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12th > December > 2017 Archive

Trump to NASA: Fly me (or some other guys) to the Moon

POTUS also wants to Make Mars Great Again

Netflix silent about ridicule as it discusses punters' viewing habits

Vid biz's admission shows that no data is private

Archive of 1.4 billion credentials in clear text found in dark web archive

Find shows people still suck at passwords

Google's Project Zero reveals Apple jailbreak exploit

Holy Moley! iOS and MacOS were wholly holey

Juno's July fly-by gave NASA a close-up of the Great Red Spot

videoHeat-driven storm is hundreds of kilometres deep

Fruit of an acquisition: Apple AI software goes open

Turi Create lands on GitHub

Boffins show off speedy quantum CNOT gate - in silicon

This gives us building blocks for coupla-qubits quantum computers

Juniper squeezes vulns that allow total p0wnage

NorthStar WAN SDN Controller has 28 nasties, half a dozen critical

US authorities issue strongly worded warnings about crypto-investments

SEC says it's monitoring transactions like a hawk

Signing up for the RAF? Don't bother – you've been Capita'd

Nearly all Air Force recruiting grounded, online system blamed

Developers, developers, developers: How 'serverless' crowd dropped ops like it's hot

What does it even mean ...and is it a good idea?

Millions of moaners vindicated: Man flu is 'a thing', says researcher, and big TVs are cure

Calls for safe spaces with comfy recliners to speed recovery

Why bother cracking PCs? Spot o' malware on PLCs... Done. Industrial control network pwned

Jumping the air gap

The eagle has been grounded: Dutch anti-drone squadron retired

Handling proves to be too talon order

Big tech wants the ICO on EU data protection board in Brexit fallout

Watchdog keeping voting rights 'huge gain' for marketing sector, say Facebook, Google et al

Seagate: Happy Xmas, staff – thanks for everyth... um, you 500. Can we have a word?

'Tis the season of glad tidings, goodwill – and job cuts

Why is Wikipedia man Jimbo Wales keynoting a fake news conference?

CommentWho best to drain the swamp? Why, the biggest alligator

Pickaxe chops cable, KOs UKFast data centre

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go

Volvo puts Swedish families to work on driverless data-slurp trials

Playing catchup with Britain, or taking a slightly different tack?

Avere wheels out fitter, faster filer accelerator

Latest edge box pumps out more data with haste, claims vendor

Gemalto: Cheers for that 'unsolicited' €4.3bn bid, Atos. We'll think about it

We've long admired you from afar, croons French outsourcer

Brrr! It's a snow day and someone has pwned the chuffin' school heating

Building management systems easily hackable – researchers

Big biz: Algorithms are too complicated, but also too easy to game, to open the black box

What you really want is translucency

Fujitsu's server jujitsu: FPGA gives networking capacity fourfold boost

Chip-accelerated WAN could do wonders in the cloud

Facebook announces ad revenue reroute: When Irish eyes are crying

Major tax overhaul to appease govs and regulators

Hey, we've toned down the 'destroying society' shtick, Facebook insists

The Social Network rises to criticism from former exec

New battery boffinry could 'triple range' of electric vehicles

Scientists create self-applying membrane to protect cell

Xcellis: From 'gateway' for NAS dabblers to pusher of hardcore scale-out NAS boxen

Quantum claims to node its new stuff totally dunks on rival

America's drone owner database is baaaack! Just in time for Xmas

President Trump green-lights gizmo regulations that overrule federal judge

Argy-bargy Argies barge into Starbucks Wi-Fi with alt-coin discharges

Venti vanilla skinny latte with sprinkles of JavaScript and a side of Monero mining, please

What network neutrality madness has happened today? Take a big breath

And we'll explain: Epic trolling, online pressure, window-dressing, serious wonk writing

NSW TAFE's IT FAIL was so bad, 100 staff were hired to clean up

And they cost $AU6m, on top of $89m for a replacement

Kaspersky dragged into US govt's trashcan as weaponized blockchain agile devops mulled

UpdatedTrump signs defense law with No Eugenes clause, Kaspersky weighs options

Tenable's response to folks upset at AWOL features: A 150-emails-a-minute spam storm

Nessus Pro V7 launch fiasco

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