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18th > December > 2017 Archive

No hack needed: Anonymisation beaten with a dash of SQL

Melbourne researchers warn government: don't publish data down to the individual, ever

Windows 10 bundles a briefly vulnerable password manager

Keeper exposed punters to drive-by click-jack pwnage

Another AI attack, this time against 'black box' machine learning

The difference between George Clooney and Dustin Hoffman? Just a couple of pixels

They're baaaack: Avaya outlasts Chapter 11

Debt restructuring checked off, $300 million in the kitty

'I knew the company was doomed after managers brawled in a biker bar'

On-CallPlus: It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or freezes off their toes

All I want for Christmas is compute: Enterprise server demand rising

White boxers a constant and growing threat

PHWOAR, those noughty inks: '0.1%' named Stat of The Year

Sheffield boffins win UK prize, Kardashian's '69' scoops international gong

Container-flinger pushes Win 10 transformer for legacy apps

It’s a container Jim, but not as we and Docker know it

UK reaches peak Bitcoin as bin firm accepts cryptocurrency

'It's not a publicity stunt,' says

Google asks browser rival Vivaldi to post uninstall instructions

Erm, just like Google doesn't. It's an AdWords thing, innit?

Ugh, stupid power supplies hogging server density, who needs 'em?

Supermicro's battery backup module will fit another rack in

Irony's lost on old Pope Francis: Pontiff decrees fake news a 'serious sin'

Oo, awkward

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics

ExclusiveEuler Hermes slashes limits to zero... Worry not, says geek emporium

Peak smartphone? iPhone X flunks 'supercycle' hopes

A grand for an animated poo emoji, and a NOTCH?

Telly boffin Professor Heinz Wolff has died

ObitThe Great Egg Race presenter was 89

Italy leans on Amazon to retrieve €100m in unpaid tax

The MEF came, saw, and conquered Bezos' vaults of cash

Kent woman to season festive dinner with her mother's ashes

All I want (to eat) for Christmas is you

All flasher Tintri makes play for the cash-strapped: Buy 'em drive by drive

Well you do need to start with 13...

UK good for superfast broadband, crap for FTTP – Ofcom

Ahead of only Nigeria when it comes to fibre

Gemalto friendzones Atos: We're with Thales now, get the hint

We'll wait for you! cries spurned suitor

Hacks, bribes and bugs: Uber accused of illegal snooping on rivals

Filing: Explosive allegations against ride-hailing biz revealed in letter from former staffer

French gov files €10m complaint: Claims Amazon abused dominance

Probe found unfair contracts for sellers

Top Silicon Valley tech judge hits alt-F4 under cloud of sex-pest claims

Kozinski walks out, blames his 'broad sense of humor' for downfall

Mozilla's creepy Mr Robot stunt in Firefox flops in touching tribute to TV show's 2nd season

UpdatedThis is the browser maker's Apple U2 moment

SCOLD WAR: Kaspersky drags Uncle Sam into court to battle AV ban

Russian biz sues US govt for torpedoing anti-malware tool installations

Twitter's not dreaming of a white supremacist Xmas: Accounts nuked

Crackdown on hate kicks off, non-racist world celebrates

Oz's biggest iron slated for 2018 replacement

NCI gets AU$70 million to replace Raijin

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