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We've heard of data gravity – we're just not sure how to defy it yet

Predicting a (R)IoT: Maybe it doesn't all need to be processed this instant

Hyperledger 3 years later: That's the sound of the devs... working on the chain ga-a-ang

But is anyone actually using it?

UK security chief: How 'bout a tax for tech firms that are 'uncooperative' on terror content?

Because the state has a great track record of recouping tax from internet giants

Multiple-guess quiz will make Brit fliers safer, hopes drone-maker DJI

RoundupPlus: GPL row flares again, zapper won't zap people

EEk! Mobe network's customer services down for more than 24 hours

Users can't pay bills or report phones lost in NYE revelry

Time's up: Grace period for Germany's internet hate speech law ends

Twitter, Facebook boot off far-right politician over racist tweet

SMBH: Astroboffins reveal how to stop pop(ping) stars in a supermassive galaxy

You need to be the bigger supermassive black hole

Iranians resist internet censorship amid deadly street protests

Tor usage skyrockets as citizens try to bypass blocks

Of course we don't spy on our users, giggles China's WeChat

Spoiler: Social media app was fined last year for not doing that exact thing

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

Final updateSpeed hits loom, other OSes need fixes

Cohesity loses its cohesion: Now chief beancounter unglues self from upstart

Hennessy quits after just four months

SuperFish cram scandal: Lenovo must now ask nicely before stuffing new PCs with crapware

In America, at least

Open-source civil war: Olive branch offered in trademark spat... with live grenade attached

Software Freedom Law Center claims Software Freedom Conservancy committed fraud

Big shock: $700 Internet-of-Things door lock not a success

We had the rug pulled from under our front door, says CEO

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