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Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design

Love it or hate it, you can opt out at any time – but, y'know, we really hope you like it

The Register's 2018 homepage redesign: What's going on now?

After hundreds of comments, we're rolling out the opt-in test to more readers – let us know your thoughts

You wanna be an alpha... tester of The Register's redesign? Step this way

We're switching up how the site looks – and we need your feedback

Wanna work for El Reg? Developers needed for headline-writing AI bots

April Fool Title-generating software seriously sought as your fave website turns 20

Reg writer wins quite prestigious journalism prism

Mark Pesce hailed as Best Columnist

Hackers create 'ghost' traffic jam to confound smart traffic systems

Video Fake messages from one car enough to clog a whole intersection

The Register, Heise launch Serverless Computing London Conference

Events Call for Papers Open Now

Important message for January Register Lecture attendees

Events Date has changed – beer and snacks policy remains the same

Politics is going digital, but guns and money still pack a punch

Reg Lectures If you’re looking for power, you probably haven’t got any

History shows why geeks will never, ever, ever... get along

Register Lecture Schismogenesis? Isn’t that a posh word for Flame War?

Power: The ultimate web-based commodity

Events Reg Lecture reveals what it is, where to find it

The Register Lecture: The secrets of power in the digital age

Reg Events Feed your brain over a beer

Reg reader Regina is doing Byte Night - and so should you

West London techie trio spurred into action for homeless youngsters

El Reg is hiring an intern. Apply now before it closes

Come and bite the hand that feeds

Why is it that geeks' favourite enemies are... other geeks?

Reg Event Goldsmiths boffin wades into platform war stories at Reg lecture

Heavy sleeper? Put your god-given talent to work and raise some cash

El Reg and Action for Children want to put our readers onto the streets

El Reg partners with Action for Children to give IT industry an uncomfortable night

And think of the children of course...

Love bots lecture thrills room full of Reg readers

These are not the sex droids you’re looking for...

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Reg now behind invisible HTML5 Bitcoin paywall

It'll feel a bit malware-y, but you'll be funding quality journalism without noticing it

The Register's Top 20 Most-Commented Stories in 2016

This is what got you stoked

Reg Programming Compo: 22 countries, 137 entries and... wow – loads of Python

Roundup We have a winner, ladies and gents

Got a genius enterprise tech idea? Tell the world about it

Vultures line up with Tech Trailblazer Awards

Need a Brain Lift? Welcome to the Reg Summer School

Reg Events 12 videos to help you top up your grey cells

Cubesats, balloons, and rockets: Top prof takes us to new space

Reg Lecture Praying that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space?

Things ain't what they used to be... Find out how at The Reg Lecture

IoT prof will open your mind, and maybe even connect it

Geek's Guide to Britain – now a book. Permission to geek out granted

Towers, tunnels, museums - your pocket-sized guide

El Reg Summer Lectures: Space, robots and digital homes

Three professors walk into a pub...and start talking

Could you deploy a new version of your business – EVERY WEEK?

PROMO Learn how it's done in this Reg webinar with Mark Pesce, NetApp and ING Bank

The Register's entirely serious New Year's resolutions for 2016

We've made a few changes we'd like to share

Spooks, spyware, Ashley Madison and Windows 10: What you read in 2015

Ten of the best from your favourite tech site (and ours)

El Reg picked a pack of ace pic-titlers

Readers win prizes for witty captions

You’re clever? But are you clever enough to give a Reg lecture?

Reg Lectures Smart speakers, smart readers

HPE's private London drinking club: Name that boozer

Reader suggestions invited for IT party central moniker

Kick off the festive season, with Reg-style hijinks in Sydney

We've got a plan to get you wet and excited … about hyperconverged infrastructure

Reg Winter Lecture: Former Iraq hostage talks survival and tech

Reg Events That SQL background may be more useful than you think...

Join The Reg in Sydney for a FAST Christmas

We've planned a festive fling to get your head spinning

What would you give to create Vulture Sweat?

We'll make a fair bit of it this weekend on a charity bike ride

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Caption Competition Yoga woman exercised readers' minds

Vulture-branded LYCRA can be yours, if you're feeling charitable

Back our lads as they tackle a 90km bike ride

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Caption Competition Pop a cap on this WTF snap

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