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2nd > February > 2018 Archive

Amazon manages to find a mere sliver of profit – just $2bn – out of $61bn in end-of-year sales

AWS continues to rake in billions, too

Google prints money for Alphabet to stuff into Uncle Sam's pockets: $10bn blow from Donald Trump's tax shakeup

Still made a huge profit in 2017

Apple: iPhone sales are down (but they've never been more lucrative)

Mac also slips in Q1, but revenues don't feel a thing

India signals ban on cryptocurrencies, embraces blockchain

UpdatedDoubles spending on digitisation efforts – and tariffs on electronics

SAP made a mistake on its own blog - mobile platform to survive

UPDATECloud-herding plan still in force

Supermassive black holes scoff just one star per year, say space weight watchers

Galaxies merged together house the greediest voids

Hey, you know what the internet needs? Yup, more industrial control systems for kids to hack

Go on, shove another power plant or factory on the web

As Facebook pushes yet more fake articles, one news editor tells Mark to get a grip – or Zuck off

AnalysisHard to hear when you're buried under piles of $$$

No Windows 10, no Office 2019, says Microsoft

Support will also end on the same day Office 2016 shuffles off

Shopper f-bombed PC shop staff, so they mocked her with too-polite tech tutorial

On-CallI know we were mean, but it was a holiday and she deserved it, says reader

Lenovo stops the worst of the bleeding in data centre and mobile

And would you believe all its profits come from PCs?

Web searching died the day they invented SEO

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The truth is out there but you'll never find it

Tall, slim models are coming to take over dumpy SSD territory

InterviewWe don't need oblong boxes designed for round disks any more

DevOps: Bloody hell, we've got to think about security too! Sigh. Who wants coffee?

How to bake in security to DevSecOps, er SecDevOps ...

Capita contract probed after thousands of clinical letters stuffed in a drawer somewhere

It was not contractually obliged to forward them so...

Disengage, disengage! Cali DMV reports show how often human drivers override robot cars

Driverless tech not ready, to shock of nobody

You can find me in da club, database full of faces… but this ain't privacy watchers' jam

Facial recognition app promises to verify your age to bouncers

This is why we can't have nice things, BT tells Global Services after 3% sales droop

Will no one rid me of this turbulent beast?

On the NHS tech team? Weep at ugly WannaCry post-mortem, smile as Health dept outlines plan

Apparently, senior NHS Trust managers will be held accountable... stop giggling

Besides the XPoint: Persistent memory tech is cool, but the price tag... OUCH

AnalysisNo economies of scale = piss-poor adoption

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

GiveawayWould you eat it? Tell us why and you could win some Reg merch

Bluetooth 'Panty Buster' 'smart' sex toy fails penetration test

Yep, it's yet another dildon’t

Gartner casts runes to find object storage hero and 3 emerge: IBM

Right outta the Big Blue

AWS looks to tech old guard, hires EMEA boss

ExclusiveFormer HPE exec Andy Isherwood strolls into Bezos country

Dell confirms: We're either going public – or VMware's gobbling us (or nothing will happen)

SEC doc follows IPO, reverse-merge rumors

Facebook-basher Schrems raises enough dosh to get his Noyb out

300k Euro fundraising leads to privacy NGO

Nunes FBI memo: Yep, it's every bit as terrible as you imagined

AnalysisThe day Congress becomes a supermarket tabloid

A tiny Ohio village turned itself into a $3m speed-cam trap. Now it has to pay back the fines

Claim of 'sovereign immunity' laughed out of court

Patience you must have, says Voda: Biz in talks with Liberty Global for grabbing Euro assets

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Two ISPs mull tie-up

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