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5th > March > 2018 Archive

4G LTE pried open to reveal a slew of new protocol-level attacks

User location spoofing? Check. Fake emergency alerts? Check. Plenty more nasties, too

Alibaba fires up a cloudy quantum computer

Five-qubit creation is behind the great firewall and outside it at the same time!

Bitcoin heist with a twist: This time it's servers that were stolen

Icelandic cops cuff 11 on suspicion of data centre robberies

WordPress is now 30 per cent of the web, daylight second

Open source dominates the content management system market

Sysadmin left finger on power button for an hour to avert SAP outage

Who, me?Tedious Y2K maintenance made chap a bit vague, then a bit sore

Reg man wraps head in 49-inch curved monitor

ReviewSamsung's 3840 x 1080 CHG90 gives you 2,891 Excel cells ... and a sore neck

Europe plans special tax for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon

French minister says around two per cent of turnover sounds about right

You can survive the migration from Windows vCenter server

The promised land of VCSA – time to start packing

Google Flutter hits beta: Another go at cross-platform mobile dev

MWC2018Using the Dart language for apps on Android and iOS

Copper feel, fibre it ain't: Ads regulator could face court for playing hard and fast with definitions

CityFibre applies for review, says ASA is failing consumers

Spring break! Critical vuln in Pivotal framework's Data parts plugged

Similar to Apache Struts flaw that stuffed Equifax

Swiss see Telly Tax as a Big Plus, vote against scrapping it

Country says no in licence referendum

Dell EMC in bid to clap trade secrets injunction on staff now at Rubrik

Alleges ex-sales bods copied files and solicited former clients

SCREEEECH: US national security agency puts brakes on Qualcomm takeover

CFIUS sends Broadcom deal TITSUP* for 30 days

It's ALIIIIIVE: Boffins detect slow-moving zombie star

Red giant revives a nearby corpse through the emission of cosmic wind

US startup wheels out EU-compliant drone traffic management app

And takes a swipe at American UAV regs

Up to 25% of new builds still can't get superfast broadband – study

I don't care about running water, where are my internets? told: Scrap immigration exemption from Data Protection Bill or we'll see you in court

Campaigners say proposed law would create a 'discriminatory' system for data access rights

Brit semiconductor tech ended up in Chinese naval railgun – report

The dark side of easy R&D cash

News lobsters demand to be let back into the Facebook boiling pot

CommentWe're lost without you, Zuck. Save us!

UK regulator moots data protection sandbox for organisations to play in

ICO strategy outlines plans to slurp up academic expertise

British clockwork radio boffin Trevor Baylis terminally winds down

ObitInventor dies in poverty after patents didn’t protect

Future supers pop up on $636m cash wishlist to get exascale beasts prowling on US soil

Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore labs slated for beastmode kit in 2021-2023

Microsoft builds Uncle Sam custom versions of 365 and Azure Stack

Redmond unveils custom US government versions of clouds

Emirates dinged for slipshod online data privacy practices

UpdatedFly the insecure skies

Boffins discover chemistry that could have produced building blocks of life in space

My god, it's full of hydrocarbons

Pennsylvania AG sues Uber over 2016 data fail

Not much brotherly love in this Philly court case

Microsoft, IBM settle case over disputed diversity boss

McIntyre going to Redmond as non-compete case wraps up

World's biggest DDoS attack record broken after just five days

Memcached attacks are going to be this year's thing

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