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5th > February > 2018 Archive

CableLabs signs off MAC spec for DOCSIS full duplex

Fibre, schmibre: existing cable TV networks edge closer to symmetric 10 Gbps capabilities

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Another Amazon Key door-lock hack

VideoLittle box of tricks can let crooks sneak in after a delivery

Exoplanets from another galaxy spotted – take that, Kepler fatigue!

Gravitational microlensing helps astroboffins spot planets 3.8 BEELLION light-years away

‘I crashed a rack full of servers with my butt’

Who, me?There’s a reason racks are parallel, not L-shaped

Long haul flights on a one-aisle plane? Airbus thinks you’re up for it

240-seat A321LR takes to the skies with 7,400km range

OpenWall unveils kernel protection project

Guarding the kernel against unauthorised changes

No, Windows 10 hasn’t beaten Windows 7’s market share. Not for sure, anyway

OS-detection services disagree on which Windows reigns

Peers approve Brit film board as pr0n overlords despite concerns

Calls to iron out age-verification method and appeals process

Russian-monitoring Shetlands radar station was nearly sold off

£10m revamp warms up Cold War site – but chunks of it are still a holiday lodge

You're the IT worker in charge of securing the cloud for your company. Welcome to Hell

How'd data leave country? Yep, control-V'd into a rando app the user set up

Hortonworks accuses ex-sales bod of stealing customers for new job

UpdatedData wrangler and ex-staffer settle

Samsung heir walks free after appeals court quashes bribery charges

Lee Jae-yong to challenge remaining corruption allegations

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America

High Court nixes earlier legal order that would have sent him abroad

South Wales cops crow about facial recognition arrests on social media

Cams on in Cardiff as activists decry 'infringement' of rights

Broadcom adds a few billion to its indecent proposal to Qualcomm

Reports say it wants to slap $120bn-$145bn big ones on table

Plunk: SK Hynix drops 72-layer 3D NAND on enterprise SSD market

Korean flasher poised to enter enterprise SSD market

Lloyds Bank bans Bitcoin purchases by credit card customers

B-b-b.. is that the sound of a bubble bursting?

Dell soups up low-end Data Domain deduper

Refreshes SMB-sized deduping backup-to-disk box

GCHQ unit claims it has 'objectively' made the UK a less desirable target to cybercrims

'Active defence' strategy review says all is peachy one year on

Lauri Love judgment: Extradition would be 'oppressive' and breach forum bar

AnalysisBrit, US prosecutors aren't out of options yet

Dori-no! PepsiCo boss says biz is planning to sell lady crisps

PollBecause girls don't like to lick their fingers or drink the crumbs

Don't worry, it'll be all Reich! Googler saves Grammarly nazis from hacker invasion

UpdatedLanguage tool maker scrambles to patch info leak

Why is Bitcoin fscked? Here are three reasons: South Korea, India... and now China clamps down on cryptocurrencies

More like Ohsh-itcoin

A Hughes failure: Flat Earther rocketeer can't get it up yet again

Video'Mad' Mike living up to his nickname

Here's why online social networks are bad for humanity, the nerds who helped build them tut-tut

Now we've cashed out, here's why everything is terrible

Ballmer once yelled: Developers, developers! Today it would be: Docs! Support! Certificates!

AnalysisCoders want more than merely moolah, poll finds

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