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30th > January > 2018 Archive

Ugly, perfect ten-rated bug hits Cisco VPNs

Patch your Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense code before they're utterly p0wned

Ubuntu reverting to Xorg in Bionic Beaver

Wayland doesn't share nicely, and its crashes are catastrophic

Crooks make US ATMs spew million-plus bucks in 'jackpotting' hacks

If you could keep an eye on miscreants cracking open your boxes, that would be great

Maybe you should've stuck with NetWare: Hijackers can bypass Active Directory controls

Updated'DCShadow' attack lets attackers add their own controllers, do some wrecking

NASA finds satellite, realises it has lost the software and kit that talk to it

Vanished IMAGE now found. Don't suppose anyone kept a copy of its comms code?

When you play this song backwards, you can hear Satan. Play it forwards, and it hijacks Siri, Alexa

Speech recognition systems seduced by masked messages

A Dell/VMware acqui-merge? Good luck landing that, big Mike

VMware thrives because it is plausibly independent. Why rob it of that?

The Zuck promises to give you more local news – and so save the world

Techno Jesus posts latest Facebook teaching

Equinix CEO bails after ‘poor judgment in employee matter’

A decade of growth and no strategy dispute suggests this wasn't about wearing ugly shorts on casual Friday

Twilight of the idols: The only philosophy HPE and IBM do these days is with an axe

OpinionThis is the art of disaster capitalism

Tsk-tsk, fat cat Softcat: Milk-slurping reseller taken to court

£830m listed firm eventually settled its unpaid moo juice bill

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus

American gov auditor uncovers litany of fails and delays

Google takes $1.1bn chomp out of HTC, smacks lips, burps

Some 2,000 bods to shift over in talent pump 'n' dump

Samsung preps for Z-SSD smackdown on Intel Optane drives

February reveal for wannabe XPoint killer

Kaminario flings pay-as-you-go storage software suite at cloudy providers

First output since sealing hardware deal with Tech Data mass data slurping ruled illegal – AGAIN

Another blow for Snooper's Charter

Borked bog forces flight carrying 83 plumbers to bug out back to base

The Morissette meter! It's off the scale!

Buzzzz... gulp. What the heck was that? Drone air traffic app maker swallows $4.5m

Altitude Angel to use cash to swoop on Europe, N America

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery

Of course this does nothing for victims' encrypted files

SAP slurps up CRM biz Callidus for $2.4bn, pants: Look, cloud bookings are up!

*Cough* Bulk of sales still licences and support *cough*

Well, now Nuro: Former Waymo devs reveal cute self-driving van tech

Bijou robo-courier powered by electricity and $92m in VC cash

Kremlin social media trolls aren't actually that influential, study finds

дураки вы западники, ничего не знаете

VCs palm Igneous $15m to give its Arm-powered backup boxen a leg up

They'll have to show volcanic growth, though

FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast

False text probe reveals screw up after screw up

Watchdog: Uh, sit down, AriseBank. This crypto-coin looks more like a $600m crypto-con

UpdatedSEC looks to freeze upstart to protect investors

California Senate OKs net neutrality law, gives FCC cold hard long stare

F U FCC say lawmakers as bill passes to Assembly

Car-share biz GoGet became data share biz after 2017 hack attack

Kept heist secret until cops cuffed bloke. Now suggests – gulp – super-pwned Equifax for the afflicted

Unsanitary Firefox gets fix for critical HTML-handling hijack flaw

Versions 56 through 58 need patching, pronto

I'll torpedo Tor weirdos, US AG storms: Feds have 'already infiltrated' darknet drug souks

Sessions sets up task force for dopes' dope dope crack down

Billionaire bros Bezos, Buffett become bonkers bio brokers: Swap W in AWS for H for healthcare

I'm gonna do to doctors what I did to bookstores!

Eggheads: Cities, don't woo rich Amazon with sweetheart HQ deals

File under: 'Good luck with that'

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