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14th > November > 2017 Archive

Red Hat opens its ARMs to Enterprise Linux... er, wait, perhaps it's the other way round

RHEL now ready for power-efficient server-grade chips

Amazon to make multiple Lord of the Rings prequel TV series

This could work: Gandalf, Aragorn and Sauron all get busy between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring

WikiLeaks is wiki-leaked. And it's still not even a proper wiki anyway

Assange .org tried to help coordinate Trump's election campaign

Think the US is alone? 18 countries had their elections hacked last year

Less than a quarter of world has freeish internet communication

AWS sells local Chinese infrastructure to local partner Sinnet

Bezos' cut price bit barns sell to comply with local laws

Your next laptop will feature 'CMF' technology

You didn't miss a new standard: CMF is 'colour, materials and finish' and PC-makers use it to make us fashion victims

Your attention has value, personal cryptocurrency will advertise it

ICOs meet advertising in the end-game for the gig economy

IBM asks remaining staff to take career advice from HR-bot

'Myca' has staff eating cognitive dog food, which may taste better than prevailing bitterness

Backup, flash and replication: Barracuda buys, Toshiba invests, and WANdisco partners

Money spent, money invested and money to be made

Politics is going digital, but guns and money still pack a punch

Reg LecturesIf you’re looking for power, you probably haven’t got any

Sure, Face ID is neat, but it cannot replace a good old fashioned passcode

Facial recognition isn't the most reliable authentication right now

BlackBerry Motion: The Phone That Won't Die

48-Hour TestIndustrial chic

MPs slam HMRC's 'deeply worrying' lack of post-Brexit customs system

Food could be left rotting in trucks at the border

Shut the front door: Jewson 'fesses up to data breach

Builder's merchant tells punters their privates might be out in the cold

80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

Not known if electric car's autopilot was in use

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, look out for must-have toys that are 'easily hacked' ♪

Which? found this year's hot playthings lack basic security

EU court advised: Schrems is a consumer in Facebook case, but can't file class-action

Schrems 1 - 1 Facebook Ireland in latest legal opinion

HPE's Apollo 'Skylaked', will get ARM-wrestling little brother next year

More Apollo 2000 and 4510 power with wee Apollo 70 entering stage

DXC spills AWS private keys on public GitHub

'Unknown persons' spin up 244 VMs at cost of $64k. Whoops

Crap London broadband gets the sewer treatment

Oh rats! SSE inks deal to run fibre through Thames Water's subterranean empire

Starting small with burst buffers? DDN says it's got an 'entry-level' one

How much? No word yet

Estonia cuffs suspect, claims he's a Russian 'hacker spy'

20-year-old is not an agent, Russia retorts

Apple succeeds in failing wearables

Tick-tock, motherclockers

Infinidat adds sync, async replication and bans noisy neighbours

InfiniBox release 4 ticks more o' them mission-crit array boxes

Windows on ARM: It's nearly here (again)

Benchmarks for HP laptop with Snapdragon CPU spotted

Panzura offers DevOps swots that syncing feeling... with container docks

Offers free Docker integration

Privacy Pass protocol promises private perusing

Boffins write browser extension for anonymous authentication

I'll admit, NetApp's NVMe fabric-accessed array sure has SAS, but it could be zippier

AnalysisJet plane, meet bike

BT plots to slash pension benefits for 32,000 staff

Gotta plug that £14bn deficit somehow

Donald Trump's tweets: Are they presidential statements or not?

Even the US Department of Justice can't decide

Uber sued over alleged rapes as #MeToo web rally reveals more sex assault claims

Ride-hailing biz blamed for indifferent security

Heads up: OnePlus phones have a secret root backdoor and the password is 'angela'

UpdatedWho left 'wipe the engineering toolkit' off the factory checklist?

How about that US isle wrecked by a hurricane, no power, comms... yes, we mean Puerto Rico

FCC commish wants more than one-page updates on recovery

Twitter: Finally, there's an affordable way to pay us actual money

Premium Search API targets businesses on a budget

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