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28th > February > 2018 Archive

US watchdog just gave up trying to get Google to explain YouTube's huge financial figures

Don't you worry your pretty little heads about it, says web giant

Intel gives Broadwells and Haswells their Meltdown medicine

Chipzilla and Oracle are working their way back through time to deliver fixes

Popular cache utility exploited for massive reflected DoS attacks

Using memcached? Get it behind the firewall and turn off UDP if you want to live

Microsoft ports its Quantum Development Kit to Linux and macOS

Now that it's not Windows-only, you can simulate a theoretical computer on a real computer

US Supremes take a look at Microsoft's Irish email slurp battle, and yeah, not a great start

Unless you're rooting for the American government

Inviting nearby exoplanet revealed as radiation-baked hell

Proxima Centauri b roasted by colossal solar flare, probably not for the first time

Cryptocurrencies kill people and may kill again, says Bill Gates

Q&A touches on tough topics like 'Tabs or Spaces?'

Dutch name authority: DNSSEC validation errors can be eliminated

Service providers no longer have a reason to resist, yet DNSSEC adoption is declining

XM-Hell strikes single-sign-on systems: Bugs allow miscreants to masquerade as others

Yeah, I’m so totally Sarah from accounts…

IBM's cloud faces a test on Thursday: Turning something off without turning users off too

Last time Big Blue tried to bin TLS 1.0 and 1.1 it turned them back on two days later

Slack bots have the keys to your processes. What could go wrong? Well...

They're bots, not freakin' Skynet

Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told

That 49,000-vehicle fleet won't be going green any time soon

Scientists change their minds, think water may be all over the Moon

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Or fuel a rocket. Yet...

Apple 'wellness' unit launched for staff: The genius will see you now

Handy with a blood draw? Medics' jobs up for grabs

RIP... almost: Brit high street gadget shack Maplin Electronics

UpdatedBusiness as we know it almost certain to be broken up

Vaping on the NHS? Don't hold your breath

Cut red tape to revive stalling e-cig revolution, medics tell MPs

Google: Class search results as journalism so we can dodge Right To Be Forgotten

RTBF TrialHigh Court hears hair-raising claim from ads behemoth

Star Paws: Attack of the clones

The Streisand effect: Diva double-duplicates dead dog

Got that itchy GandCrab feeling? Ransomware decryptor offers relief

Claw back your stuff without paying asshat for pricey cracker

Irish eyes are sighing: Data protection office notes olagoanin'* up 79%

Annual report reveals boost in complaints, breach notifications

Martian microbes may just be resting – boffins

The aliens are coming! Just add water... Maybe

Brit spooks slammed over 'gentlemen's agreement' with telcos to get mass comms data

Privacy International cross-examine GCHQ's star witness over section 94 directions

Who was the storage dollar daddy in 2017? S. S. D

But disk shipped 10X more exabytes than flash

Stop slurping NHS data to enforce immigration laws? Not on your nellie, huffs UK Home Office

NHS Digital boss suggests public concern has caused 'lack of balanced debate'

TVEyes blindsided: Fox News defeats search engine in copyright spat

We report, you don't decide you can distribute, telly giant asserts in NY appeals court

Washington (no, not that one) to pass hardcore net neutrality law: All ISPs in state must obey

US tech hotbed steps up with strictest traffic protections yet

At last, sex trafficking brought to an end with US House vote on new internet law (Yeah, right)

AnalysisIt's a dog's dinner that could cripple websites

Google powers up latest app it'll cancel in two years: Hangouts Chat

Chocolate fac crack a whack at Slack pack with yak yak stack

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