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26th > February > 2018 Archive

Samsung's Galaxy 9s debut, with not much other than new cameras

MWCEmoji-selfies are the headline grabber, improved desktop experience might be the market-maker

Cisco NFV controller is a bit too elastic: It has an empty password bug

Critical patch lands for that, UCS Domain Manager flaw, dirty dozen lesser messes fixed

Trump buries H-1B visa applicants in paperwork

Don't even think about applying without revealing exactly what you'll do at work, where you'll work, who you'll really work for

Facebook recruits Nokia to trial and standardise Terragraph wireless tech

Fibre to the pole, then Facebook's well-behaved wireless brings signal to the great unwired

Cisco, Intel, Red Hat take aim at closed 5G radio systems

'Open vRAN' snugglefest includes India's Tech Mahindra and Reliance Jio

Hubble Space Telescope one of 16 suffering data-scrambling sensor error

Flawed analogue-to-digital converter can turn a whole bunch of 1s into a cosmic joke

HyperGrid lets you shop at 100 million clouds

Database of possible configurations offers costs and performance possibilities

Intellisense was off and developer learned you can't code in Canadian

Who, me?That's not a bug, that's the Queen's English

Voice assistants are always listening. So why won't they call police if they hear a crime?

We've given away our privacy for the wrong rewards

Private browsing isn't: Boffins say smut-mode can't hide your tracks

MIT researchers want web devs and sites to protect you. Good luck with that, chaps

IBM gives Services staff until 2019 to get agile

Exclusive'Agile Ceremonies', Slack instead of email, but still some red tape to cut through

Hubris, thy name is Oracle: So, cloud is still totally for nerds, right?

Comment12 new data centres is too little, too late

A potential IPO, some upgrades, Overland sold, and 'Fortify the continuum of..' whut?

It's your week in storage, kids

Data science before algorithms, declares Bosch's new top techie

BCW18Bernd Heinrichs talks tech and cars with El Reg

Nokia tribute band HMD revives another hit

MWC18Can you play the slide that was in The Matrix?

The phone OS that muggers wouldn't touch is back from the dead

MWC18Zombie apocalypse targets feature phone slab-shunners

Mobile industry wants less regulation, mooooar radio spectrum

MWC18Treat us like the OTT providers, beg operators

Brit mobe mast master Arqiva trumpets revenue, profit bump

So much for the shift to streaming... for now

Smartphones to be inescapable, even at 40,000 feet

MWC18Airbus, OneWeb partner up to bring airborne roaming to the masses

Sony Xperia XZ2: High-res audio but no headphone jack

MWC18Plus: Holey headsets Batman, I can hear a car coming

EU aviation agency publishes new drone framework. Hobbyists won't like it

No cool first-person-view flying unless you plan the flight like a real pilot

Qualcomm, Broadcom sitting in a tree, you'll have to cough up more if you wanna buy me

Just get a room already

Hungry American GTT gobbles Euro network biz Interoute for $2.3bn

Yet more consolidation in networking world

GitHub Marketplace dev toolmakers get a clue

Social code site will let vendors peek at online store analytics

Apple: Er, yes. Your iCloud stuff is now on Google's servers, too

You can't escape The Circle

Wanna build an AI robot? Don't have an actual robot yet? Try this Holodeck for droids

OpenAI emits more simulation environments for toolkit Gym

Why, why, Mr American Pai? FCC boss under increasing pressure in corporate favoritism row

AnalysisWatchdog commish continues ringing alarm bell over Sinclair coziness

America yanked from the maws of cellphone complaint black hole

FTC can smack down telcos – and eyes up $100m fine from AT&T for limited 'unlimited' plan

You get a criminal record! And you get a criminal record! Peach state goes bananas with expanded anti-hack law

Georgia does not want to hear about your bug reports

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