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11th > January > 2018 Archive

No wonder Marvin the robot was miserable: AI will make the rich richer – and the poor poorer

I think you ought to know why I’m feeling very depressed

Ohio coder accused of infecting Macs, PCs with webcam, browser spyware for 13 years

Alleged Fruitfly creator faces decades in prison if guilty

Juniper scores dubious honour of owning CVE-2018-0001

Ten bug-berries fall from the bush, including the return of 2003's Etherleak

GPU teleportation: 2018’s first virtual pissing match

Citrix and VMware are both close to allowing live migration of NVIDIA-powered VMs

Apple hands Chinese iCloud to Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry

Doing business in China means keeping everything in Chinese hands behind the great firewall

Up, up and a-weigh! Boeing flies cargo drone with 225kg payload

No word on demo bird's range or speed, but the carrying capacity looks decent

Dark matter on the desktop: Dark Energy Survey publishes data

We live in a cannibal: data dump shows Milky Way has eaten smaller galaxies

Audio tweaked just 0.1% to fool speech recognition engines

Digital dog whistles: AI hears signals humans can't comprehend

Cryptocurrencies to end in tears, says investor wizard Warren Buffett

Old man shouts at a bubble he admits he does not understand

Boffins closer to solving what causes weird radio bursts from space

Could it be... no way, seriously? Aliens? It's probably not aliens

Cisco can now sniff out malware inside encrypted traffic

This is Switchzilla’s kit-plus-cloud plan in action

Brit transport pundit Christian Wolmar on why the driverless car is on a 'road to nowhere'

InterviewA multi-billion dollar hype built on gullibility, says railway man puts Suffolk 7-year-old's submarine design into production

'It was a bit tricky,' admits DSTL worker

Heart of darkness: Inside the Osówka underground city

That time the Nazis hollowed out a mountain

Black & Blue: IBM hires Bain to cut costs, up productivity

ExclusiveThe result? One-third of GTS to be 'redeployed' or not replaced when they leave

Think tank: Never mind WannaCry, update NHS IT systems for RoboDoc

Group says UK healthcare isn't benefitting from advances in AI

Shared services plan: hitches wagon to cloudy Oracle offering

What – no bonkers projected cost savings? You disappoint us,

Everything running smoothly at the plant? *Whips out mobile phone* Wait. Nooo...

SCADA mobile app security is getting worse

Uncle Sam's treatment of Huawei is world-class hypocrisy – consumers will pay the price

CommentWait. Did you say 'insecure chips'?

UK watchdog dishes out fines totaling £600k to four spam-spewers

ICO fought dodgy contracts, buck-passing, and less than concrete proof

Heathrow Airport's local council prohibits drone flights from open spaces

If it's owned by Hillingdon, you can't do that

Worst-case Brexit could kill 92,000 science, tech jobs across UK – report

No-deal predicted to lop £46.8bn off Blighty investment

Butcher breaks out of own freezer using black pudding

Beef and lamb prove to be inferior escape tools

What do we want? Consensual fun times. How do we get it? Via an app with blockchain...

CommentActually no, we don't want an app for that, techbros

US House reps green-light Fourth Amendment busting spy program

As America's very stable genius weighs in with his one cent

Intel top brass smacked with sueball for keeping schtum about chip flaws

CEO, CFO under fire as lawsuits mount up

Wondering where your JavaScript libs went? Spam-detection snafu exiled npm packages

Postmortem sheds light on brief dependency hell

Q: How do you get YouTube to stop funneling ads to your vids? A: Make jokes next to a dead body

Google-owned biz cancels Logan's run

Of course Uber allegedly had a tool to remotely destroy evidence

Early contender emerges for 'least surprising story of 2018'

Microsoft finally injects end-to-end chat crypto into Skype – ish...

If you sign up to be a tester

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