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18th > January > 2018 Archive

Make Apple, er, America Great Again: iGiant to bring home profits, pay $38bn in repatriation tax

Triumphant Trump touts terrific tax tactic

Free gift for all readers: Google's AutoML launch translated into plain English (where possible)

It's an image-recognition thing

Crypto-cash exchange BitConnect pulls plug amid Bitcoin bloodbath

BTC plunge, er, sorry, market correction leaves faithful shaken but not deterred

Poison ping pong prompts patch from Cisco

Switchzilla has fixes for appliances, voice portal, Nexus switch OS

Broadcom confirms anti-trust probe, professes zero worries

Says probe doesn't impact wireless lines, leaving about a gazillion other products in play

Industrial systems scrambling to catch up with Meltdown, Spectre

Some confessions, but 'watch this space' is the more common reaction - when there is one

YouTube turns off cash tap for automatic video nasties

Beer money channels that made under $100 a year are also out of the Partner Program

North Korea's finest spent 2017 distributing RATs, wipers, and phish

And sent them mostly to South Korea, naturally

Software that predicts whether crims will break the law again is no better than you or me

Court sentencing tool under the microscope

Red Hat slams into reverse on CPU fix for Spectre design blunder

Microcode mitigations trigger system wobbles, penguinistas warn

Mozilla edict: 'Web-accessible' features need 'secure contexts'

If an API or feature needs the 'net, it needs HTTPS under Mozilla's new plan

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers says insects are the new lobsters

Only a venture capitalist could say something like that – but that’s what Chambers is now

VTech fondleslabs for kids 'still vulnerable' despite sanctions

Researchers claim flaws remain more than two years later

How many Routemaster bus seats would it take to fill Wembley Stadium?

Potential Reg Standards Soviet entry? Let's take a closer look

All aboard the Vomit Comet: Not the last train to Essex, but a modded 727 for weightless flight

All that stands between you and zero g is skill and a rubber duck

The Register Lecture: What will drive our cars when the combustion engine dies

The Register Lecture: Detecting deception

The Register Lecture: The Secret Spitfires

Intellectual Property Office drops, er, patently cool cartoon to teach kids about trademarks

Hey, Reg can entertain children. IP freely, anyone, IP freely?

NHS: Thanks for the free work, Linux nerds, now face our trademark cops

Devs quit, suggest Britain's health service bosses used them to bag Microsoft deal

What do voters want? An IRL Maybot? Sure, give that a whirl

Tory council candidate moots an even more robotic PM – for the 'more personable touch'

M&S extends customer support contract with, er, Capita

Web chat? On the phone? Online? That'll be UK IT's Mr Nasty you are talking to

And Oracle E-biz suite makes 3: Package also vulnerable to exploit used by cryptocurrency miner

Hat trick!

Apple iPhone X: Two weeks in the life of an anxious user

A smartphone that plucks at your heartstrings, not always in a good way

Google fuels up Chromecast Wi-Fi flooding fix

It lands today

DXC confirms veep level shake-up in new world order

ExclusiveCEO thanks execs for service... more than most get

F-35 'incomparable' to Harrier jump jet, top test pilot tells El Reg

InterviewNaturally we demanded proof – and we got it

Someone is touting a mobile, PC spyware platform called Dark Caracal to governments

Hundreds of gigabytes already slurped, say EFF and Lookout

Scumbag who tweeted vulnerable adults' details is hauled into court

Kent bloke 'threatened' privacy watchdog that he'd release more

Home Office admits it sent asylum seeker’s personal info to the state he was fleeing pays £15,500 in damages after failed fact-check

DigitalOcean cuts cloud server pricing to stop rivals eating its lunch

Faces up to AWS, Google with future per-second billing plan

Feds charge Barclays trader with fraud in Hewlett-Packard deal

Forex head alleged to have manipulated market in 'front-running' scheme

Sili-spurned Valley! No way, San Jose! Amazon snubs SF Bay Area in search for HQ2 city

Bezos narrows down search for new base to 20 cities, mostly on East Coast

Sad-sack Anon calling himself 'Mr Cunnilingus' online is busted for DDoSing ex-bosses

Electronics tutor's taunts come back to haunt him

Plutus Payroll victims asked to explain themselves to receiver

Deloitte trying to figure out who to pay first – or maybe who to pay at all

You get a lawsuit! And you get a lawsuit! And you! Now Apple sued over CPU security flaws

iGiant up next in the Meltdown-Spectre-sueball-a-palooza

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