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17th > November > 2017 Archive

Hey, cop! You need a warrant to stalk a phone with a Stingray – judge

AnalysisKnew we shouldn't have told you about that mobe-tracking gizmo

Robocall crackdown, choked Lifelines, and pole-climbing: Your new FCC rules roundup

Fresh round of overhauls, and some aren't happy about it

Hitachi Vantara plans refresh of mid-range and top-end storage in 2018

It's mostly an IoT-centric system integrator now, but may sprout new scale-out arrays

WordPress 4.9: This one's for you, developers!

'New editing experience' called Gutenberg coming too, but it might hate your plugins

Azure turns on reserved cloudy VMs, without Hotel California clause

Back to capex spending, but refunds offered to those who bail on multi-year commitments

Microsoft can't give away beta cert exams, so starts charging

Naughty you: 'No show rate is at historic highs' for tests and that pollutes Redmond's data

All Flash Arrays and latency

SponsoredNavigating the hype

Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles

Breaker, breaker Electric Ducky, we got ourselves a one-driver convoy. And a new Roadster

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style

UpdatedEpson old-timers go from dot matrix to not matrix

Help desk declared code PEBCAK and therefore refused to help!

On-CallProblem Existed Between Chair And Keyboard

Apple whispers how its face-fingering AI works

Secretive biz opens up a little

Fake news ‘as a service’ booming among cybercrooks

Fake sites spread fake stories to fuel pump and dump or other foul ends

Anonymized location-tracking data proves anything but: Apps squeal on you like crazy

Boffins pinpoint homes based on people's device movements

'Do the DevOps?' No thanks! Not until a 'blameless post-mortem' really is one

Can't blame middle managers - they always get the stick

American Express inks blockchain deal: Will use tech to pay UK folk who bank with Santander

Ripple effect will later expand, says firm

NetApp's back, baby, flaunting new tech and Azure cloud swagger

AnalysisBy George (Kurian), he's done it

It's artificial! It's intelligent! It's in my home! And it's gone bonkers!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Discoursing Descartes with my robotic pet

UK private sector joins public in... Escape from DXC Max

UpdatedAviva and Centrica wanted cloud giant love. 1 outsourcer... wasn't ready... to let go

A challenger appears: Specs for Samsung's potential Optane killer

AnalysisZ-NAND has near-3D XPoint access latency and could scale capacity faster too

So what does EE's 5G test really signal?

Over-hyped tech inches a step closer... maybe

The Reg parts ways with imagineer and thought pathfinder Steve Bong

He built a plane called Digital Innovation and told readers: 'Come Fly With Me'

OnePlus 5 x T + five short months = Some p*ssed off fanboys

That flagship you just bought? Here's one better

Car tax evasion has soared since paper discs scrapped

A digital service that works for users, but not government

True Telecom busted by Ofcom for 'slamming', misselling and more

Must cough £300k soon after £87k ICO slapdown

Connected and self-driving cars are being sent to Coventry

Finding out how to sail through consecutive green lights

Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you

Ruse of the Machines

Lloyds' Avios Reward credit cardholders report fraudulent activity

Concerns raised over data breach

Crewless dinghy signs to UK Ship Register for Middle East mission

Row, row, robot boat gently laying pipes

For goodness sake, stop the plod using facial recog, London mayor told

At least until there's some sort of strategy. Jeez – GLA

New UK aircraft carrier to be commissioned on Pearl Harbor anniversary

You know, the surprise attack intended to sink aircraft carriers

Speedy roadster for filers hits the road. Don't worry Elon, it's a storage vehicle

Metadata lookup is super-charged, though, claims infinite-io

Shamed TLS/SSL cert authority StartCom to shut up shop

Chairman tells El Reg nobody will even notice its passing

Dick move: Navy flyboy flings firmament phallus for flabbergasted folk

Highway to the donger zone

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets

Dozens of terabytes exposed, your tax dollars at work

Big Cable's pillow talk with FCC to forbid US states from writing own net neutrality rules

You've got the authority, big boy, CTIA tells Pai... And such strong arms

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