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21st > December > 2017 Archive

This week in 'Bungles in the AWS S3 Privacy Jungles', we present Alteryx – and 123 million households exposed

Dodged a bit of a bullet this time

TPG joins the NBN speed-fail refund club

100 Mbps? Tell 'em they're dreaming, son

Space.. the fi, er, New Frontiers: NASA to hurl space robot at duck comet – or Saturn moon

Can we, can we hitch a ride?

Firefox 57's been quietly delaying tracking scripts

Trying to stop snoops stalling page loads

Infosec controls relaxed a little after latest Wassenaar meeting

A welcome dash of perspective

EMC admin? Plug this hole before the holidays

Because we haven't set fired SMBv1 into the Sun

Euro ransomware probe: Five Romanians cuffed

Alleged extortionists wielded CTB-Locker aka Critroni and Cerber file-scrambling nasties

VMware: Sure, you might run our stuff on bare-metal Azure, but we don't have to like it

Imaginary server biz gets super salty, outs Cisco, NetApp

Euro Patent Office fails miserably in key accountability case

Administrative Council underlines real concerns with European patent regime

'Please store the internet on this floppy disk'

On-CallPlus the farmer who had mastered phone cameras, but wasn't yet good at email

How much will Britain's next F-35s cost? Not telling, says MoD

Plus: Naval overstretch means the flag isn't flying overseas for Christmas

Surveillance law slip-up in sight for staff stalking citizens on socials

UK councils warned of thin line between overt and covert snooping

Facebook folds fake news flag: We're not disputing that

No flowers for 'Disputed' tag's grave. No dancers either. Nobody noticed really

All the AIs NVMe, says IBM: Claims POWER9s + InfiniBand brainier than COTS

+CommentSays X86 doesn't mark the spot... but won't flash its latency numbers

Social network smacks back: Accusers say it helps recruiters target age-groups in job ads

Meanwhile, class action sueball flung

Oh good. Transport for London gives Capita £80m for WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi

As if commuters in Big Smoke don't have enough to put up with...

China may stick to its own DRAM memory soon – researchers

NAND thanks for memory, folks... we don't need you any more

Hancock's hour: Minister of fun makes quips as GDPR questions cover old ground

'Free flow of data, free flow of data, free flow of data'

Meet R2-DILDO: 'Star Wars' sex toys? This is where the fun begins

I have a good... er, I mean a bad feeling about this...

Back off, legacy intruders: Veeam updates backup offering, adds one tool-to-rule

Availability suite 9.5, update 3

We have standards, says 3GPP as group starts to lay groundwork for 5G

Analysts predict 400 million users by 2022

BlackBerry grabs trolley for spot of tech shopping

Got cash, must buy

Bigmouth ex-coppers who fed media MP pr0nz story face privacy probe

Bob Quick, Neil Lewis referred to UK data watchdog by 'disappointed' Met Police

Online GP surgery biz Babylon gives up fight against Brit health watchdog, owes £11k

App maker wanted to keep 'inaccurate' review private

IT giant CSC screwed its 1,000 sysadmins out of their overtime – jury

DXC to appeal verdict after court heard biz giant deliberately shortchanged staff

Ubuntu 17.10 pulled: Linux OS knackers laptop BIOSes, Intel kernel driver fingered

UpdatedFree as in thank God I'm not paying for this

Australia's future technology headlines … for 2019!

Predictions are like armpits, everybody has at least two and they often stink


No Schmidt, Sherlock! Former CEO steps down, will take on technical advisor role

To Puerto Ricans: A Register apology

If you are without phone coverage over the holidays, we are to blame... possibly

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