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15th > February > 2018 Archive

Telstra: Don't expect HFC NBN sales to resume before July

Incumbent rolling in slightly fewer billions this half year

Roses are red, Ajit Pai is tickled. Broadband from SpaceX gets him out of a pickle

Musketeers to launch first internet satellites this weekend

Sorry, Elon, your Tesla roadster won't orbit for billions of years

Astroboffins calculate MuskMobile will only last millions of years, has decent chance of bonking Earth, Venus

NetApp’s third quarter revenues charge forward

Tax charge kills GAAP net income but underlying numbers are strongly positive

Waddawewant? Free video codecs! When do we... oh, look, the last MPEG-2 patent expired!

Never again shall an MPEG-2 encoder be chased out of a Linux distro

Bloke sues Microsoft: Give me $600m – or my copy of Windows 7 back

Frank Dickman is a hell of a super hero name, we gotta say

Cisco surges after pricing switches-plus-subscriptions just below old hardware prices

Borg attack incoming as M&A crew eye repatriated $67bn

Look out, Wiki-geeks. Now Google trains AI to write Wikipedia articles

Er, well, ish. Text summarization is still pretty tricky for non-humans, though

PCI Council and X9 Committee to combine PIN security standards

One PIN to rule them all, one PIN to find them, one PIN to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Magic Leap's staggering VR goggle technology just got even better!

CommentRony keeps feeding the hype machine! Wow! Woo! Yay! Hoopla! Panowie!

UK names Russia as source of NotPetya, USA follows suit

Updated'Almost certain' assessment enough for official blast from Foreign Office

Life's a beach – then you're the comms nexus of the British Empire and Marconi-baiting hax0rs

Geek's Guide to BritainInside Porthcurno's world-spanning telegraphy web

Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited

English translation of probe into Finnish phone giant's twilight makes for interesting reading

Zuckerborg, Microsoft, Amazon letting the side down for green energy among hyperscalers

But they're trying, bless 'em, says IHS Markit report

Home fibre in the UK sucks so much it doesn't even rank in Euro study

Want high speeds? Go to Latvia

Iran: We have defeated evil nuclear-sensing Western lizards!

It's not David Icke, it's Ayatollah Khamenei's former top general

Mobile phone dealer boss faces 12 years in director limbo

Did somebody say VAT fraud? Yes, the Insolvency Service did

So... Nokia's taking a long, hard look at its health unit

Not so strategic now

Robot cars will kill London jobs – but only from 2030, say politicans

London Assembly report shines light on's auto auto plans

BBC presenter loses appeal, must pay £420k in IR35 crackdown

IT contractors warned to get house in order

Arrrgh! Put down the crisps! 'Ultra-processed' foods linked to cancer!

Just kidding – vague definitions, confounding factors mean you probably shouldn't panic... yet

Essex black hat behind Cryptex and reFUD gets two years behind bars

Goncalo Esteves sobbed as he was sentenced

Charity accused of leaving sensitive notes behind after office move

UpdatedYep, it's another case of the unchecked filing cabinet

Dell EMC squashes pair of VMAX virtual appliance bugs

vApp Manager contained undocumented default account

Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush

Now can you remove it from every Start Menu?

Oracle slurps bot-wrangling security minnow Zenedge

Buy price not revealed

That terrifying 'unfixable' Microsoft Skype security flaw: THE TRUTH

Oh yeah, we patched that in October, Windows giant yawns

Apple Macs, iThings, smart watches choke on tiny Indian delicacy

Watch out for text bomb that crashes apps and devices over and over and...

When it absolutely, positively needs to be leaked overnight: 120k FedEx customer files spill from AWS S3 silo

Passport scans, drivers licenses, etc, exposed online

Top tip: Don't bother with Facebook's two-factor SMS auth – unless you love phone spam

Pick another 2FA method: Social network is having a What The Zuck moment

Former ICE top lawyer raided US govt database to steal aliens' identities

While kicking folks out of 'Murica, Raphael A. Sanchez committed fraud in their names

FCC inspector general sticks corruption probe into chairman Ajit Pai amid $4bn media merger

AnalysisFine line between free market and favors for pals

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