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6th > March > 2018 Archive

Facebook regrets asking whether it's OK to let adult men ask underage girls for smut pix

'It was a mistake,' says exec in understatement of the decade

New algorithm could help self-driving cars scout out hidden objects

If they are going v-e-r-y slowly

VMware's GM for networking and security jumps to Google

Veteran Jeff Jennings to get the band back together with VMware founder Diane Greene

Marvell cooks up 400* Gbps Ethernet chips

*Not a typo. This stuff will make top-of-rack switches sizzle in 2019

Cisco buffs Tetration for application protection

Builds out its subscription playbook

Miner vs miner: Attack script seeks out and destroys competing currency crafters

There is no honour among CPU thieves

Open source XenServer project is go after crushing crowdcash call

First XCP-ng release, based on Xen Server 7.4's new GPU goodness, due March 31st

Reddit 'fesses up to just a little Russian reaming

CEO says propaganda's a worry, but the deeper problem is Americans' credulity

'Repeatable sanitization' is a feature of PCs now

New HPs can survive 'repeated germicide wipes', but disclaimer says they can't cure anything

Good luck saying 'Sorry I'm late, I had to update my car's firmware'

This is why the IETF's SUITs squad wants to make IoT firmware updates fast and easy

'Quantum supremacy will soon be ours!', says Google as it reveals 72-qubit quantum chip

Don't panic: 'supremacy' is the point at which quantum kit trumps classical computers

Neo4j graph database boss: 'The mainstream is always under attack'

CEO bullish as biz pushes Cypher QL and new DBaaS

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10

Over 40? You've used one of these. Of course you have

Great, we're going to get DevOps-ed. So, 15 years of planning processes – for the bin?

Architecting for change

Enterprise storage sitrep: The external array party is over

Let's go to all-flash arrays' house instead

123 Reg suffers deja vu: Websites restored from August 2017 backups amid storage meltdown

Daily backups? We've heard of them

Broadcom, you've been punk'd: Qualcomm puts stockholder vote on hold for US security probe

It was your plan all along! 'Oh no it wasn't.' Oh yes it was. 'CFIUS is BEHIND you!'

La, la, la, I can't hear you! Apple to challenge Bose's noise-proof cans

Wait. Don't you do those already?

Co-op Bank's shonky IT in spotlight as delayed probe given go-ahead

Former chairman banned from holding another financial role

Apple's new 'spaceship' HQ brings the pane for unobservant workers

911 transcripts tell of staff lying on ground, heads bleeding

UK data watchdog's inaugural tech strategy was written with... *drumroll* Word 2010

So much for keeping up with the cutting edge, eh?

Paul Allen's research vessel finds wreck of WWII US aircraft carrier

PicsUSS Lexington discovered 500 miles off Australia

'A sledgehammer to crack a nut': Charities slam UK voter ID trials

Electoral Reform Society says proposal is 'dangerous'

Fancy sitting in a Level 4 driverless car roaming London? Get in line

Latest trials will expose capital to delights of robot chauffeuring

CryptoLurker hacker crew skulk about like cyberspies, earn $$$

Miner prying by minor spying

UK takes first step towards criminalising driverless car hackers

Law review kicked off to write new statutes

Shock poll finds £999 X too expensive for happy iPhone owners

So much for the supercycle

BlackBerry unveils bold new strategy: Suing the c**p out of Facebook

UpdatedOld RIM job on Zuck's bucks, WhatsApp, Instagram named

The KITT hits the Man: US Congress urged to OK robo-car trials

Democracy being what it is, some folks are opposed

Open source community crams itself into big tent

Can't we just get along? At a sunny California inn with hors d'oeuvres, most definitely

April Fool: FCC finally bothers with Puerto Rico as chairman visits

Cult of personality meet shameful response

HPE to cut technician jobs as field work outsourced to Unisys

Hundreds of workers said to be on the chopping block

Rhode Island proposes $20 porn tax. Er, haven't we heard this before?

For example: South Carolina, Virginia, North Dakota and Kentucky

US Army warns of the potential dangers of swarming toy drones on US soldiers

A swarm is an fleet of 40 drones or more, apparently

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