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27th > February > 2018 Archive

RAT king thrown in the slammer for peddling NanoCore PC nasty

Fella sent down for 33 months after touting spyware, anti-piracy tool to scumbags

Is this why Facebook is such a toxic dump? HP, HPE sued for 'leaking chems' into office site

Stanford uni fumes at Palo Alto soil contamination cleanup bill

IPv6 and 5G will make life hell for spooks and cops say Australia's spooks and cops

Both make it harder to connect you to your connections

On-premises hardware sales about to boom says Morgan Stanley

You put off buying any while figuring out the cloud, but now you're ready to spend

Ohhhh-klahoma! Where Verizon's sweeping legacy down the drain

Trials virty radio with Nokia, Chipzilla

Drones replace models on Dolce & Gabbana catwalk

If you think that's silly, try these $550 Chanel 'data centre sunglasses'

Opt-in cryptomining script Coinhive 'barely used' say researchers

We wouldn't say 'barely', says Coinhive

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook

Heart Of Gold meets Piece Of Crap

Take SNAT, says Microsoft, to improve Azure load balancing

When too many cloudy ports are barely enough

Fender's 'smart' guitar amp has no Bluetooth pairing controls

UpdatedBum note: you could Rickroll an artist live on stage

Want cheaper analytics? Snub SaaS: Ye olde ELAs might do the job

And don't forget to negotiate when vendors are most desperate for cash

Oi, drag this creaking, 217-year-old UK census into the data-driven age

Challenge accepted, ONS bod Becky Tinsley tells El Reg

Work continues on 5G, shame no one's sure what it's for yet

MWC18But the new standard has at last found a home among verticals

EE: Data goes TITSUP* for Brit mobile customers

UpdatedAre we supposed to, like, read a book or something?

Comcast offers £22bn to snatch Sky from Rupert Murdoch

Battle of the tycoons

Huawei's Not Hot Dog is possibly the Worst Tech Promo Ever

#F_AI_LNot an avoidable road accident waiting to happen

Full disclosh: Facebook to pay shareholders $35m over IPO non-disclosure claims

Settlement in long-running case now pocket change for the Zuckerborg

US national security agency sniffs around Broadcom bid for Qualcomm – reports

No one expects the CFIUS! *Bless you*

BBC Telly Tax heavies got pat on the head from snoopers' overseers

UpdatedCorporation belatedly says it hasn't asked for fewer independent inspections

TigerGraph emerges from undergrowth with 2.0 release in its jaws

Move over, doggy. 2018 is 'the year of the graph' apparently

Sheer luck helped prevent mid-air drone glider prang in Blighty

Errant UAV missed aircraft on final approach by 15ft

Ofcom gives six operators green light to bid for spectrum

Includes Hull-based Connexin and US subsidiary Airspan

Use of HTTPS among top sites is growing, but weirdly so is deprecated HTTP public key pinning

Better than nothing!

4G found on Moon

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?!

Chilly willies: Swedish nudie nightclub opens in -11°C to disgust of locals

Branded 'a breeding ground for depression and broken souls'

Did somebody say Brexit? Cambridge Analytica grilled: Brit MPs' Fake News probe

We weren't involved in Leave, says data co boss

Google asked to take down 2.4 MEEELLION URLs under EU law

But only delists about half

Super Cali's futuristic robo-cars in focus. Even though a watchdog says tech is quite atrocious

If we have to remote control it, we hope you'll never notice

Maker of addictive tech (Google) criticized by chairman of addictive tech maker (Alphabet)

Google – plus Facebook and Twitter – also gets a shoeing from Obama, newspapers

Virgin Media's Brit biz broadband goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Upset People

Service knackered for several hours today

Time to pay, Paypal pal Venmo! Oh no, haha, put away that wallet – just promise to be nice

Payment app pinky-swears to not trample people's privacy

You can Ring my bell: Amazon pays ONE BEEEEELLION+ dollars for smart home upstart

Ring-a-ding ker-ching! A lot of bling for an Internet-of-Thing...s

NSA boss: Trump won't pull trigger for Russia election hack retaliation

And Uncle Sam's limp-cock response means Putin will keep on meddling with our affairs

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