry in a manger: We're soz, Greggs man said

We swapped out Lord Jesus for meat in sweet bread

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

SFW 24-hour extravaganza ... live ops streamed

Amazon to make multiple Lord of the Rings prequel TV series

This could work: Gandalf, Aragorn and Sauron all get busy between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring

Mm, sacrilicious: Greggs advent calendar features sausage roll in a manger

Pie love thee, Lord Jesus

Shiver me timbers! 67cm Playmobil pirate ship sets sail for Caribbean

Scottish vessel gets a refit by team that restored Cutty Sark

Sean Parker: I helped destroy humanity with Facebook

Sorry isn't enough, Sean

'Sticky runway' closes Canadian airport

Don't laugh: Goose Bay strip is where an A380 landed after its engine blew up in September

Jet packs are real – and inventor just broke world speed record in it

Easier than riding a bike, apparently

Irish priests told to stop bashing bishops

Confidential helpline considered for distressed and lonely churchmen

Lord of the Rings TV show shopped around Hollywood

Rights carrot dangled before Netflix, Amazon and HBO, apparently

Guy Glitchy: Villagers torch Openreach effigy

Huh! More like 'won't reach'

$10,000-a-dram whisky 'wasn't even a malt'

Chinese fantasy star fell for fake

Those IT gadget freebies you picked up this year? They make AWFUL Christmas presents

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Cyber Monday is coming but I still feel so green

Birds are pecking apart Australia's national broadband network

Everything in Australia wants to kill you and if they can't find flesh, telco cabling will do

KFC turns Japanese bath tubs into party buckets

Now we can all toss in the Colonel's secret herbs and spices

Landlubber northern council shores up against boat-tipping

Ahoy there, m'ducky. Chart a course t'Doncaster

Osama Bin Laden had copy of Resident Evil, smut, in compound

CIA server goes down after release of docs from Abbottabad, reveals Osama liked BBC wildlife docos

My #95Theses of #Digital

¡Bong! I promise not Reformation, but #Transformation

'The Queen' is showing Geneva how to be polite on public transport

One must wait one's turn

Caption this: Capita staff picket a bunch o'er pickled pensions

It's day 2 at Reading Bridge House picket line. Make 'em laugh

Robot takes the job of sitting on your arse

Poll Ford reveals 'metallic butt' used to test car seats. We're calling it Seat-3-P-O

Submarine builder admits dismembering journalist's body

Danish seafarer denies murdering Kim Wall

Biz quadruples value overnight by adding 'Blockchain' to name

A tactic ailing companies might want to use?

Man: Just 18 Bitcoin babies and my home is yours

'People are doing it for high-end properties – why not Grimsby?'

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall

200mph runs up and down Newquay Airport runway

Rob Scoble's lawyer told him to STFU about sex pest claims. He didn't

Comment And you'll never guess what happened next – or perhaps, depressingly, you can

Uber's revolting sexism, the movie

Susan Fowler's story pitched as 'Erin Brockovich meets The Social Network'

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