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1st > December > 2017 Archive

Stop us if you've heard this one: Russian hacker thrown in US slammer for $59m bank fraud

More punishment on the menu for Roman Seleznev

VMware crushes another quarter, with help from $100m DXC deal

Lift and shift to the cloud is harder than you think, and that makes vSphere sticky

The sun rose, you woke up, and Qualcomm sued Apple three times

iPhones and Apple Watch have pinched plenty, even stuff from webOS, apparently

Will you be on Cloud9? AWS emits cloudy code editor it nabbed last year

AWS re:InventSoftware dev tool relaunched with Amazon branding – plus other stuff

WDC to move all its stuff to RISC-V processors, build some kind of super data-wrangling stack

AnalysisDetails are thin, but it looks like disks could help crunch data out on the edge

Oracle rival chides UK councils for pricey database indulgence

Widely used biz tech risks bill bomb, says maker of less popular stuff

Citrix cracks Windows Store's monopoly on Windows 10 S apps

Receiver comes to the Store, to pipe apps and desktops into Windows-lite for Schools

User dialled his PC into a permanent state of 'Brown Alert'

On-CallAt same office, chap asked for help fixing keyboard. Spoiler: he had two of 'em

Russia threatens to set up its 'own internet' with China, India and pals – let's take a closer look

AnalysisEl Reg dives into global DNS split threat

AI taught to beat Sudoku puzzles. Now how about a time machine to 2005?

Y'know, back when this would have been useful. Naw, just kidding. This is neat

Foil snack food bags make a decent Faraday cage, judge finds

Chap kept his work PDA in one, slacked off, played golf, lost job, appealed, failed to get job back

Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough

InterviewSpeechMatics bests world+dog at adding new language. How did it do it?

Datrium tries to tempt Amazon cloud backup folk: Psst, buddy... you want HCI?

Backup sucks

Aviva dumps DXC, shoves data centre support at Atos

ExclusiveUK insurance bods find new bit barn bouncer

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the failest mobe of all?

Android v iPhone rated for crashes and crapitude

Toshiba soups up XG5-P NVMe SSD with 2TB and chunky read/write boost

Premium model doubles capacity, ups IOPS 55 per cent

BT lab domain grab – 17 years after cheeky chap swiped 'em

Adastral Park bundle on sale for a cool 10 Bitcoin

Ex-Autonomy exec agrees to be a witness for HP fraud case

Christopher Egan takes US prosecutors' deal

Linux laptop-flinger says bye-bye to buggy Intel Management Engine

Says 'disabling' the ME will reduce future vulnerabilities

Badass alert: 1 in 5 Brits don't give a damn about webpage crypto-miners

More sensible users would like regulation or permission first

Ofcom proposes ways to stop BT undercutting broadband rivals

Tackles former state monopoly's 'significant market power'

Royal Bank of Scotland culls 1 in 4 branches, blames the interwebz

Oh good, because nothing ever goes wrong with online banking

Delphix sends database virtualization sailing up the Amazon

AWS RDS instances get virty to cut cloudy storage costs

Loose-change payment network Microraiden launches on Ethereum

Might speed up the blockchain, but aren't they about cutting out the middle man?

Brit cyber-spies: Fancy meeting outside court to talk about evidence?

Regulator: Excuse me, I'm an independent body

High Court judge finds Morrisons supermarket liable for 2014 data leak

100,000 staff entitled to comp for 'upset and distress' caused

Ex-cop who 'kept private copies of data' fingers Cabinet Office minister in pr0nz at work claims

Decade-old Damien Green MP row reheated by BBC

Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men

UK industry body calls for top-down change on diversity

Germany says NEIN to purchase incentive for Tesla Model S

Turns out you can't have all the subsidies after all, Musk

Oh, Nutanix, if you carry on like this you might actually creep into profit

Revenue up, losses down – that's how you do business

Battle-weary Tosh, WDC mull peace treaty to end war over flash chip fab

Settlement reportedly on the cards

Expert gives Congress solution to vote machine cyber-security fears: Keep a paper backup

VideoHot take from crypto-guru Prof Matt Blaze

Apple iOS 11 security 'downgrade' decried as 'horror show'

Ability to reset iTunes Backup passwords unravels layered protection, claims researcher

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