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5th > December > 2017 Archive

SEC's cyber-cops cyber-file cyber-first cyber-fraud cyber-charges

Securities watchdog puts the freeze on dodgy ICO

International team takes down virus-spewing Andromeda botnet

Infections spread across over 200 regions

Dentist-turned bug-biter given a taste of freedom

Just did an eight month bit without bail for chewing the FBI's ear

Infosys names a new CEO: welcome to the hot-seat Salil S. Parekh

Former CapGemini man steps in after last CEO bailed after nasty sniping

Australia's new Foreign Influence laws expand phone snoop powers

And maybe rules about the kind of dodgy ads Facebook carried in the USA

Good news: unsecured S3 bucket discovery just got easier

Oh, that's not good news is it?

Google prepares 47 Android bug fixes, ten of them rated Critical

Nexus and Pixel owners get their fixes on US Tuesday. The rest of us peasants have to wait

Turns out Leakbase can keep a secret: It has shut down with zero info

Stolen-creds-for-cash site disappears, unmourned

Samsung starts cranking out 512GB eUFS storage

Serious storage capacity is coming to tablets, smartmobes ... and beyond

Quentin Tarantino in talks to make Star Trek movie

I double dare you m*therf*cker, say 'illogical' one more Goddamn time!

Hot growth industry: checking social networks for nasties

YouTube says it'll soon have 10,000, even with machine learning helping out

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The unfashionable estate car wants to go to town

ReviewNote envy

You're SAP-ing my will to live: Licensing debate lumbers on as ERP giant tries to rebuild trust

User group remains concerned as biz promises customer focus

♫ Storage falling, all around me... Snowflake, Komprise... Paragon ♬

It's the season – love NAND understanding

WANdisco: We need cash-o. About $10m would.. wahey... $22m

Extra funding to grow biz with partner push

Investigatory Powers Act: You're not being paranoid. really is watching you

CommentCivil rights group Liberty has plans on that

Bring me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to see behavioural advertising

Slimline Android Go slurps from the bottom billions

Denied: Uber's request to skip to UK Supreme Court to appeal workers' rights

Claimant: We've beaten Uber twice, prepared to do it again

Once again, UK doesn't rule out buying F-35A fighter jets

It'd be more expensive than just buying Bs. Why do this?

Viagra's Irish plant STILL giving local men and dogs stiffies (not really)

And I’ll stay up 500 weeks, and I’ll stay up 3,000 days

AMD scores EPYC gig powering new Azure instances

Don't pop the champagne yet: Microsoft's still using Intel in same series

Vivaldi Arms onto Raspberry Pi

A power browser for the hobbyists

Call of Duty: Hierachical storage management biz runs its last campaign

Campaign Storage shuts doors

Brit bank Barclays' Kaspersky Lab diss: It's cyber balkanisation, hiss infosec bods

AnalysisIt's 2017: Is the splinternet nearer than ever?

Storage and network prodder Virtual Instruments climbs up stack to apps

Says VirtualWisdom makes it wiser about apps

VMware UK boss quits 'suddenly' – sources

Wants to lead a 'Phull-er' life

EE drops packets but retains UK network champ's title

Surprise findings

Facebook, Twitter, Google cleared in Dallas shooting lawsuit

Judge says social networks not to blame for cop killings

La La La, I can't hear you: FCC responds to net neut concerns

Pai calls net neutrality opponents 'desperate'

Get ready for laptop-tab-smartphone threesomes from Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Qualcomm

AnalysisSnapdragon Win 10 PCs declaration of war on Intel

Data-slurping keyboard app makes Mongo mistake with user data

Ai.type leaves wealth of personal info open to all

Hyperloop founder goes on immediate leave following sexual assault 'smear campaign'

I'm so surprised, says no one in Silicon Valley

Tech giants at war: Google pulls plug on YouTube in Amazon kit

You won't sell our stuff? We won't let you watch our vids

nbn™ chair Ziggy Switkowski says HFC remediation mess is business as usual

'Every time we launch a new platform we got through processes learning how to do it well'

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